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    Not often we agree to disagree... my take is, this is by far the most lackluster project he's been involved with the past few years. Don't get me wrong, there are moments of brilliance, but overall, it's all very underwhelming... IMHO :sint1: Oh and not to mention, why the hell are they having GH do cover songs in the live set - why did they hire him... for his songwriting and to help them get to the next level - they seem not to have much ambition and happy to remain where they are.

    Next ;)

    My take also. I’ve played Holy Ground and Radiance a lot, I tend to listen while working since the pandemic era started rather than the car. I play them then pretty much forget about them after. The new Winery Dogs is similar, competent, but not thought of much after. The best Daisies album was Make Some Noise. Thankfully the new album had no covers, can’t see why you have all this talent in the band either then have to have covers on albums and shows. Pointless.

    To me it’s a step back. I like it when Glenn has control and comes out with his own material. The song and his vocal delivery could come off the last Voodoo Hill album. It’s an ok song but not very inspiring to me.

    I just pulled out Revolucion and Burn it Down haven’t played them in awhile . Make Some Noise was the best- that one I play all the time in the gym.The band had a great brand going with Corabi- I like his voice a lot - it has a lot of character like Steven Tyler. No, not at the GH/Dio level. Love the Daisies so this will be an interesting change.

    I've given this one a rest for three years but I just put this back on my iPod ( WAV files - no MP3 crap for me) . I think when this came out it was way too soon after the incredible second album and too much negativity going on with BCC at the time. Ruined it for me , didn't like it, as well as Shirley's horrible production , which is still awful. But with fresh ears I now love it!!! This absolutely made a late night first leg of a 300 mile desert trip home last night fabulous ! Really dig it now ! So glad I gave it another chance , Afterglow is really stellar. Still don't like the production , the album would be the equal of the first two if it was mixed and had the same sound as those.

    Ha Lioness, a very peaceful place , no ghosts interrupted my sleep or anything and no bad vibes. I swear it's the most quietest place on earth , beautiful and good food , drink and service. Only two other guests there night I was there. Blackmore is my favorite musician so sleeping in his room was thrilling ! I imagine it's like Doors fans that make their way to room 32 at the Alta Cienega motel in Hollywood- Jim Morrison's room.

    Awesome ! I made it to both German shows as well as staying at Ritchie's beloved Schloss Eggersberg and was given the Blackmore suite when I told them why I was there. Enjoyed it a lot ! Just calculated today I ended up 13 rows away from Ritchie the first night ! Ronnie is a real find !

    I grew up with Keith Emerson as one of my keyboard heroes . Devastated and I feel like I lost a friend. He knows the drummer in one of my bands and he and Mari were at our gig almost the whole night -in Jan with me on keys. He was very generous with his stories and compliments and taking pics with us- wonderful guy. I've been havin a lot of trouble with this the past few days. Just horrible. The other Rock star deaths are all awful but this one is very personal. I'm just not doing well with this. We played our usual gig nearby his home yesterday and I had a hard time getting through our first set.

    Doug out yes. Good for us at Yamaha though as Soren is one of our artists . From DOUG yesterday on FB: