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    Awwwww....Thanks so much everyone for remembering :) ...I've been on a project out of the country for a while now, but I'll be back soon and will start posting again as usual. I'll also have some pretty cool pics to post for all of you. Take Care, and Much Love,


    Frank & Chuck....I respect your opinions on Prince, but can I ask you this? Have you ever seen him live? I'm not talking a Super Bowl half-time show, but a full-blown concert? The Man NEVER dissapoints his fans live, he pulls out all the stops and gives an incredible show everytime. I can't say that for many of the artists this board emulates. He also fought a righteous battle with Warner Bros. Records for a very long time over artistic control and record companies ripping off the public with high prices. Most artists out there don't have the balls to take the record companies on and WIN!!, and lose all the money in record sales he could have generated.... over compromising his principals. That's not a troll...That's a MAN! I've uploaded a file from my collection that all of you who are in to vicious Funk-Rock ala GH will appreciate.



    Remember're only as old as you feel..Have a Great Day :birthday:

    And Grace....shame on you....all this time I thought you had just turned 21 :rolleyes: ...I know I just did :lol:

    I would venture to say that Pat is taking a bit longer on his guitar parts partially because he hasn't been in "the mix" for a while. Glenn has had the good fortune of being able to tour, record and jam with some great musicians on a steady basis since his full-time "return" to the biz. So, he's regained his "edge" , as it were.

    Pat's main focus for the past several years has been on recording and producing other artists, with an occassional guitar part thrown in. His work on the original Hughes-Thrall album was ground-breaking for its time, and Pat was voted "Best-New Talent" by Guitar Player Magazine back then. He has a big rep' to follow-up. I would imagine he is working to make sure that the guitar parts on HT2 blow people away again! :bow:

    Just my humble opinion....


    Very sad news indeed :( .....JB was a huge influence on several generations of musicians and music. He brought a class and respectability to his brand of music and entertainment. Two of our favorites here at the board, Glenn (of course) and Stevie Wonder, were highly influenced by his style.

    Goodbye James....Keep It Funky :thumbup:

    Saw the video right before they took it off :( ...hopefully we'll see it in its entire form fairly soon. Was impressed with what I did see. I have a feeling that if Glenn's current record company in the states is strong enough, "This House" might be the first single released here.

    My picks for this years new cd's are:

    Glenn Hughes - Music For The Divine

    The Who - Endless Wire

    RHCP's - Stadium Arcadium

    Level 42 - Retroglide

    Kings X - Ogre Tones

    For old Cd's I started playing in Heavy Rotation:

    Automatic Man - Automatic Man

    Tall Stories - Tall Stories

    Rush - Power Windows

    Streetwalkers - Red Card

    Andy Fraser - Andy Fraser Band

    Trapeze - You Are The Music.....

    Pat Travers - Makin' Magic

    ..........ho,ho,ho....and a merry christmas music lovers ;)


    Wolfy...You've got great style :thumbup: .....yeah, wouldn't mind winning the lottery...but seriously....I think an Aston Martin Vanquish...would do the trick, Santa ;)

    In reality, I really want what money can't buy....Peace On Earth...and Real Good Will Towards Men & Women.......and little puppies named fluffy :D