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    I love the glenn hughes shows, I 'll go to see him in Barcelona in September 15!!
    Ok, He always plays some songs of his last album and his classicals songs of deep purple, some of trapeze, and sometimes some rare song, like sevent star or some cover of stevie wonder. But what happen with big time, gasoline, it's in my blood, the way it is and the rest. Ok I know, he have a great career and he never can play the favorite songs for everyone. But I think that he have dedicate the set list on his solo album plus some songs of deep purple or trapeze of course.
    But in the same time, i live his shows!!!


    "¿Nos vemos por Barcelona Mistreated?"


    Hi to all! A few days ago we remembered to Frankie Miller, and today I want to dedicate to another great singer, guitarrist and composer like Terry Reid. I am so young (21) but I got a really passion for music, overalls of 70's).

    Terry Reid was a first choice of Jimmy Page for the voice of Led Zeppelin. And I read in some place that Deep Purple asked the same thing, when Rod Evans left the band in the late of sixties. Terry Reid refused the two options and started his solo career in 1968 with "Bang Bang You're Terry Reid". I always loved his voice style, but Terry always was a underestimate musician. But he got a really cool albums. My favorite are: "Terry Reid" (1969), "River" (1973), "Seed of Memory" (1976) and "Rougue Waves" (1979). I don't know exactly if he's in active today. But I know, that he got some UK dates in June. Don't leave it if you can go!

    For the people who never heared this name, I recommend so lot this artist.

    For more informations visit:

    Best Regards!!


    Anybody remember this great vocal talent: Frankie Miller? I was discovered one or two years ago, and his music excited me so much. I can't recommend one album in special, everyone have the same talent and strong presence of his amazing voice. He is a great singer of rock/blues in vain of paul rodgers, rod stewart and david coverdale sometimes, but he always got his personal style. Some of his great albums was: The Rock (1975), "Full House" (1976), "Double Trouble" (1977) or "Dancing in the rain" -the last one- (1986).

    If you want (or need) more information, visit:…iendID=52185396

    In YouTube you can see a lot of videos of frankie!
    Enjoy it!


    Hello people, here's a link to myspace:

    Here you can found a three own songs, photos, and you can write a message for Gom. The band are: Enric Marques on guitars, Nando Genestar (me) on bass and vocals and Marty Okaña on drums. We very young people.

    Our music is very influencied by a 70's rock bands, like purple, sabbath or whitesnake.

    I hope you like it!


    Hello to all!!
    I read a few days ago, this new! Jorn Lande will unite to glenn hughes show on Oslo, in April I think, I don't remember the day exactly, but I know the city, in Oslo. Anyone know anything of this? If this union will truth, will be great! Two of the best singers of nowdays together on the same stage.


    great performance!! I love solo career of jon lord. Many musicians of purple era was playing on, ray fenwick, tony ashton, david coverdale and of course our dear glenn. Hey Fedor, i wanna a copy of this dvd :D if you can of course. Thanks for posting!!


    Beatiful images from Glenn's Sabbath era, Arjen. I always think, that's era was very mystic and strange in the same time. But i always love the glenn's sabbath era.

    In the also i found hotos from deep purple when joe lynn turner was the singer, and the tommy bolin times, gooood photos!!! is a pity the prices of photographs :(


    Oh my goD, last weekend I had a great sorpise, when i discover that one of my favorite bands of all times no other that Budgie, have a new album. The album title is "You're all living in Cockooland". If you still remember this band, don't lose more time and listen the new album, is good but, i prefer their classic albums like "Budgie" (1970), "Squak" (1971) or my favorite "Bandolier" (1975). And if you still don't know the band, enjoy in their music!! If you wish: you can listen a samplers of the new album in this site:
    This is the cover of the new realese:

    Here is my top 7 albums of 2006:

    1. Cactus: V
    2. The Lizards: Against all Odds
    3. Budgie: You're all Living in Cockooland
    4. Glenn Hughes: Music for the Divine
    5: Jorn: The Duke
    6: The Answer: Rise
    7. Wolfmother: Wolfmother

    enjoy it
    I very recommended the new Budgie album and the new band The Answer (very good & young music)


    Hello, good day for everyone who read this few words of a lunatic fan of music.
    I read a lot months ago about the led zeppelin's song misty mountain hop, that glenn hughes and chad smith with john friscinante (i don't sure) recorded a cover of this song. anyone got this song in mp3?, for the people who never listen it, we'll can download this song. sorry for my bad english, i know, i'm learning... :rolleyes: ejeje but i supposed you understand my question.


    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! I can't belive it!!! A new studio album of cactus!!! OH my god!!! :bouncer:this is a real good news for me!! I love this men!! only one more question for you: the singer is :singer:peter french at the time? and you know any website where I can stay on tune with them tours and the new album?
    thanks for this great news, I LOVE YOU!!! :bow: