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    The songs played are the ones mentioned by jerklund but I must point out that Mistreated was played after Stormbringer and just before No Stranger To Love, unfortunately the Sabbath tune was not included in this dvd edition.

    That song in audio & video formats may be captured in the Argentine Black Sabbath tribute cd released some months ago ... anycase IMO the highlights of the show are Mistreated and YKOMoving.

    Furthermore there are pictures & interviews to all the band members ( and to GH of course ! ) being very interesting as the Rata Blanca guys talk mostly about the experience to play together with GH so I'm sure everybody will be able to enjoy it although by reading subtitles.

    The date of the gig captured in this dvd is the 2nd show, i.e. Dec. 14th 2003 ( Sunday ) at Gran Rex Theatre, Buenos Aires.
    On the first gig Glenn weared a black shirt instead of the light blue jean one and during the third gig ( Rosario ) he played with a red one .... I'm mentioning this because the labels usually state briefly December 2003 or things like Dec. 13th & 14th so you know exactly when it was, but I was there so I can inform you guys it's Dec.14th.

    All the best to all GH fans,
    juan manuel
    de Rosario y de Central !!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi guys
    I didn't write before because there was not much to say.
    This time I wasn't able to speak to Glenn, I couldn't make it through this international movile phone-calls system, finally I catched my friend Sebastian who saw the shows and who did spend some time with Glenn.
    He mentioned that the shows were fantastic, he believes that RBlanca & GH played even better than in Argentina last December. This could be possible as the gigs in Argentina were just the start ...
    Approx. 3.500 fans assisted at Antofagasta (1st gig in Chile) & only about 1.300 fans at Santiago on Saturday 19th (2nd gig in Chile).
    The gig planned for Sunday 20th was then cancelled, a sad news.
    In ref. with the show that was cancelled I don't have much to say but some fans from Chile mentioned two important reasons:
    a) The promotion in Santiago was not as it should have been.
    b) Tickets prices were a bit to high compared to the standard.

    Really I don't know what this is all about, I'm just trying to bring some information.

    Glenn's set list was the same as in Argentina last December but in did include a nice surprise at the end , see below :

    No Stranger To Love
    GH remembered D.Coverdale+Vocal Intro/YKOMoving
    * after Rata Blanca finished their last set Glenn joined the band for Smoke On The Water that closed the show.

    Well, there's not much more to say, I hope that some fans from Chile might send/include some pictures, reviews, etc.

    If I get any further comments I'll return.

    juan manuel

    Hi guys , I've decided to post this short up-dated news in this section because I believe many fans will be writing soon about their experience in Chile, reviews, etc.

    Glenn arrived this morning to the Santiago Airport almost at the same time that Rata Blanca members did.
    During the afternoon (probably now they are all on the way) they are taking another plane to Antofagasta which I think it's a bit far away from Santiago, perhaps 1000/1200 km, sorry if I'm wrong about the distance but I haven't visited Chile yet.
    Today they be will visiting the venue and of course will carry out a soundcheck.

    Unfortunately I'm not assisting to the shows but some friends of mine will be at the Santiago gigs so during the weekend I'll be able to write some reviews or comments.

    Also I might speak to Glenn on Saturday, if so I'll let you all know about his experience and how it's going.

    best regards
    juan manuel

    I'd like to leave my review about this album:
    I mostly agree with David (Mod.), this is not a classic but it's a powerfull album and it's worth buying.

    Last time I met Glenn (during December 2003) he mentioned to me that forthcoming album with Mr. Mollo was a very strong album and that he was very happy with the results, he was right.

    Although I personally prefer a different style of rock I do find this album very interesting, for GH fans it's a great chance to listen to Glenn singing very hard+loud without loosing his natural feeling, and of course Mollo plays incredibly well like he always does (The Cage .. Voodoo Hill S/T .. etc )
    My favorite songs are Dying To Live (incredible singing by Glenn!), Wild Seed Of Mother Earth & Nothing's Stays The Same ... btw the guitar solo at the end of this song reminds me of Ritchie Blackmore and that's fantastic !

    I would like to thank Messrs. Frontiers Records & Roberto Cosentino for the album which I like very much, we are passing it on FM 97.3 La Red Rosario (thanks Pablo Vitantonio! ) each time we can.

    best regards to all Glenn fans,

    I'm die-hard fan of DP Mk3, I was anxious expecting DP Paris 75 release and now that I've got it I'm really very mad & sad at the same time. It's worth having, I always like the MK3 gigs but I don't like when they cut things out.
    If we waited so long the gig should be complete. I've sent an e.mail to purple people with my comment/complain about this release:
    Why is the wild guitar solo in YFNOne missing again ? I'm talking about the part that Ritchie plays alone in the middle of the song. It's exactly from the moment that the band leaves him alone until he plays the blues. That missing solo may be listened in the version of YFNOne which is included in Made In Europe, in that case the song seems to be Saarbruken and the solo is Paris.
    If you compare carefully all the available releases with the bootleg Mark III it's easy to notice where they got the solo from when they put together YFNOne for Made In Europe ........

