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    Great Interview:claphands ....I found it kind of odd though, that they used the "Dead Armadillos" version of YATM...WJTB, with Mel singing instead of Glenn, to open up the program. But I still enjoyed listening to it. Thanks David for the post:bow:

    Wolfy, thanks a million for all the hard work and time you put into this. I'm sure it was a labor of love, but well worth it for us die-hard Trapeze fans. I've always loved Mel's playing and singing, and it is such a great travesty that he can't play as much as he or his fans would like.

    Best of Luck Mel, great to hear from you....our prayers are with you....and our hopes for some new material :thumbup:


    That's a GREAT pic of Glenn on the promo Flyer :thumbup:...The man looks absolutely timeless:bow: ...Can't wait for the CD to be released. All of the the clips I've heard so far from M4TD have really impressed me. This album along with the release of Hughes/Thrall 2 could definitely put Glenn's career into high gear. It almost feels to me as if GH is going through a real "Renaissance" period with his music now :clapper:

    What a treat for Mike...and for Grace:bouncer: ....I am jealous guys:bow: ...wish Glenn could play for MY birthday :rolleyes: ....I'm really happy that you could be part of such a special event. And how cool is that of Glenn to do this party, and talk to some of the GHCP's on the phone....the man is pure class :claphands

    And thanks David for sharing some of the sound files and pics with us :thumbup:


    The song that really got me into Glenn's bass playing was "Way Back To The Bone" off of YATM...WJTB. That slightly overdriven sound he got, especially during the last lead break, was brilliant, and the bass lines were very aggressive on that album. Blackmore never really let Glenn stretch out in the studio with DP, like he was used to doing with Trapeze.

    From a bassist's perspective.....for solid rock bass with a good dose of funk, they don't come any better than
    Glenn Hughes :claphands

    Thanks Todd.........Man, would I have loved to have seen that show:bow: ....... Andy's been one of my all-time favorites, and Free was such an amazing band. Which two songs did he play bass on? I'm sure one of them was "Mr. Big", can't imagine anyone else playing the bass solo from that song except for Andy :thumbup:

    The last time I saw Mr. Fraser was in L.A. during the promotional tour for "Fine Fine Line" in 1984. Andy played bass and lead sang at that show, their version of "All Right Now" just kicked!!

    Hope he plays some more shows.....Thanks again Todd


    Now THAT's a great way to start off your day :cool1:

    Being a Bay Area Boy, I grew up listening to Y&T. They always put on a great show, and were very dedicated and passionate with their music.Their fans are very similar to GHCP's ;)

    Another great band from the Bay that never quite got the recognition that Y&T enjoyed, but were rockin' all the same, was EARTHQUAKE :thumbup:

    The Good News....Ritchie executes the songs very well, Candice has a very pleasant voice and is VERY nice to look at :thumbup:

    The Bad News.....The music is VERY predictable, and not terribly exciting :(

    Blackmores Night has always struck me as the "Captain & Tennille" of Celt-Folk-Rock......but, that's just my opinion ;)

    I Love this comment by Glenn from the RockDetector interview...very prophetic :cool:

    "....I've stopped doing everything else now, I'm totally focussed on my own thing. Y'know, everybody always used to call me up to guest on their record and I did too much of that. You know what? The voice is busy baby!"

    Hopefully, this year the Voice will get out to the masses :clapper:

    Not sure if any of you have seen this yet, but Roadrunner Records has a very informative interview with Glenn regarding the "Nights In White Satin" sessions. Apparently, Glenn, Chad and John also recorded a version of Zeppelins "Misty Mountain Hop" for use in the "Lords Of Dogtown" Soundtrack, which did not get used (the story behind this is told in the article). But Glenn says it will appear in the future. Would love to hear it :thumbup: