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    Thanks for posting the setlist,it looks a good one :D Nice to see songs from a variety of past albums,i have always thought there was more than enough songs from past solo albums too include in live sets without relying on the old Purple stuff.Looking forward to the London show now.

    Thanks Marie,looking at where it is I could get
    a train not so far from Kings X.I know Stanmore
    I am going there this Sunday.I Usually make it somewhere
    seen Glenn in Wolverhampton last year,London
    3 times,cambridge twice and Norwich 3 times,1st time
    way back in about '93.When you live in Norfolk you have
    to remember you can't take your tractor on the
    motorway!.So London by train it will be

    You should check out his Welcome album,been waiting for a follow up to this for sometime.Also appears on the Roger Waters DVD In The Flesh.If Glenn did something with him i'm thinking it would be a soulful bluesy kind of thing

    For me i have to go for Jeff Beck from those on the list but Tommy Bolin would be close behind.Teaser is one of my all time favourite albums.
    Steve Lukather would be my all time favourite but hes not on the list.Rick Derringer is pretty good as well "Derringer Live" superb.

    Gutted,Was really looking forward to it,the new band seemed very interesting,more funky perhaps.
    Train tickets arrived a couple of days ago,dont know if i can get refund now.
    I`ll go in March,Dudley's too far,and i've got a football match Tuesday night.
    March seems such a long way away,i'll be another year older !

    Ordered a ticket today for Shepherds Bush,I couldn't wait for the dates :) Booked a train to come down to London and a late train back (well half way)i`ll have to drive the rest.
    Looking forward to it,never been to this venue.

    I Found A Woman is a great track but for me Its About Time is one of Glenn's finest songs i have always liked this and would love to see Glenn perform it live.

    Hi all,Heres the rest of the photos i took at the Norwich gig (or at least the best of the bunch) and my thanks to David for the advice on getting them on here.
    What a fantastic gig :thumbup: everything seemed to go very well.No sooner did they let you in The Lizards started playing - i quite enjoyed their set then Glenn came on.He played the same set as at previous dates (with a rendition of Happy Birthday to J.J in the middle (29!) finishing off with Burn.I was pleased with the turn out although its only a small venue Glenn hasn`t played here for 10 years and i`m sure if he came back there would be more.
    He seemed pleased to be playing the new material and i would say everybody went home happy :claphandsHighlights for me would be Soul Mover,High Road,Let it Go,Medusa & Can`t Stop The Flood.

    Hi all Norfolk here,Looking forward to the concert Wednesday night hope its not too far out of the way for all the funkmeisters to go.This will be the 6 th time i have seen Glenn live and the 3rd time in Norwich the last being in a pub venue (The Oval) for the Addiction tour.I couldn`t beleive it when Norwich was a venue i thought it may have been Cambridge again i thought there was a good turn out last year.Oh and by the way i shall not be going on a tractor!