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    i understand where you are coming from,

    iv'e followed Poppa for a long time ever since the feel tour ill not get the new cd until i here them live at bilston,

    i love hearing Poppa live he is the best but ill go and see whitesnake also and Ratt and tesla and y&t and Dio all great bands and i think personaly thats what Poppa needs not session players but that is my opinion

    i feel like the bad guy here

    but if your going to any of these gigs ill see you there

    long live Poppa G

    Now listen to me people,

    can you remember when you went to your first ever Glenn Hughes gig?

    there is one defying moment that makes him the Poppa

    it kicks in with soft then loud solo then the riff da da de da da
    then your in a trance

    then it goes quite traces of delay from the guitar, "Ive been mistreated" bang bass line is in thumping its way to the ahhhh shril fom poppa

    then he brings it down for the guitar solo the feeling comes in hear we are there eyes wide yes give me more

    back in then the keyboards come in you can hear a fuckin pin drop glenn is there in the spotlight singin his soul out to us 2 foot from the mic!!!

    miatreated (low) mistreated (mid range) we stand there open mouthed stunned at his qulity of his voice (the voice of rock) then bang "Iv'e been losing my mind" and he is up there in the gods!!! wow again again again

    right up until the end last words "Iv'e been losing my (STOP!) Minnnnnnnnnnd bamm bamm bamm end

    now thats the voice of rock Sir Glenn Hughes


    so see you at bilston in wolverhampton his home town where he was born listened to stevie wonder, wilson pickett, sam cooke,ray charles

    lets rock not pop!

    chad smith can't feel that only poppa thats why he needs a good band not fuckin session players

    yeah i understand your optamisum but there is nothing like a great band backing glenn, burning live japan was awsome thomas larsson was unbelivable and so was jj but come on where is the fire, doug aldridge has re-lit the whitesnake torch its time to rock, but if he is happy where he is with (same beat) chad smith then fair enough, maybe this will be the last time i will see glenn, ill wait until he rocks again then i will be at the front banging my head to the awsome sound of his bass line and piercing voice lets rock!!

    hi guys aint been on here for a long time,

    just asking who's going to bilston let me know so we can have a beer toghether,

    maybe you will not want to speak to me after this statment,

    i love glenn alot but his fire seems to have choked by chad smith!

    i have not got the new cd!!

    songs in the key of rock was his ultimate i thought he would have gone on from there but im disapointed,

    i dont know whats happened to my last glenn hughes cd but i cherish songs in the key of rock its who he is the voice of rock not pop

    dont get me wrong ive followed glenn wherever i can to see him since the feel cd,

    he is my hero he needs good players around him please john norum come back for at least an album,

    but when i went to see glenn last time it was disapointing(voice fantastic)

    whitesnake at rock city unbeliveable pro pro pro stunning

    please dont hurt me when you see me at bilston i love glenn and always will see you there dont let me bleed!!! :huh:

    :claphands What a night! great! still the voice of rock, he never faulters and what a nice guy,
    whatever he plays you should be very greatful for what he does,
    dont worry what the set list is going to be like or what songs he is going to do,
    just listen to the guy sing because no one in the world can touch him,
    and as long as glenn is there then so am I
    so get off your asses travel the country and see him, i always will! glenn hughes northampton 31 0ct 2006 051.jpgglenn hughes northampton 31 0ct 2006 055.jpg

    hi there its the first time ive been on here its nice to see you all, i got my copy of the new cd :huh: i dont know if its me but i cant get my head around it? maybe it will grow on me but it dosn't seem to have the impact of songs in the key of rock and to put a cover song on it (which he did a while ago) it seems to me its been a bit rushed due to chads time comitment with the chillis, but hey i love glenn sorry but ive got to go and have another listen thanks for hearing me gripe karlosus

    Hi everyone im new to all this so be carful with me,i went to see glenn at jb's in dudley,and the next night in bradford at bradford rio's what a fantastic voice i never get tired of him.i first met him in 96 on the feel tour i think at the stage in hanley i was blown away.just thought id post this message to see the responce hope your all well please visit my bands web site we have an exiting year in prospect hope i can meet glenn and jj again soon