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    I can't see the Acoustic live cd getting a release after last night. Firstly a bust string, which was is no big deal, secondly no encore due to Glenn taking ill, again no big deal, not Glenns illness but lack of encore. What will make the disc a once only listen for me will be the constant moronic wailing of some dude in the crowd obviously wanting to get his-self heard between every song with stupid shout outs trying to make himself sound funny, which it weren't. The crowd were told prior to the show that it was to be recorded for future release and asked if we could all turn off our mobiles and to refrain from shouting and talking during the quieter moments of the set.

    I'm not very good at putting into words what I am hearing in my head, but here goes....

    Well what can I say about last night in Wolverhampton. The Civic Hall was the only place these guys could of kicked off what will hopefully be a long career as BCC. The whole band were on fire with Joe Bonamassa in particular absolutely tearing the place apart. Glenn Hughes for me is pound for pound the greatest singer in the world, he can still hit all the high notes and last night he was the ultimate pro. It took a couple of songs to get the sound spot on but from their on it was a perfect blend of all instruments and vocals. All but 2 songs (No Time and Stand at the Burning Tree) off the new disc were played plus Zeps No Quarter, all 15 minutes, Bonamassas Ballad of John Henry, Trapeze' Medusa which is on the BCC disc, and to round out the evening we were treated to a glorious version of Purples Burn. Each of the songs from the new cd came across very well in a live sitiuation and will continue to do so for years to come.

    Black Country
    One Last Soul
    Down Again
    Too Late For The Sun
    Song Of Yesterday
    Ballad Of John Henry
    Great Divide
    No Quarter
    Sista Jane
    Black Country**Reprise

    :singer: :guitarist :drummer:

    Got mine in the post this morning. Playing the remixed disc through the head-phones, it sounds un'FREAKIN'believeable. Got to be the best remastered disc of the whole Purple collection. This album has always been in my top 5 of all time, I think it may now just of hit top-spot. Like the saying goes, Save the BEST 'til last.

    Check out these press kits from the Highway Star site:…nic-press-kits/

    GLENN HUGHES COMING SOON Academy 3 Manchester THU 23/09/2010 19:30 on sale 02/04/2010 at 0900
    GLENN HUGHES COMING SOON The Picturedrome holmfirth FRI 24/09/2010 20:00 on sale 02/04/2010 at 0900
    GLENN HUGHES COMING SOON O2 ABC Glasgow Glasgow SAT 25/09/2010 19:00 on sale 02/04/2010 at 0900
    GLENN HUGHES COMING SOON The Robin Bilston TUE 28/09/2010 20:00 on sale 02/04/2010 at 0900
    GLENN HUGHES COMING SOON Rescue Rooms Nottingham WED 29/09/2010 19:30 on sale 02/04/2010 at 0900

    This Time Around, Live In Tokyo 1975. Or for something completely different and will blow your mind and has a lorra lorra jamming...Live At Fillmore East...The ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND (deluxe edition), quite possibly the greatest live album of all time.

    I have seen Glenn 20 time's or so over the year's and to my eye's and ear's last night was the GREATEST show I have ever seen him put on. The pure emotion coming from Glenn was caught by everyone in attendance. Highlight's of the night, which is going to be hard as the whole set was incredible, were, 'I Found A Woman', and the best version of 'This Time Around' I have ever heard. 'Seaful' and an electric 'Coast To Coast' from the Trapeze catalogue with Glenn playing Mel's Les Paul were simply awsome. Stevie's 'Superstition' had Glenn paying homage to one of his hero's, and if you closed your eyes you would of believed Stevie was on stage alongside Glenn and the band it was that good. 'Gettin' Tighter' and 'This Time Around' from CTTB rounded off what was a show that is going to take some beating. A few minor gliche's with Glenn's bass near the end didn't detract from what most who were in attendance will agree, was a one of a kind gig.

    Hi everyone. Had this over in the spare tix section but had no replies. Thought I'd post it here, wouldn't want it to go to waste. I have a spare ticket for next weeks show at the Robin. 15 quid and it yours. I can either post it to you or meet you outside. PM me if interested.

    WARREN HAYNES (Allman Brothers Band, Gov't Mule), the guy is the most incredibly talented singer, songwriter and guitarist. He has a repetoire of around 200+ plus songs. No two gigs are ever the same, as he rotates his set-list every night, playing between 20-25 different songs a night during a 2-3 hour set. Even if you don't hear your favourites on a particular night you never come away from a gig disappointed, EVER.

    I have and audience shot video of Trapeze Live at Snoopys in Cannock 27/03/92. Its the whole show. Its watchable but not something you would watch on a regular basis.

    Here is the info I have on it. We had tickets to see them at the Robin in Brierley Hill, but the gig was cancelled on the night. Had to wait until '94 before we got the chance again. I have some excellent front of stage photos of both those nights.

    Source: audience
    Type: NTSC
    Video: 4:3
    Audio: ?
    Video Quality: B+
    Audio Quality: B+
    Total Running Time: 70 minutes
    Menu: No
    Chapters: Every 5 minutes
    Trade DVD-R > Harddisc > Dime


    Glenn Hughes: bass/vocals
    Mel Galley: guitar
    Dave Holland: drums
    Geoff Downes: keyboards


    You Are The Music
    Way Back To The Bone
    Welcome To The Real World
    Coast To Coast
    Your Love Is Alright
    Black Cloud

    Hi Keith, I think you may be getting me (soulmover2005) mixed up with soulmover05.

    Went along last night with 6 friends, one of whom was a Glenn 'live' virgin, having only just discovered Mr. Hughes via her boyfriends CD collection. She told me afterwards that Glenn had blown her away, musically speaking.

    I won't bore you with the setlist, but dropping all the Trapeze and all but 2 of the Purple numbers from his repetoire seems to have really paid off, as all the F.U.N.K tracks played were received like the classics they are destined to become.

    Glenn's voice was impecable throughout the show (are you listening Mr. Coverdale) and his bass playing was second to none. Only quibble I have on the whole evening was that the sound engineer needs replacing.

    Also, adding a second guitarist has really helped flesh out the live sound, and the interplay between Luis and J.J was evident for all to see and hear.

    If Glenn keeps putting out CD's of the quality and strength of the previous few years and keeps giving stellar performances like last night, then I can't see why in maybe another couple of years we see 'our' Glenn stepping up from playing the Academies and forums of this country to the theatres.