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    Has anyone heard the W.A.S.P version of Burn yet? I would not normally even give this band the time of day,but its very good...very LA. Suffers a bit from no BIG Hammond sound but a good version all the same. Its on "youtube" if ya wanna listen. Also Blackie Lawless interview at "" is also very good and extremely thought provoking. I dont know how I ended up there, I think after reading a Gillan interview. Its 10am Sunday morning in Oz.....I should be in church..not listening to this soul destroying mindless metal...wink,wink!

    Hey Glenn,
    thanks for your honest, thought provoking reply. I know where you have come from..I have been following your career scince '73. I do not pretend to even imagine the lows you have experienced in the black hole called drug abuse. I was living in Chicago in 91-92 when I heard of your healing and conversion, my heart literaly leaped for joy, and I immediatly walked the town until I found a copy of "Blues". I dont doubt for one minute your love and respect for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and I am truly here to encourage you..'cause I was a bit concerned and lead by my spirit to inquire of your spiritual health. I no longer need to be! Just keep writing those great lyrics and fight the good fight, and remember its not how you start the journey...its how you finish. Isaiah 30 v18.

    Yours in Him,
    with the greatest respect,

    Peter Schuptar.
    Brisbane , Australia.

    Ps. If I was to post what I said on any other forum, would be saterised front, left and centre. The fact that I wasnt shows the absolute love your fans have for you. Thank you forum readers :claphands

    Question for Glenn.
    In 1994 in the "thankyou" column on the FNO cd you personally thanked your saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ...son of the Living God! Now all we hear is "thanks to my higher power"...hopefully still Jesus.. and pictures of chrishna and other eastern images on your stage rig! I know for some people faith is a personal matter, but sharing your personal beliefs has never been a problem for you. So Glenn where you at? I really wanna know, your sending some confusing messages here :confused:
    yours in Love, not judgement!
    HRP...on behalf of JC.

    Ps. start reading your Bible again like you did when you first started on your new journey

    The Divinyls, ( I touch myself) have reformed in Australia after a 10 year absence. Their new single is titled " I dont wanna do this" and is produced by non other than our Patrick! Its a catchy pop/rock lick and a sure fire hit here in Oz if not around the world. ( New deal thru Universal) I cant be certain but I'm sure Pat plays on this cut, as the rythmn section and vox were recorded in the US and the guitar bits via the net from Perth,West Oz. Maybe PT can shed some light on this. Anyhow the reformation is the best music news to come out of Australia since Glenn toured last year.

     The Divinyls were the most confronting,unique band ever to come out of Oz-even more so than Midnight Oil. Live they were second to non . I saw them at least a dozen times in the 80's and 90's and never saw the same performance twice. Do a google and check out the new single at their web site. I'm sure thats PT guitar chops.
    regards, HRP

    Hi Guys n Gals,

    Just read Glenn is writing for Aussie singer Vanessa Amorosi. This is exciting. She is a real talent. She has been on the local scene for about ten years, and probably the best female singer in Australia.......period ! Has been/was (mis)managed by Australian Idol judge and one time light weight performer, Mark Holden.

    She has a great rock voice simular to Sass Jordan in full flight.

    Her debut LP was a mixture of Hard Rock and disco beats which confused the music buying population. It was a hit, but her 2nd lp flopped and she disappeared from the scene all for a couple of special guest apperances on variety shows. Last seen installing pool fences.....I kid you not.........although last month was a guest at the ARIAS- (Australian rock industry awards) and bought the house down with a belting rock number. Athough a GH penned song doesn't equal hit, he has a great commercial feel in his recent song writing -"Courageous" comes to mind - Glenn you could be on a winner here :thumbup:

    Hard Rock Pete.

    I have had this dvd now for a couple of weeks and it hasnt left the player. A must have for any self respecting Rainbow /Purple fan. Blackmore in blistering form........might have something to do with the fact he had just been released from jail that night and driven directly to the gig. Dio apologetic due to the late start,1130pm. Blackmore in the same clothes for three days, which might explain no-one going near him all night.

    Bob Daisley and Colin Hart interviews fabulous additions to the package. Lots of rock history here. HRP.

    According to a reliable source the Sydney show will be taped for a future DVD release under the banner of "Live at the Basement" These are an ongoing series of concerts recorded at the famous Sydney venue and later released by ABC records in Australia,although I suspect T2 ( Drew Thompson) will have something to do with it as well. Stay tuned!

    Not going to either show........boooooo, but Andrew from Melodic Rock webzine spoke to Glenn yesterday and he is totally syced up for his first shows in Oz scince 1974.

    Come to Brisbane next time GH :rolleyes:

    Hard Rock Pete.

    Nice interview
    Phil K ia a well known Purple and splinter groups fan. I for one hope GH makes it this time down under. Doesnt sound too promising for any gigs tho? UMMM no sure about the Jimmy Barnes colaboration?! Kinda like vegemite and Jelly(Jam), Ozzies will know what I mean.

    Not sure how this Barnes / Hughes association got its legs. Barnes is good mates with Gillan,he also guested with Jon Lords Blues dabblings in 2003. Not to mention the largely forgettable "Living Loud" project with Barnes, Morse Airey and Daisley in 2004. Jimmy is not one of my fave singers but a real nice guy, now that has cleaned up. Having met him at a Jon Lord gig.

    Anyway anything to spread the Glenn Hughes Good News.

    Love n peace,


    Hi Ayesha,
    yes I have all the little maestros :bow: work on either cd or vinyl.
    Musicology is a great cd and is the album GH would have ended up making if he had stuck with da funk.

    Actually in a phone conversation with GH about 10 years ago for we talked about a collaboration with Prince on a cd and I believe it was very close to happening......Prince producing, but as it is with most these things it just never happened and GH went on to make FEEL/ Addiction around that period. And aren't we glad he did!

    Given GH current direction its unlikly to happen......but for a moment imagine this line up....

    Hughes..... Bass/Vox
    P.Rogers Nelson....... Guitar/Producing
    C. Smith ........ Drums

    Dont it make ya wanna dance !!!!!!!!!!


    Dear Dark One,
    we have both been very well. I have Sandy working 80hrs :mad: a week so as I can continue my life as a kept man!:claphands She sends her love. ;)
    Actually ive been flat out too, now have 5 trucks on the road :thumbup:

    Say, we are coming to the US in June for three weeks. Have spoken to JSS and we plan to meet in LA around 6/17 or 7/2 on our return depending on touring schedules etc..

    Drop me a line @ and we can talk further.

    Pete n' Sandy.