    When Connoiseur ( or how ever you spell it ) released " Mark III Final Concerts " that solo was missing also .... I read that in this particular case they decided to include two versions of the song one from Paris & one from Graz, so for the Paris version they didn't include the guitar solo & for the Graz version they didn't include the drum solo, this (IMO) ruined the whole release..... but now for this new release (which is supposed to be the best one of all) I don't see why that great guitar solo has not been included once more .....

    I'm a bit sad, I was very anxious for a full gig of Paris 75 ... now I feel that if in the
    future the Saarbrucken & Graz shows are released more stuff like drum/guitar/organ solos will be missing, that would be a pity.
    regards to all DP/GH fans

    Happy new year to all of you !
    Thank you both Grace and Shirl, I really like including all these stuff here, there's still more things I like to share but I haven't had enough time.
    We have been very lucky to see these R.Blanca & GH gigs, lately in Argentina it's become very difficult (due to exchange rate between the u$s dollar & our $ peso) to contract artists but owing to the good relation between Rata Blanca, their management and Glenn Hughes the dream came true and we really enjoyed three fantastic gigs !
    I'll be back , all the best,

    8) Hi John

    Well I didn't know that. Glenn said that the bass was good enough, also some friends of mine told me that in fact the wood is the same although they are aseembled perhaps under different quality restrictions ( I hope you understand what I mean, sorry for my english).

    Btw I'm including the set list for the last gig which was given to me by Mr. Adrian Barilari lead singer of Rata Blanca.

    You will see that some songs have cancelled (thick black lines), this happened because this venue is not allowed to play over midnight on Sundays .. incredible .. therefore the Rata Blanca set was shortened a bit. Where it says "ENTRA GLENN HUGHES" that means "GLENN HUGHES COMES IN" .. we may say that the show was devided in three sets, Rata Blanca-GHughes-Rata Blanca, the original set lasted almost 3 hours.

    Hope you enjoy !!

    regards ,


    Here is my tickets for Sunday 14th (3rd row) Buenos Aires, and Monday 15th (1st row) Rosario.

    When I bought the ticket for the last show I was the first one to buy a ticket and I felt afraid of eventually not seeing Glenn in Rosario as you verify his name is not clearly seen in the ticket under the words Rata Blanca ..

    Fortunately we did see Glenn in Rosario !!!!

    hi david

    fortunately I have now the professional photos but I need someone to scan them for me as I don't have one .. give me some time and I'll include them.

    I have more stuff to include: items signed by Glenn (guitar/cds), set list, guitar pics, drum sticks, etc etc.

    at. Nick
    I'll check it afterwards, the matter is that I'm very busy. BTW I'm not surfing while at home as I don't have such a good computer, in fact I'm connecting myself from my office so I can't spend so much time here ...

    ps: one more pic .. Rosario 15.12.03

    For those who like to know the bass is an original Fender Jazz Bass made in Mexico.

    best regards

    Hi guys
    I'm including some pics from last weekend, Buenos Aires and Rosario city.
    In the pictures you will see Glenn with us (a bunch of friends) after sharing lunch with Big Daddy last Sunday afternoon.

    Together with Sebastian (doesn't appear in this picture) we were in charge of the ASADO. For those who don't know "ASADO" is the spanish word for cooking the meat in the barbecue. I'm the one in the red T-Shirt.

    The small kitty in the previous picture has been named by Glenn as "pookie". An incredible tribute ... also a good solution because the owner couldn't make his mind ...

    Also, Glenn with my whole family at Hotel Presidente Rosario city on Monday 15th at 20.15 hours, just after signing my Fender Stratocaster and just about to leave towards the theatre (Teatro Broadway) for his last gig in Argentina.

    We had a great time.

    All the best

    T H A N K S G L E N N !!!!!!!

    Ok guys I'll try to attach some images, I'm a bit un-experienced with these matters I'll do my best.
    Flyer for the Buenos Aires gigs ( Dec 13/14 ) and from LA CAPITAL newspaper of Rosario city, an interview held on the 13th, published on the 15th. Then the comments of the Rosario gig (last gig) published on 17th.

