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    Pretty nice, but of course - very different than with Ronnie. But Glenn and Jorn both clearly sang really excellent, just so much different than Ronnie.

    [ame='']YouTube- Heaven And Hell-Heaven And Hell High Voltage 24th July 2010[/ame]

    Thank you very much for informations David. That commentary from Jason seemed to be "more current" than it really was - I really thought that this interview is from recent weeks, and from your reply, it seems like that interview was older - probably from times of that "problems" in BCC.... Great that it´s all over now. :) Looking forward to hear the album and for the fullscale tour!

    I´m really sorry to ask this particulary question because it´s probably uneasy question, but I have to do that:

    Jason Bonham did recently an interview for Musicradar - probably before BCC promo tour started and one part of interview really dissapointed me a lot...


    Question: When you, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones were trying out various singers like Myles Kennedy in 2008, how close were you to actually putting Zeppelin on the road again?

    Jason: "It got as close as you could get. It got real close. You know, we did a year of writing and putting stuff together. I loved working with Jimmy and John Paul. It was so much fun. That band… I think we felt more like a band than Black Country Communion."

    Can anyone (best would be if David would ask that Glenn himself) say, what Jason thought by that sentence? It really dont seems that Jason is "happy" with the state of Black Country Communion... I hope that he means that different - something like that the recording in studio was shorter than usual for classic bands.... but that comment from Jason really dont sound good. Can you ask David for Glenn´s opinion on that? Thanks so much for every GH fan.... we really need to know the truth.

    I´m sorry to say that but... Yngwie´s version of Mistreated - just guitar is totally... horrible, terrible, absolutely wrong!!! Awful! Glenn´s voice is great but Yngwie totally destroyed beautiful song! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    To be honest... I really dont think that Kevin would call J. J. Marsh (and I think that he´s Glenn´s best guitar player - far better than Jeff Kollman!) as "pioneer of rock guitar"... That is going to be someone from that persons who were at the beginning - Jimmy Page? Ritchie (I don´t think him seriously!)? Jeff Beck or Eric Clapton? Dont forget - Eric is now worked with Steve Winwood and now, he´s going on tour with Jeff Beck... Nothing is impossible now! We have bass & lead vocals, we have a producer... I think that guitar player is going to be Jeff Beck... Drummer- I really dont know - Bobby Rondinelli is touring with OTR... And what about that "Total Codswallop" - isn´t that hint? :) I means something like Coda (LZ - JPJ) - Wall (PF - DG) - Opera (Q - RT)? :D I really don´t know... I´m just thinking... and I really enjoy that! :)


    [video=Zebrik 2008 -Glenn Hughes #1]64[/media]

    ...outro of "Soul Mover"...

    [video=Zebrik 2008 -Glenn Hughes #2]66[/media]

    I wasn´t there, but my friend was and he said:

    - approx 45 minutes show
    - singers with him were Matej Ruppert (Monkey Business) and Dan Barta (very famous Czech singer - he was great rock singer, now he is doing a very interesting progressive music)
    - lot of jamming!

    I was there... I´ve never seen Monkey Business in concert and they got one more fan... me :clapper:

    But of course... highlight of the show was Glenn´s part of the show - Soul Mover was best version, Love Communion was a bit... unclear, I don´t know how to describe that, and finally... great suprise! Really good show and I hope that we will be able to see some shots from that show...

    And I have to say - Glenn´s voice is really like a wine... better and better.

    Anyone going? Ptr?

    Would love to hear about this show, Glenn hasn't played anything with/from MB live before, so will be an especially unique gig for sure :cool:

    Yes, I´m going to see that. Online discussion with guitar player of MB happened few weeks ago, and he was asked about this show. He said that they are going to play some Glenn´s solo stuff from last years (he said two songs from FUNK and first song from M4TD - Valiant Denial) and some other songs - I think Helter Skelter was mentioned!

    Small update and we will move our "noting" one octave higher now:
    lowest note: F2 (I´ve been there when GH hit that - Prague improvisation in Mistreated - we checked that note from my video)

    highest note: D6 (for example We Shall Be Free on main site)


    First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
    Never Say Never
    Oil And Water
    You Got Soul
    We Shall Be Free
    Dont Let Me Bleed
    Love Communion
    Steppin On
    Soul Mover

    1h 35 mins

    Totally awesome show. Glenn is in excellent vocal shape and he gave us absolutely unbelieveable amount of energy - there wasnt any "standing" second during the show. He is still in move - still going, still playing as we all love him!

    Highlights - it´s really hard to say in that awesome show! I was amazed by Oil And Water - he sings the ref in that high key (that melodic vocal), Mistreated was 17 minutes long (and I´m NOT including guitar intro to that time!) - amazing very long vocal improvisations, You Got Soul was great too... Biggest suprise - Soul Mover with new vocal improvisation at the end of the song.

    Really stunning show! :bow:

    Glenn gave us an autograph session again (second concert in Prague, second autograph session - he really loves us and we love him!), so souvenirs are here again - autographed FUNK and Live In Australia DVD plus I have a pic with The Voice Of Rock - that means I´m really very happy about yesterdays gig!

    I have one easy question... In which key is Glenn singing Oil and Water??? I dont want to uderrate him, he´s just awesome singer, but I think that that studio key is too much even for him :) I mean that very high ref as second voice... I´m really very interested in it!

    I´m sure, that Glenn himself remembers first show in Prague in November 2006, stunning concert with amazing atmosphere... I hope that there is chance to add one classic sing along anthem - You Keep On Moving to the end of basic set. I know that it was played during last few years, but this song will never get old, and will never bore, especially with Glenn´s improvised singing on every show. Please, add YKOM at the end of setlist. I want to get a chance to sing with you, Maestro, again....

    Ok some new facts.... :) Still without going through whole GH discography, I heard some songs and said "wow that´s excelent scream" a tried to realise what´s that.

    Results are:
    Glenn´s vocal range is at least from Db2 to C#5!
    Getting Tigher on Burning Japan Live - that "wooohoohoo!" is C5, C#5 is on You Keep On Moving with Rata Blanca 2003.