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    For the past few albums Glenn Hughes has tuned his bass down a half step and JJ has tuned down his guitar a half step as well. In fact I think it started in the year 2000 with the cd, " Return To Crystal Karma."
    When Glenn first came back to the music scene with his Shrapnel Records cd ,
    " Blues," his band was in standard tuning. Then he released," From Now On,"
    " Burning Japan Live," " Feel," " Addiction," and " The Way It Is," in 1999. After that Glenn took the bands tuning down a notch. Of course probably at that point it would be easier for him to sing the songs in a lower key. As you get older, sometimes you need to modify the key you have been singing for so long. It is much softer on the voice. Besides I have no problem when Glenn writes a new album in the lower key. The problem for me is when he sings the older material in the lower key. Many times the tune sounds a bit weird, and many of the times it sounds really good. Actually it all depends on the song.
    With the recently released live dvd/cd," Soulfully Live," the band is tuned down and every track kicks ass!!! Again it all depends on the song selection.
    Again I have no problem when Glenn and his band go into the studio to write new material and it is recorded in a lower key.
    Here is a tid bit for you..........Genesis and Phil Collins always recorded albums with standard tuning and even on their tours they performed in a standard key. When they released their final album with Phil back in 1992, that cd was recorded in standard tuning, but when they went on tour, the band took it down a key. I actually went to that show when they came to Giants Stadium back in 1992 and it was a great show, but the tunes all sounded weird. Even at times a bit draggy in fact. Again it all depends on the song.
    Of course Genesis called it quits right after that. Other artists that perform in a lower key these days is," Sammy Hagar," " Lynard Skynard," " Phil Collins Solo works," " Yes," and a few others.
    Bands like Rush, Journey, Toto, Prince, Eric Johnson, Pat Metheny, all record and perform live in a standard key. I personally much rather hear the band play in the key the tunes were recorded in on the albums, and hear the singer alter the way he sings the tune when he gets to the part of the song that may give him or her a bit of trouble like the way Geddy Lee Of Rush does it. Again it is all a personal preference.
    Metallica also has tuned down to where the strings are falling off the guitars!! The sound so bad now!! What ever happened to the greatest Metal/Thrash band of the 20th Century??? Their songs are lousy, their playing stinks and the solo's are all gone. Lars is terrible as well. Hang it up boys!!!
    It is time to re-invent yourselves!!!
    Nicky Tuzio

    Hello everyone:
    I really enjoyed all of the music on the HTP cd's and even the live HTP cd was cool too, but Glenn Hughes is making just about some of the finest music he has ever made in his entire career at this point. It was great to see him with Joe Lynn Turner, and Voodoo Hill, and appear on a ton of other artists records..........but there is nothing quite like a Glenn Hughes Solo cd featuring JJ Marsh and Company.

    I live right here in New York City and I was blessed a few years back to get a chance to go to a Glenn Hughes Concert in New Jersey and I also had the honor of meeting him. Why does that have to stop there?

    Glenn Needs to do more shows all around instead of running from studio to studio and record songs like crazy. It is great when Glenn does that and I am sure he did that for the joy and of course the exposure too. There is plenty of time for Glenn down the road to appear on other cd's, but Glenn is a live artist and I know I want to see the man in concert, not for one night but how about two or three nights each year for the next 5 years or so.........right in my hometown!! Glenn should at least do about 100 shows for this tour....nothing less!!!

    Glenn has way too many amazing songs between," Soul Mover," " Song's In The Key Of Rock," " The Way It is," " Return To Crystal Karma," " Feel," "Addiction," and so on. These tunes need to be played live!!! We all have heard Glenn do the Deep Purple jams a million times, and the Tommy Bolin songs, but now how about a full 2 hour concert featuring all the music of Glenn and his solo work??? I am up for that how about you!!!!

    He is just too damn good to be tamed!!!!

    Bring out your Soul and Move right on in to your local concert venue!!!!
    Support the Voice Of Rock and follow his lead!!!

    Nicky Tuzio

    Hello Everyone:
    Glenn Hughes was terrific on Rockline last night!! Love his new cd," Soul Mover," as I recieved my copy in the mail today direct from NEH Records!! I listened to it right away without any hesitation!! I love this cd!!! Glenn and JJ Kicked ass!!! There are just so many wonderful new songs on this new cd that it is overwhelming!! I really love the tune," Isolation," as it reminds me of Deep Purple meets Sade!! HAHAHAHAHAAA!! I love all the tunes!! Now we got to get Glenn to play here in the States.....New York City, etc!! It has been way too long!!
    I saw Glenn live in concert back a few years ago out in New Jersey with George Nastos and Brian Tichy. That show was cool......but bring it back alive!!!!
    Nicky Tuzio