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    Really depends on what mood i'm in

    Big Daddy mood

    GH on vocals and bass :bow:
    JJ on Guitar
    Chad on the sticks

    3 piece power trio :claphands

    Bruce Dickinson vocals
    John Petrucci guitar
    Joe Satriani guitar
    Mike Portnoy drums
    Steve Harris bass

    2 boots are available for the Legends Of Rock Tour. One from Portsmouth, which just has Glenn's contribution i think, and one from Edinburgh, which is the full gig ;)

    I have just received the European Version of Rehab. I see that Glenn has four co-writing credits, but does anyone know which tracks Glenn either sings or plays on?

    Many Thanks


    I would think it would be the ones that he has writing credits on ;)

    Full name: Stephen Antony Clowes

    Date of birth: Nov 27 1960

    Hometown: Leeds, Yorkshire, England

    Star sign: Hmm Sagi i think

    Heritage:100% Yorkshireman. Born and Bred,Strong in arm,thick in head ;)

    Occupation: Lithographic plate preparer...No i don't know what it means either

    You would describe yourself as:Easy going

    Favorite authors: Tolkein,James Herbert,Dean Koontz

    Favorite films:Lord of the Rings,Abyss,The Thing,The Good the Bad the Ugly

    Favorite actor/actress: Clint Eastwood,Wesley Snipes

    Favorite soundtracks: Young Guns II, Jesus Christ Superstar

    Favorite sports teams: Leeds United, Camel Honda MotoGp team

    Favorite episode of The Simpsons: The last one i didn't watch

    How many languages can you speak? 2 English and Gibberish

    What turns you on? A switch

    What turns you off? Loud foul mouthed people

    First gig you ever went to:Budgie,Leeds 1974..Rainbow Stafford 1977

    Next gig you’ll go to : Glenn in England somewhere:bow: Madelaine Peyroux York December

    Most embarrassing moment:Lots

    Your biggest pet peeve: Ignorant drivers

    The one human trait you most abhor: Lying

    The one place you would like to visit:Antarctica

    Which period in history would you like to have lived in – and why: Lincoln New Mexico1881 Was Billy the Kid so bad

    What do you consider taboo? Messing with another mans rhubarb :eek:

    Tell us one kooky thing about yourself: I can bore myself to sleep :lol:

    Tell us another kooky thing about yourself: I can bore my wife senseless with useful facts :thumbup:

    [FONT=Arial]World’s sexiest man: [COLOR=#8b0000]Johnny Depp :mad:

    [FONT=Arial]World’s sexiest woman: [COLOR=sienna]Anastacia,Kate Beckinsale

    [FONT=Arial]Your idea of luxury is……B[COLOR=darkred]eing rich and no one knowing about it!

    [FONT=Arial]What would they give you a lifetime achievement award for? [COLOR=#8b0000]Supporting Leeds United

    [FONT=Arial]Where do you think Bin Laden is hiding?[COLOR=#8b0000] In my lottery winnings cupboard

    [FONT=Arial]Last time you cried: [COLOR=sienna]Our dog dying

    [FONT=Arial]Motto:[COLOR=#8b0000]Never trust a smiling cat

    I know exactly what you mean. It's very frustrating.
    I can only get to one gig this tour, so do i buy a ticket for Dudley or wait and see if he is playing Rio's at Bradford ,which is just up the road,and risk the chance of Dudley selling out :huh:

    Well i don't know. i will have to listen to it again when i get time

    Quote from FCinnella

    David, you can get away with allot here, but LIMITED knowledge in discussing Big Daddy is something I have to call you on :):) You know as much about Glenn's career as he probably does himself:bow::bow:

    Every time I read one of your posts I learn something new about Glenn, and for this I am eternally grateful :thumbup:

    Your so right there :claphands