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    Hi you all.Im so happy that Glenns carrier goes the right way .Back in earley 90,s when Papa was living in Sweden some time ,its was tuff fore him. We miss you Glenn, No more Sweden dates?? :( :bow: Bye MR Glenn Hughes.

    Hi Today i heard The last dance/Ken Hensley .Glenn this is so master good :claphandsive heard this song over and over again.the feeling.magic,and the last scream in the end :bow: The best vocals ive heard ever. //My best /gribban

    I want to go ...:lol: I hope the Glenn,s fans over there will go to the gigs if they now he is playing..Do they now??The Deep Purple Fans ,its must be lots of them in the US.Now they have the chance to see a Superb ex Deep P.Glenn in his best chape in his life...:bow:

    Hi Wow Glenn will play in US thats nice fore you over there.We hope we get a full report;;I hope he gets a lots off shows in the US.Fore you ho hasent seen him play get lucky :bow: Iam just wondring setlist?? Whats songs must Big Daddy Play.
    My best////Gribban from a loveley spring in SWEDEN...

    Hi .Today i heard Phenomena:s Believe on Swedish radio.The DJ play the song,after that he was totally blown away he said,Same as me i went home put in the cd and WOW :eek: Glenn Hughes you are so great,the deep soul voice,the POWER you have :bow: So all of you put in the cd and Flyaway and BELIEVE... This was the first song i heard whid Glenn back in 1985 and its still my fav...../gribban./ Please come to SWEDEN soon..

    Glenn comes to Sweden :) But i cant go its to far away from me :( Im so sad. Mayby next time. Keep on MR GLENN HUGHES. We love you over here :)

    Hello ..When mftd came out i wasnt blown away.But now i have too say this album is so great,My fav is Blacklight,steppin on,monkeyman and the rest of the MFTD. Does any body feel like i do :huh: :huh: I hope Glenn comes to Sweden soon.Wish you all very best,And you David you are :thumbup: ..gribban

    Hi ..That song I found a woman,Glenn sing like god him self on that song :claphandsWho has wrote this song,And JJ cool website you have,I remember i saw you in uppsala in 93 ibelive,You are a super gitarr player :guitarist skit bra alltså,

    Hi Ayesha you miss one album PHENOMENA 1,Glenn,s best album i think :bow: See yee.

    Hello I cant wait ,a little taste of the new album.When :huh:

    Beside that i must say my no 1 Glenn album is

    From now on
    and SoulMover still get better.
    Sitkor that album is dam good.

    Addition is dark ,I love Glenns vocie on that album,the feeling ,deep :singer:

    God night.

    Hi we talk about bootlegs ,Dino in Gino is very good i think,that was the first time i saw The voice live :thumbup: Can anybody tell me where i can buy these bootlegs .Best Regards,Anders

    Hello.The song How was i to now,What feeling Glenn has in this song.Sounds he is a young boy here...Whats the year,Is there some cd relese of this album :eek:

    Hi..Has Glenn really hit the road in the states,whid Soul mover??Ok we seen him more in europe more often:bow: Dosent he need to play their more,Glenn has lots of fans in US or have i wrong :huh:

    Hello.Just wonder if Glenn going to do AOR album again, From now on was great :clapper: Why dosent he use the song Delay so much on his studio albums, as Live :huh: its sounds more Glenn ...just wonder..Hopes he gets the orchestra thing on the road. He just is the best singer of all times..Like Ian Hagland Said on the swedish radio: He is the greatest singer off them all :claphands Hej då.