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    i dont know if this has been posted but i will give you what i know!!

    i have just recieved through the post from classic rock direct ltd.that there critical review of the burn album on dvd has our own glenn hughes on the panel to review the album.they say there is rare footage and stuff etc....etc...and right now they have it on sale!!!!!

    (£9.99-uk/$18.00-us with shipping in may).i will try to copy the image from the booklet.....opps i am not having much luck adding the image maybe some one will clue me up on this !!

    thanks for the good there seems to be a more updated version without the sync is also available on amazon in the uk as an import.i have already ordered it but it will take a couple of weeks to arrive,and at £14.99 its not much to pay at the end of the day.

    one of the pedals shown in the photo is a boss oc-2,not an oc-3.the latter being a more and up to date version(polyphonic) but it will do everything the oc-2 can do and more.just a point of interest if you were wanting the exact same as jj!!

    although i only got to see one gig [edinburgh] it has already been the highlight of my 2005 and the year has just begun.looking forward to more of the same soon and just make 2005 a glenn hughes utopia!!!. thanks for a great start to the year. :claphands

    thanks for the has great groove in keeping with the rest of the soul mover tracks. i really like the guitar on this as it sounds as if they are having fun and just kicking back on this song.

    as far as i remember ''made in europe'' was a mix mash of perfomances on that european tour,with some of the songs edited to fit the was a rushed release by the record label who had known in advance that blackmore was leaving at the end of the tour so they tried to capitalise on the release before the public found out!

    all i can say is that apart from all the above which i am in total agreement with.this album has lived up to its hype and more.truely cemented when you hear the new numbers live[edinburgh:) ],they can sit very well with all the classics that came before them.the hughes/thrall album is in the same catogory a classic that is as fresh today as when it was released,sm will be the same.:cool:

    i would pay good money to see glenn do his version of ''child in time''.i think that he would be the only one with the vocal control to do it justice today[not like a spinal tap type of thing!] the progression of the scream/pitch is quite similar to the end of mistreated in the way it builds up.
    glenns the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool:

    its about time the world woke up to glenn hughes,the tv exposure will hopefully light the fuse .i will be keeping my eyes peeled for the jools holland show and will tell everybody and there granny to tune in.i probably won't see letterman as i only have peasant tv and not cable

    thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!! cheers!

    it would be easier to answer the final question on ''who wants to be a millionaire''
    my own answer would be sell all you have to buy the whole back catalogue. if you were unable to do this then i would recommened [in no perticular order]

    soul mover
    soulfully live in the city of angels
    songs in the key of rock
    the way it is
    play me out


    a piece appeared in this weekends edition of the sunday mail.a very positive piece if not short it gives the gig 5 out of 5 stars not bad for a tabloid !!

    i will now write what the piece says-

    ''rock legend glenn hughes has a reputation for having one of the finest voices around. he did not disappoint. the ex-deep purple and black sabbath man played the likes of seventh star and can,t stop the flood with panache. he sprung a suprise with classic purple track mistreated. despite being a david coverdale showcase, hughes made the song his own with a tremedous vocal display.''


    does anyone know why glenn did not play his new signature bass on this tour.i seen the gig in edinburgh and as usual the man was on top form both vocally and bass playing[i actually think he does not get enough credit for his bass playing] but being a bass player many a year ago in my youth i always try to listen for the bass.his sound that night was exellent and i seen he was using a fender jazz but his main weapon was a schecter bass[jazz looking].does anybody know the model of this bass[i am tempted to start playing again] any info would be welcome

    there is an excellent 3 page interview with glenn in this months magazine with alot on soul mover and up and coming pojects.a very positive article to make people sit up and take note.if it can get more interest in the new cd[which i think is awesome]then it should have a domino effect and turn more people on to glenn,s music!:cool:

    i couldn,t agree more with your views on this song.i think that the whole cd is about the best he has done since the hughes/thrall cd in that it is so diverse not just four to the floor rock.having seen the song live in edinburgh it kicks ass live too