    If I suceed enjoy, I hope so.

    all the best

    hi dear Tero
    It's a pleasure to share ... I have to get my tickets, set list sheet, photos, etc etc scanned soonest so I can include them here.

    we really had an incredible time, having lunch together, meeting here and there ... I can't believe all the nice things that happened this last days, and of course the shows were incredible.

    Rata Blanca IMO did great shows and Glenn as usual was in top form.
    It was very nice to see them happy on stage, it was easy to notice that they were enjoying and there was a lot chemistry there.

    I'll write you back soon, my best regards to you and your family !

    Hi guys
    I'm back with more comments. Now it's concerned about last gig held at Teatro Broadway Rosario last night Dec.15th.
    I met Glenn again last night at the "Hotel Presidente", we took some pictures with my family, he signed my Fender Stratocaster and some cds and after we remembered about the lunch (big barbecue "asado") he shared with some friends and I on Sunday afternoon ...
    Later on when I calm down a bit I will write some lines about Glenn's kindness, always willing to speak with with his fans, no matter how tired he was. Once again thanks Glenn !
    Let's talk about the last show ....
    Another incredible show ... 300 km distance, one day after, a different venue ... but the same voice or even better !!! Should we say The Voice Of Rock or The Bass Of Rock ?? He did an excellent performance (as usual) and exactly same set: Stormb. Mistr. NSTLove YKOMoving Burn Also Rata Blanca was excellent.
    Glenn sang some parts a bit different than the previous show, last night when he was travelling back to Buenos Aires he told me by phone that he always makes these changes from one show to the next .. and he did improvise a lot with his wonderfull voice, the version of No Stranger To Love was extended a bit at the end and Glenn screamed/sang those incredible high notes during the last 2 min., imposible to explain in words ...
    Glenn is the first DP member the visits Rosario and probably the last or the only one .. so that's history !
    Most of the local fans couldn't believe what they were seeing, they were gladly surprised.
    I remember one guy talking behing me saying after the opening with Stormb.: " Please don't
    sing so much there's still 4 more songs to go"
    then I interrupted him and I said: " Don't worry he will sing like that all night, he did the same last night and he will repeat it today"
    After the forth song the guy touched my shoulder and said: "Sorry brother but you were wrong, he is not singing in the same way during the whole show .. as each song passes by he is singing even better !! "
    Not much more to say ... people were astonished.
    That's another point, you can see the 1st show, then the 2nd, then the 3rd and you are still impressed.

    I better start working before I get fired.

    Thanks Glenn for your wonderfull music but I would like to specially point out that we are very thankfull for your kindness and the times you shared with us during your stay, your heart was always opened to us and I hope we have been that good and nice to you ...


    finally I can write some lines .. I travelled a total of 600 km to GH's 2nd gig in Buenos Aires, now I'm back in my hometown Rosario and ready to see the 3rd (last) gig.
    Below some comments about yesterday:
    I had lunch with Glenn and some friends, we were no more than 10, a big "asado" (barbecue: cow meat & chicken). It was a great moment, thanks dear Glenn for sharing your time with us !!
    At night I went to the Teatro Gran Rex for Rata Blanca & GH 2nd gig which was completely sold out.
    The gig started at 22.30 hrs LT, Rata Blanca ope-ned with a first set, then came GH with his set
    as guest and finally Rata Blanca closed the gig with their 2nd set. It all finished today at 01.20 hrs.
    I can't describe in words the fantastic show all musicians gave us ... Glenn as usual sang beauti-full & played bass with a lot of energy! Although his voice has always this nice "soul" feeling this time it had a harder edge, probably because of the songs chosen. Believe me it was like having Deep Purple Mk3 in front of us ....
    Of course there are some minor differences but Rata Blanca was fantastic. GH's set was:
    1. Stormbringer GH bass/voc
    2. Mistreated GH bass/voc
    3. NSTLOve GH voc
    4. YKOMoving GH bass/voc
    5. Burn GH bass/voc
    There's not much we can say because GH always blows us off with his unique singing, but just imagine how he good he may sing when he only performs 5 songs and puts all his energy in those tunes, not more than 45 minutes !!
    Yes, it was amazing ... In the music field GH is "Maradona" ... Mistreated was awesome, great fooling around & jamming at the end of the song between Walter Giardino (guitar) and GH.
    NSTLove was a nice surprise, it wasn't the usual version that GH plays in his tours, it was a hard heavy version very similar to the original.
    Tomorrow I'll post some more comments about tonight's gig. God bless you all !!
    ps: thanks Shirean for including those lines and
    I won't forget my camera.
    ++ juan manuel