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    Well last night was absolutely stunning. The band were on fire, and Glenn was back in 1971 for 2 hours.

    The best thing about last night was the fact that the music Trapeze wrote was and still is, way ahead of its time.
    It was amazingly funky, powerful and soulful, and it really lept out of the speakers and off the stage last night.

    For a while now, Glenn has concentrated on his recent material and tried to cast adrift aspects of his past. Us hardcore fans have really appreciated that, as it has given us the chance to hear newer material live.

    But after last night, I feel Trapeze music should ALWAYS be given top billing in Glenns set.

    I also like the idea of an annual Trapeze night....

    Thanks Glenn, for a stunning performance and reminding me (as if i ever forgot) that what you wrote as a teenager was pure genius.

    It was also a fitting tribute to Mel. I am sure he was fist pumping up there somewhere!


    One down.....One to go....
    Great gig tonight, lets start with the set list

    Muscle and Blood
    You Got Soul
    Sail Away
    Love Communion
    Dont let me Bleed
    Whats Going On Here
    Holy Man
    Steppin On

    Hold out Your Life

    I might have missed one or two out, but never the less a few suprises.

    Feedback dogged the first 2 songs but GH gave the sound guy a good talking too and it was sorted.
    Glenn seemed in a really good mood, funny and chatting plenty!

    The band....... just Anders, he will never do a Keith Emerson, I think we know that, but he does compliment Glenn, and thats good enough for me.
    The Drummer, Steve Stephens....simply the best drummer Glenn has had behind him, bar NONE, awesome.
    I love Jeff Kollman, however he is prone to mistakes and maybe non guitarists didnt spot them, and having the song structures written on paper on the floor kinda makes me feel let down!

    High point.....Whats Going on here

    Low Point......Jeff, learn the freakin songs!

    Bit worried about tomorrow, maybe Trapeze music should be left where it is???????

    But....roll on tomorrow anyway!
    Cheers Glenn, a good night all round!!!


    My Band has a radio session on tomorrow(wednesday) at 8PM GMT.
    We are playing live, but first we get to request music that has influenced us.
    As Purple/Glenn have been the main influences, they get my 3 tracks!

    I will be selecting a Glenn/Trapeze track (still undecided) and Burn.... plus another purple song if I get chance.

    Bands myspace is

    radio is

    Thanks for listening!

    Hola from Mexico, if we are gonna start bidding on here then I will offer 62 Pounds!

    I am of course on holiday, so will pay on my return as Dpurpleface is my brother and he is picking me up from the airport.

    Steve, flight on time, see you tomorrow.


    Cant really top that review, breathtaking, just breathtaking. I too was crying last night.
    Seeing Glenn is a religious experience for me.
    Maybe FUNK should stand for Find Unused New Kleenex!

    See you all in Liverpool tonight. Alot of people are meeting in Ma Egertons tavern, right near the venue!

    Adios Amigos

    Ian Dunbar

    :thumbup: Hi all, Its nearly time for the UK gigs and I cant wait!
    Please read below my response to Classic Rock's ignorant review of FUNK.

    Let me know what you think! (I have emailed it to them, doubt they willl print it)

    See you all in Wolverhampton/Liverpool

    This month has been so busy that i only got round to reading the July issue whilst sat on the crapper. Whilst enjoying my solitary sanitary moment I stumbled across Terry Staunton's review of Glenn Hughes' First Underground Nuclear Kitchen album. Once I reached the 'paperwork' stage imagine my delight of having a choice! Double quilted velvet, or Terry's review. I quickly decided that the review wasn't even fit for this purpose.
    You see my problem with it, is that (and I am kinda guessing here) he was sent this CD to review with a scribbled note saying 'this is the guy from Deep Purple, let me know what you think'

    Its a review by a guy who knows nothing of Glenn's past but is all to quick to criticise. He accuses Mr Hughes of seeing 'how far they can go from their musical Square One' If Mr Staunton was to bother to look (or dare I even say listen) to any of the classic Trapeze albums then maybe he would appreciate that Glenns 2 year stay in Purple way a move away from his funk/soul roots and to me, this was Glenn pushing his boundaries.

    As for applauding musicians for trying to stretch themselves, I totally agree. But i do feel Glenn has found his groove and is making music for himself, not a corporate rock label. He has a comprehensive solo back catalogue to call on now and has freely admitted, living off the purple stuff is not the way ahead.

    First Underground Nuclear Kitchen is a masterpiece and Glenn continues to grow. This guy is a national treasure. I know the fact he is 'returning to his roots' may loose him a couple of fans in the classic rock world, but if your are intent on criticism relating to his past, please do him, me and the world the courtesy of understanding it.

