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    Love the Forum and GHPG web site and not often I make a post however felt on this occasion I had to.

    2 cover versions and 3 purple songs out of 14 tracks, for me is disappointing. What about Cant stop the flood, She Moves Ghostly , Let it Go to name but a few.
    Glenn.....It should be so much better....

    P.S> For me Nights in White Satin ruins M4TD.....It just doesnt fit on an otherwise great album.

    Dissapointing JJ wont be on the tour , I think he is very underrated as a guitarist having been very impressed with him on the soul mover tour. I dont think he was given the opportunity to express himself fully on M4TD and the album suffers slightly as a result. Dont get me wrong its still a good album but could and should have been a classic.

    The new Blackmores night CD is good as the last few if not better as there is a number of heavier tracks e.g. Street of Dreams - worth buying the CD for this track alone - Our Ritchie let rips with an awsome solo).
    St Teresa (cover of the Joan Osbourne Track) is Rocking and Ritchie is on fire
    Just Call My Name (classic rock song and great guitar) & I guess it doesnt matter anymore.
    There is also a couple of great ballads with fantastic acoustic guitar from the man in the pixie hat.
    This is a much more straightforward CD with less renessiance music and more rock/ ballad.

    If you are a Blackmore fan you this is definitely worth a purchase. It is getting more airtime on my HiFi than the new dave gilmour album which is ok however doent live up to the great reviews in my opinion.

    I have read the review in classic rock and would say there is no way it warrants 4/10 .
    yes the 'Old Mill inn' would have been better on the 2 nd CD for die hards. however Streets of London is ok and the guitar work is sublime...I would like to see any Holiday Inn guitarist play like that.

    By the way there is also a version of Child In Time which is refreshing and reminded me of what a great it track it was.

    I would easily give this CD - 7.5/10

    I will get me coat.......any one want to buy a Guitar......

    excellent site .......looks like i will either have my work cut out for the next 12 months or I throw the towel in.

    Looking forward to the new album , Soul Mover was excellent an another killer cd like that should put Big Daddy at the top of Rock where he belongs. Full headlining world tour me thinks....maybe even Deep Purple opening for the funkmeister.

    P.S. where is the scottish flag Icon