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    What a great video, the sound of the band is awesome and gels perfectly, as some one who has little knowledge of Andrew Watt, his guitar sound is perfectly suited to Glenn's voice.
    Big problem though is I have now got to wait two months for the album and even longer for the tour. California breed will be stunning live.

    so the wait is over no great surprise however, the 15 second clip sounds impressive and suggests a heavy funk sound, which I much prefer to the retro BBC sound.
    Can't wait to hear the complete album and hope to see the band on tour this spring/summer

    Good luck lads

    Have got a ticket but Let's hope the event is filmed for posterity. It is going to be a moving event and am hoping Glenn gets to perform This Time around with Paicey and the boys.
    For those people making negative comments please keep them to yourself, this special night is to honour the life and work of one of the all time greats of rock music.

    The UK magazine/website Classic Rock had it down as coming out in May.

    Would expect Glenn and the band would like to have it out by late spring early summer and then a promotional tour in the summer, hopefully with some UK dates.

    Though we must remember that nothing is official yet.

    The DPAS mentioned in an email summing up activity of current and past members of the band that David Coverdale was having a special event coming at the end of the year involving another unnamed person. Any one care to speculate on this?

    I received an email update from the DPAS today about future Purple related activities in the near future and it had a rather cryptic comment that David was arranging a special event towards the year end. With another person! If all goes to plan!

    Time for speculation to start!

    40th anniversary of the release of Burn?

    The other person ?

    Guitarist DC seems on friendly terms with Ritchie these days.


    A bass playing vocalist who is good mates with DC? Who was involved in secret project with a classic rock star last year that never came to fruition in 2013.

    well we can only hope.

    So it looks like that secret project we have been waiting for, since last year is now dead in the water. That is a great pity as Glenn seemed really enthusiastic about it and there were plenty of heavy hints that it would be something special.

    Let's hope the new project/band is the real deal and we see some new music and Glenn on tour in 2014, I am getting withdrawal symptoms and need some new funky rock music.

    I thought that it had been a reasonably open secret who would be in Glenn's new band,there were posts 2or3 months ago suggesting the involvement of Bonham and Watt. I very much doubt that any other superstars are involved and Tony Iommi Seems far to busy with Black Sabbath and is recovering from major illness so not up to the touring Glenn wants to do.

    What puzzles me was the talk this time last year about a major project with a big name in the world of classic rock and tracks being recorded. This seems to have been put on hold for reasons unknown and I am interested to get confirmation that this will eventually see the light of day and is entirely separate to Glenn's new power trio.

    I am more interested in the style of music this new band will play, with BCC we had 70's classic rock with some great tracks but was of limited interest to me.

    What makes Glenn unique is ability to combine soul funk and rock, what I hope we get is something in the style of F.U.N.K , Building the machine,Feel and Trapeze etc.

    If I want classic 70's rock I have plenty of old Purple and Zepplin stuff.

    It would be nice if Glenn and DC were to turn up for the show.

    It's a great pity Ritchie has said he is not willing to turn up, it would have been great to bury the hatchet once and for all. However you have to respect Ritchie's position and he was very public with his grief after Jon's death (very moving interview on BBC radio 4's Brief Lives programme)

    Cheers David,
    Look forward to some new material and some gigs in 2014 then.Will we ever get to know about the mystery project with a major name that was being teased about at the end of 2012?

    Well another month has rolled by and we are still non the wiser about the secret project and recording that we have been teased with all year and David hinted at last month.

    With Glenn committed to gigs with KOC and recording a new album later this year I would imagine this gives little or no time for any promotion.

    So I am guessing this means no releases until 2014, hopefully some one can rut me right

    A brilliant blues guitarist and her voice is truly awesome, if you love the blues get to see her on tour in the US.
    Have seen her many times in the UK and she should be huge a rare talent in a world of X factor ****.

    Not sure what happened to the big name in classic rock project we were going to learn about in early 2013, half a year has passed and we are none the wiser :huh:

    Seems to be plenty of good news :claphands about Glenn producing another solo album and hitting the road with his band, as a fan this is what i love the best, but appreciate that it does not draw the crowds like the kings of chaos project and i suppose this pays pretty good money and Glenns entitled to earn an income like any of us.

    The Man In Black has been talking about wanting to please the long term fans(that was a bit of a shock) and play some gigs playing his older material eg Purple and Rainbow, wonder if he needs a singer/bass player.

    Or i could think of a currently dormant band that could do with a guitarirst.

    Well we can dream!

    Hi Joni,
    Thanks for the update, the collaboration sounds pretty interesting as i much prefer the soulful funky side to Glenns music as this is what really distinquishes him from the majority of great rock performers.

    Sorry to be so thick, however,who is Andrew Watt and who has he played with and whart type of music does he play?

    Is this the long heralded colaboration with a big name in classic rock?

    I would be grateful if some one could help me out with Glenns projects from my recollections he is

    1) Playing gigs with Kings of chaos but this is not a permanent band so there will be no albums.

    2) Recording his next solo album, which will be out the end of the year/2014.

    3) A project with a big name from the world of classic rock, which will result in an album and tour at some time in the future.

    4) Doing aone off gig with ex and current purple members to celebrate the life of Jon Lord but no date yet.

    Any help would be appreciated as at my age, the mind isn`t what it once was.

    Given that Glenn has spent months writing and recording Afterglow and then spent weeks doing the media promotional work.
    It is appalling that the man of great principle cannot be bothered to do even one gig to support his band mates and reward the fans who put their hard cash into his pocket.

    I hope his high principles mean he will turn down the income from a project which is now beneath him.
    Glenn move on you are worth so much more than this spoilt brat