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    If it's GH related then it would be:

    Glenn Hughes - Bass/Vocals
    Pat Thrall - Guitar/Vocals
    Chad Smith - Drums/Eyebrow
    Don Airey - Keyboards/Vocals

    My "Dream Band" for Rock/Funk/Fusion would be:

    Mark King - Bass/Vocals
    Jeff Beck - Guitar
    Jan Hammer - Keyboards
    Max Middleton - Keyboards
    Simon Phillips - Drums


    Thanks for providing us this forum David & Shirean :thumbup: And for all of you GHCP's....A Very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season to all of you. May all of your Holiday wishes come true...especially Peace On Earth :bouncer:

    I will echo the sentiments of Wolfy & Chutsler...we need some unreleased Trapeze material!!! :bouncer:
    I have heard over the years from several sources that there were songs done for "Hot Wire", "Trapeze" (1976), and "Hold On/Running", that have yet to see the light of day. Also some live material would be greatly appreciated, and of course anything with Glenn on it would be a treat. Only Mel would know for sure, and you never can tell...this could be a great source for him to create a "Christmas Fund" :thumbup:


    Great Stuff Wolfy!!

    Hopefully we will get much more music from Mel, not only some of the old, but some new as well ;) .... and what I wouldn't give to hear any outtakes or unreleased tracks from "Hot Wire", "Trapeze" or "Hold On"...c'mon Mel, they have to be around somewhere :rolleyes:

    Thanks again Wolfy,


    I've seen Prince perform live several times throughout his career. Barry Manilow and Elton aren't even in the same league :lol: He's a tremendous performer, always has a smokin' band with him, and if you're a true lover of Glenn Hughes style Funk/Rock, you can't go wrong at one of his shows. Imagine a cross between Hendrix, James Brown and Sly Stone...and you're close :thumbup:

    I totally agree with Hiawatha :claphands ..... Glenn needs to look forward to the future and playing with/opening up for artists that fill arenas and have record sales that chart. Not rehashing the past with yet another remake of Sabbath or Purple :( ...that will keep him in a very limited market.


    Add another frustrated GHCP to the list :( ...I'm over here in London on business, got tickets for the Shepherd's Bush show, only to have them cancelled ! :huh: ....Unfortunately, I cannot make the Dudley's show due to prior business commitments. At least I was able to see one show I had come over for, Level 42 at the Royal Albert... GREAT SHOW :thumbup:

    Now I can only hope that Glenn does some shows in the U.S. for M4TD. Really odd that there are only 2 shows now for the UK, we keep hearing that M4TD is selling better than Soul Mover, but yet there were more shows to promote SM last year :confused:

    I think its time for GH to start looking for new management/booking agents...because the current ones aren't getting the job done!

    Read the chat transcript today, wish I could have been online for it, but had to get ready to leave for the UK. Great session, and Glenn,as usual,tells it straight :thumbup:....One part of the chat did cause me a little concern though. When asked about the release of HT2,Glenn's response was a little stressed.Sounded a bit like Pat is dragging his feet on the project, or maybe I'm just being paranoid. Hope everything is okay in the Hughes-Thrall camp, as the release of this album next year could be a golden opportunity for Glenn to give the States a "One-Two" punch with M4TD and HT2 in '07.

    I also feel,along with many others I know in the industry, that a tour with HT would be very feasible, as they still have a loyal fan base in some of the key markets. Especially if Chad was added on drums.Maybe Ken can shed some light on this....

    Great New Thread David & Shirean :clapper: .....And some great clips too, especially fond of the Free & Humble Pie vids :thumbup: and Wolfy,great call on the Level 42 clips, Mark is definitely "The King" :bow:

    Here's a few of my favorites:

    MR. BIG- Addicted To That Rush - Shredding at it's Finest!

    KINGS X- Over My Head - Just Amazing!

    Mothers Finest- Rain - The Band that defined FUNK ROCK!

    Thin Lizzy- Bad Reputation - Never be another band like them :(

    Frankie Miller- Don't Stop - What a great Rock Voice :thumbup:

    CREAM- White Room - 37 years later..They still KICK ASS :bow:

    Hope You Enjoyed the Show :D


    "A musician, if he's a messenger, is like a child who hasn't been handled too many times by man, hasn't had too many fingerprints across his brain..." - James Marshall Hendrix

    Even if you are not a fan of Jimi's music, there is no denying that there never has been, or ever will be a guitarist that has been as copied,coveted,emulated,worshipped or honored as much as Hendrix.

    There can be only One!


    I too, am very happy with Paul doing a majority of Free songs,IMHO, Free was his finest band. Have to agree with you Chutsler, when he tours the US, he probably WILL replace most of the Free, with Bad Co. tunes, a real pity.

    It would be great to see Paul and Glenn meet up at one of their shows this year, and sing together :bouncer: :bouncer:
    My two favorite vocalists at once!!

    Would also love to see Paul and Andy Fraser hook up again, as Andy is going back out on tour :thumbup:

    Thanks Wolfy for the great post, and all the inside info :thumbup: ...sure would have been nice to be on a stool next to you guys listening and knocking down a few pints...hmmmm......let's see, would it be John Courage, Newcastle, or maybe some Youngers Tartan Ale from up North! ;)

    Actually a very entertaining video...but yes Conchita, it IS a bit disturbing ;) ...Bet it took them a hella long time to choreograph that one!! :lol:

    Gee... does this mean that Glenn will have to perform his next Music Video on roller skates to get some more PR :huh:

    Oh, BTW, while we're on You's a video of one of my favorite acoustic guitarists, Erik Mongrain....

    Absolutely AMAZING technique! He and Justin King have the acoustic tapping style down cold:bow:

    I'd love to hear Glenn do some songs with Erik backing him up.

    Peace, Jaz