    To end, I think spelling the word FUNK from the title is quite clever, so to continue in the same vein I can sum up Terry Staunton's review as



    Ian Dunbar

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:
    Difficult one this, but anyone who was at Northampton last year will know why I really liked that one. Glenn was so into the music that night.
    HTP in 2004 at Dudley and Bradford was a brilliant tour too!
    Soulmover tour 2005, me and my brother (Dpurpleface) Flew to germany to catch two shows in Hannover and Bochum. Absolutely amazing. We spent plenty of time with the band back stage and also on the tourbus.

    But I hope Liverpool this year will eclipse all those!

    Bring it on......

    I got my freak flag flyin'..........................

    The Liverpool GIG is literally 10 mins walk from Liverpool Lime street.

    I believe you can get a train direct from Glasgow, in fact think i did that once to get back to Liverpool for a purple gig in '96!

    Just mail me if you need anymore info.

    Not sure about Wolverhampton, but think you would at least need the friday off work to go to that one, see you there !


    Just got back from the Bush, and once again Big Daddy was on fire!

    I think we all new London was gonna be a special gig, and it was. Witnessed by a packed house too, which was great to see.

    The two support acts were a mixed bag. Toby Jepson's band were really quite good, with no other than Dean Howard on guitar. Very good sound, and well recieved.

    The ony thing I can say about Nude Girls is that they were on for about 35 minutes.

    Set list

    Valiant Denial
    Land of the livin
    You Got Soul
    Dont Let Me Bleed
    This time Around
    Gettin Tighter
    Steppin On
    You Keep On Movin'


    Might have left one out but not sure.

    There really isnt anything to say about an exquisite performance. Sound was good, and the set, although Purple heavy (for the London crowd I guess) was really well played.

    Again great to see younger fans there too, especially Marianne who I met, along with her Dad, Hiya guys!

    I have attached some pics of pre gig, after the sound check!

    Sorry to hear about what happened.
    I am afire officer here in the UK and if I may, let me shed a positive note on what has happened.
    Obviously, its a total disaster. Lots of mess, lost posessions and the inconvenience of it all. Then theres the phonecalls to insurance etc.(Dont let them rip you off)
    But, from what you say no-one was injured (including the firefighters) so take the positives out of that. Unfortunately, alot of people are not as lucky as you.
    I know you dont feel lucky right now, but someone was smiling on you!

    Hope it all goes well!!!!

    I have never seen Glenn in such good form as last night in Northampton, he was really up for it and the band were dynamite!
    He strutted around the stage like a man posessed, hey hang on it was Halloween!!!!:axemurderer:
    It sounded and looked like a different group of guys from Saturday night, with the band full of energy and far more confident.

    I took a mate who had never seen Glenn live before. He has been a working musician for 30 years and said that he has never seen a vocal performance like that in his life!!!

    The set list was the same, however WSOP was moved from the encore into the main body of the set.

    The new songs sound like classics to me already and really work well live.

    Again Mark Mondesir was phenomenal and along with Glenn they form a huge rhythm section. As a huge JJ fan I still want him there, but Jeff Kollman is excellent. (although he still needs to learn BURN, sorry Jeff, 2 gigs 2 mistakes!!!)

    I am just worried about the keyboard player, he spends the whole gig looking like he's wondering if he might have left the iron switched on! :confused:

    Hats off to the Roadmender and the sound guys, it was crystal clear, loud and powerful,

    Glenn's bass sounded like the God of Thunder gargling with Nails!!!!

    In my opinion Glenn should find another hometown venue, JB's is awful soundwise!

    Good luck for the rest of the tour fellas!!!!!!!!!!!:claphands

    Just got in from JB's

    Ok first the setlist, apologies if I get the order wrong!

    Valiant Denail
    Monkey Man
    Land of The Livin
    Night in White Satin
    Dont Let Me Bleed
    In My Blood
    Black Light
    You Got Soul
    Steppin On
    You Keep On Movin'


    Whiter Shade of Pale

    Met Glenn before the show and was also lucky enough to say hello to Mark Mondesir and Jeff Kollman, two great guys.

    Glenn was disappointed in Wolves' 2-2 draw but was upbeat about the tour and made several references to the new beginning with the new band!

    Apparently his mum and dad have really bad colds so he didn't get chance to see them!

    Onto the show then!!!

    The sound for me wasn't 100%, but I have never liked JB's soundwise anyhow. The band were very tight I thought, considering it was their first outing.

    Glenn sang like only he can.

    Standout songs definately Steppin' On, absolutely storming live. Also I have to say I love Whiter Shade of Pale.

    I have to say Mark Mondesir was a phenomenal drummer!!!

    Jeff Kollman was very animated and good to watch.

    The Keyboard player looked like Forrest Gump, does anyone agree?

    Anyway looking forward to Northapmton!

    Can I just say thanks to Pete, Karen,Glenn, Mike,Penny, Andrew and Steve for their company and making it a brilliant day !!!
    :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands