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    Thanks for the update David :cool: .....And Glenn, if you happen to be reading this......M4TD is an amazing album, you've OUTDONE yourself on this one mate :thumbup: You are right where you are supposed to be at this place in time, both musically & spiritually.......but you already know that ;) When all the dust settles, I am confident that M4TD will not only move your career forward, and win you a whole new legion of fans...It will become one of your landmark albums. Best of Luck and may God Bless.


    I'm with you Shirl :thumbup: .....M4TD is definitely becoming my favorite Glenn album since TWII:bow: ....The songs on this album stick out so much more than the past few albums, and IMHO...there isn't a weak song on the album. This was DEFINITELY a more SONG oriented album than many of his others, and I'm glad that Glenn is in this particular space at the moment :claphands

    At this point I'd have to say that it is definitely M4TD :) ....I've always enjoyed Soul Mover, but I feel that M4TD is more of what Glenn is really about, more representative of his overall style.

    Another indication for me is that when I listen to SM, there are tracks that I skip over, not so with M4TD..... all the tracks, IMHO, are very strong and work well together to make a more cohesive album than SM. I'm starting to like this one as much as TWII :bow:



    They're all great setlists, and I would be happy to hear any one of them :clapper:

    Here is my contribution:* I would like to see Glenn do some "medleys" on this tour where he segues one song into the other..

    COAST TO COAST/THE DIVINE (Both Done Acoustic)



    :bow: has just posted information on the pending release of the digitally re-mastered version of Hughes/Thrall, from Rock Candy Records. They state that the CD will be released on August 10th.,2006, and that it will feature 2 unreleased tracks :thumbup:

    Here's the text:

    "Digitally Remastered Edition of the First Collaboration Between the Former Deep Purple Bassist and the Former Guitarist of Automatic Man, (Post-steve Winwood) Stomu Yamash'ta's Go and Later of (Post-steve Howe) Asia. When Originally Released in 1982, this Album Found a Ready Made Audience in Hard Rock Circles as this Project Sounds Like Much of the Power Rock of the Era, but Both Protagonists Overtly Incorporated a "New Wave Edge" that Makes These Recordings Quite Special and Has Helped to Keep them Fresh all These Years Later. Fans of this Album have Vastly Grown in the Ensuing Years as Friend after Friend Passed the Word On. Hughes Remarks, "i have Lost Count of the Many People (And Musicians!) who have Put this CD at the Top of their Playlist. I Am Very Proud of this Project. Pat and I Are an Incredible Team. He is a Craftsman. There is a Definite Vibe on this Gem". This Edition Adds Two Bonus Tracks that were Not Available on the Original Album. Hughes/Thrall Two Arrives in 2007."

    And Here's the link:…B000G2YC2O&x=HughesThrall

    I can't wait :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:


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    Nice album cover too....don't forget ;)


    I would have been an even NICER cover Chip...had it not been for that "well placed" boxing glove! ;)

    Thanks Christian, a band I was in a few years back used to do a version of "Shooting Star", and we always got great comments from the audience. I've got the other two Boxer albums as well, "Bloodletting" and "Absolutely"...both of them very enjoyable even today:thumbup:

    Christian that is quite an esoteric, but most excellent list. All of them great albums. Especially BOXER:bow: (Mike Patto & Ollie Halsall RULE!!!!) and Caravan (Ranks right up there with...."If I could do it all over again.....I'd do it all over you" ;) ) .... Hope you get your copy of M4TD soon!

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    Doh! :rolleyes: Of course - I remember you asking me about it, and now I remember me answering your questions. I've surely killed some brain cells listening to loud music. Forgive my faux pas.


    No Worries Todd :lol: ...I think some of my brain cells have left the building as well, after playing loud music for so long ;)

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    Bassboy, I see you have Andy Fraser's new Cd on your list - were you by chance at his recent show in Temecula? I was there.


    Unfortunately Todd, I found out about the Fraser shows too late :( but I did read some of your review in a recent post, and you were kind enough to let me know which two songs, Andy played bass on. I do have a buddy that was one of the camera crew that recorded the event for Andy's management and site. Hopefully I'll get a vid :bow: ....I, along with Mr. Hughes, have been a huge fan of Andy's for a long time.

    Thanks Todd for the word on Operation Mind Crime II, I've been debating on whether or not to get it:D Here's my list as of late.

    Glenn Hughes - Music For The Divine - (Sorry Guys..I've Got Connections ;) )

    Automatic Man - First Album (Still amazing after all these years)

    Super 400 - Blast The Message -THE Best new band IMHO :cool:

    Andy Fraser - Naked..And Finally Free - Great album to chill out to.

    Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland - What More Needs To Be Said:bow:

    Glenn Hughes - Freak Flag Flying - Getting Ready for the new Tour!

    Cream - Live at the RAH - The greatest musical event of the past 20 years:bow: IMHO

    Kings X - Ogre Tones - Another band that still delivers the goods after all these years.

    Free - At Last - Their influence today is still immense :cool:

    Mr. Big - First Album - Yep, I'm still addicted to that Rush!

    Tommy Bolin - Private Eyes - A timeless album that always brings a smile :)

    Meshuggah - Catch Thirty-Three - The best kept "secret" in heavy metal :confused:

    Thanks Momo :thumbup: It's a great ad. I wish Glenn's record label in the U.S. would do some ads like that in the music mags here, I'm sure it would help gain some more interest in a U.S. tour :bouncer: