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    I have to say sounds fantatic. from the clips I would say that this will top Soul Mover :clapper:

    Well done Glenn.....truth be told its only thing thats keeping me going at the moment ....been looking forward to this for months and from what I hear i wont be disappointed :claphands

    A few of the top of my head.
    Blackmore with ...DP mk3 or Rainbow (RJD or Doogie white)
    Gillan with Bernie Torme (playing Mr Universe & glory rd CD's)
    Journey with Steve Perry
    Love & Money (Scottish band with James Grant on Guitar & Vocals).

    To those sadly departed and missed:
    Frank Zappa
    Randy Rhodes (with Ozzy)
    Tommy Bolin either with DP or Solo
    Bon Scott with AC/DC

    This just sums BA up for me. I personally can't stand the airline ...especially the stuck up cabin crew on the domestic routes. There is the odd good one, however the rest think they are above servicing the passengers.

    I have just checked the Frankie Miller website and seen the T shirt I have just described.
    Thanks for the post Nandos...This brings back many happy memories :clapper:

    When I use to play with my band in the 80's, we had a roadie who wore a T shirt in the style of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood shirts , you remember the ones that said " Frankie Says Relax"

    This T shirt had on the front "Frankie Who" and on the back it had Frankie F*****g Miller , That's Who!
    Thought it was very funny at the time.

    Yes Frankie Miller used to be great in his day....I am sure he had a big hit single with "Darlin'"

    I have no problem with a couple of Purple and Trapeze song in a 90 minute show, however 5 out of an 11 track set doesnt do it for me.

    Take Blackmore's Night, Ye Olde Ritchie works in a couple of Purple numbers to their set which is fine.
    Glenn has got such a fantastic rich and varied solo back catalogue to choose from which is in many ways much better that Purple. I dont know if its a confidence with Glenn however lets embrace the new world , and look forward and not back.

    Maybe we need a poll of fave tracks or just the set list you wish Glenn to play.

    Other than playing guitar for Glenn, I would say he would split his time between solo albums & touring aimed at a rock audience, and a side project allowing him to be more experimental jazz progressive rock indie fusion.
    I think he would be one of the most original , innovative guitarists around...I know its been many years since his passing however I still listen to Teaser, Private eyes and Spectrum which speaks for itself.

    Looking at the set lists from Glenn recent gigs, there is still a number of purple numbers being played. Personally I would like to see Glenn concentrate on material from his solo career which is far more suited to the 21st century and his image / personality. Dont get me wrong I am a huge Deep Purple fan however I think Glenns current audience are going to hear Glenn Hughes and leave the rest to the Purple Tribute Bands.

    The time is right for the real Glenn Hughes to take on the world.

    Would you agree?

    Glenn Looks better Singing & Playing Bass. i thinks his bass palying is excellent and effortless. I just goes to show that talent of the man who can both play and sing as well as that at the same time.
    i have been playing guitar for many years and I still have to look at the fretboard when playing nevermind concentrating on singing also.

    I have just bought an Ipod and i am trying to upload all my Glenn Hughes CD's. i am however having a problem with M4TD in that when i put the CD in the drive, nothing is happening.

    Is there some protection with this CD to stop it being uploaded to MP3 players?????