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    Hello Grace,

    Hope all is well with you. I agree with Chip's recommendations but would also like to add a few more.

    Pat Metheny Group-Offramp 82 (My favorite)
    Pat Metheny-Falcon & the Snowman 84 (movie soundtrack)
    Pat Metheny Group-Speaking of Now 02
    Pat Metheny Group-78 White Album
    Pat Metheny Group-Travels 83 (2 cd set)
    Pat Metheny-Secret Story 92 (with an orchestra)
    Pat Metheny Group-First Circle 84
    Pat Metheny-Imaginary Day 97

    What turned me onto Pat was Offramp, the first two songs. 'Barcole' & 'Are you going out with me?' Pat uses a Synclavier Guitar which he produces this trumpet like sound. What a sound!!

    Hope I was somewhat helpful.

    You might try the public library first and check some out to see what you think. Also if you get a chance see Falcon & the Snowman with Sean Penn & Timothy Hutton, it's a great movie. David Bowie sings 'This is not America' with Pat on the soundtrack.

    All the best to you & yours,

    Artist Shop Newsletter is sent to me at least once a week for new releases they have and I found this:

    Coming soon from Infinity

    Robin George & Glen Hughes/Sweet Revenge ....CD $18.99
    Krescendo - This is a very special release for lovers of melodic hard rock
    and fans of the enigma that is Glenn Hughes in particular. Recorded in 1989,
    these previously unreleased songs, written and produced by Robin George and
    recorded in his studio in Wolverhampton, UK, were the first step on the road
    back to the top for Glenn Hughes after his time in Black Sabbath. Mixing
    hard rock with the tougher side of blue eyed soul (a sound that he was to
    make his own in the '90s), the voice is excellent, the songs are second to
    none and the production and playing by Robin George are all that you would
    expect from a man with a reputation for excellence in the rock world. That
    these songs have remained unreleased for as long as they have is little
    short of a crime. Be thankful, then, that they are finally available.

    Does anybody know about this and does Glenn get anything from this?

    Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Does anybody know if Glenn Christmas cd is coming out on Cd again? I tried Ebay & Amazon but I don't see it anywhere. I also tried to look for the Incense & Peaches and the 2 on 1 cd of these two cds together but to no avail. I wanted to put a little Glenn into my holiday season.

    I can't wait for his next record, I heard his new message about it and we are in for a treat.

    Happy Turkey Day

    Robert Lewis

    May you have a wonderful birthday and many,many more.
    Maybe David can get Glenn to sing Happy Birthday to You.

    :singer::claphands :claphands :birthday: :champers: :birthday3 :birthday:

    I agree with Conchita,To our favorite ax grinder....
    ] :bow: :bow: :bow: :axemurderer:

    Sincerely, Robert Lewis

    P.S. Wish I could have been in New Jersey to see Glenn at that party,
    the videos look great. Were you there Grace?

    Please send my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Larry Briggs. I did not know him but did read his posts on this site.

    My thoughts & prayers go to you in this difficult time. Remember the happy memories that you have.
    God Bless.

    Robert Lewis

    Thank you Shirley,

    This disaster has humbled me by the generous of friends & strangers and I will grow from this experience to be a better person and better writer. Once I get back on my feet I plan to be more active in my community, GHPG world and extend my hand out to others in the need of help :bow:

    This has been the most challenging thing I ever had to go thru.

    Yet I think of Buddha's four noble truths:

    1. Suffering: Birth is suffering, aging is suffering, illness is suffering, death is suffering; union with what is displeasing is suffering; separation from what is pleasing is suffering; not to get what one wants is suffering; in brief, the five aggregates subject to clinging are suffering.

    2.The cause of suffering: The desire which leads to renewed existence (rebirth) (the cycle of samsara)
    3.The cessation of suffering: The cessation of desire.
    4.The way leading to the cessation of suffering: The Noble Eightfold Path;

    I wish you all the best in life & health. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful weekend :claphands :heart:

    Sincerely a GHCP,

    Robert Lewis

    Thank you Grace & Shirley, this week will hopefully be better than last. I spent all weekend going thru the house looking for Model & Serial # to anything that I could and making a inventory which is mental taxing. To relax I just play with Miles Davis(my cat), listen to Glenn Hughes and hang out with my best friend Susan (who I am living with until I can find time to apartment shop).

    Dennis, my neighbor that took the photos on the day of the day (3-10-2007) put them on a cd for me. I had him come over on this Sunday to take pictures of the inside the way it looks now to help document all this for me.

    Thank you both for your thoughts & prayers. Shirley, your friend in Michigan will be in my thoughts & prayers. I keep you updated when I can. Most of my time is making list of contents and meeting Ins. People and Restoration companies.

    The photo in which you see me pointing in is where the fire engineer cut out the wiring, electrical socket and they took the lamp.

    I put another photo from the day of the fire because it is so surreal to look at now, it is Dennis's first photo coming out of his house. You see me on the right leaning against the green fence in my underwear. I had no time to grab anything.

    Robert Lewis :confused:

    Thank you Grace for your kind words which bring a smile to my face. I did find Songs in the key of Rock and Feel cd. "Change" "Livin' for the minute" "Talkin' to Messiah" and "Higher Places (for Bonzo)" are songs of inspiration for me, his words mean much more now than I ever realized. I don't feel comfort asking for anything, I have been given the most precious gift my life and my cat's life. Once I get on my feet again I will be buying all of Glenn's Cd so he can get the money and record sales he properly deserves. Yet I will say I do miss Play Me Out and YATMWJTB the most as of now.

    God bless you Grace, Glenn, & all the GHCP.

    Robert Lewis
    4605-A Coronado Drive
    Charlotte,N.C. 28212

    Change is my favorite song now.

    Frank,Grace and all GHCP thank you for your advice and your warm thoughts and concern. They are very much appreciated.

    I am lining up meeting with Ins. people now and it all so much to take in but thankful for my parents and friends I will get thru this.

    I only have a computer at work so I don't get check on GHPG when on lunch break and long holds on the phone but it cheers me up to read about the voice of rock and his music gives me comfort. God bless you all Glenn & all GHCP.

    Sincerely Robert Lewis

    Thank you Keith, David & Soulmover.I went to the hospital Saturday and I was checked out fine just blisters on my face and feet. I am blessed to still have my life and my cat Miles Davis. Thank you for words & support, I just hear horror stories about Ins. Co. and restoration companies and the process of rebulding. I did at least find two Glenn Hughes Discs Feel and Songs in the Key of Rock. So Glenn's spirit will keep me positive thru this. Thanks again for the postitve words.


    My condo burned up saturday morning. I am okay and so is my cat. My friends and family have been great and supportive and the Fire Dept. was incredible workers.I have Home Owner Insurance and have called the phone,cable,power co. and all that type of stuff. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to deal with such a disaster. Any thoughts and anyone with such experience would be most appreciated. Thank you


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    Does anyone here like Tom Waits? I know this is way off topic but I have tickets for Tom Waits Aug. 2,2006 @ Asheville,NC. It is an 8 date tour, Tickets sold out less then 10 minutes. I am so excited, I've been a big fan of his since 89 :bow:

    Also this weekend I was at a friends house and I had him burn Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Real Live 2 cd. Absolutely mindblowingly good. Has anyone else heard it? :thumbup:

    This also come from

    According to a posting on, a "great" book on Randy Rhoads written by Diane Pearson — which was due to be printed a few years back but for some reason never saw the light of day — is available free download as a 242-page Microsoft Word document at this location. Titled "Inspirations – The Randy Rhoads Legacy", the book features a ton of interviews with fans and people who worked closely with the great late Rhoads, including:

    Kelly Garni (QUIET RIOT)
    Kevin DuBrow (QUIET RIOT)
    Keith Lynch (guitarist for Bill Ward)
    Ronnie Ciago (drummer for Bill Ward)
    Wally Farkas (GALACTIC COWBOYS)
    Marty Friedman (MEGADETH)
    Rudy Sarzo (QUIET RIOT, OZZY)
    Tommy Aldridge (OZZY)
    Bernie Torme (OZZY)
    Eric Turner (WARRANT)

    In 1982, Randy Rhoads, the lead guitarist for OZZY OSBOURNE, and two others were killed at Flying Baron Estates, just outside Leesburg, Florida, when their small plane struck Osbourne's tour bus, then crashed into a mansion.