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    Got my copy of the Alchemist cd and other than the fact that Glenn is not credited at all, I like it!!

    Glenn sings on 5 songs, I assume Carl Kennedy sings on 2(he is the "Alchemist") and 1 intrumental. Anyone who likes the Hughes/Downes demos will love this. I can picture what those demos would sound like now with a little production behind them. Glenns voice is fantastic. It is nice to hear Glenn singing outside the hard rock vein. This is a MUST own!!


    I got my copy finally!!! I looked all over and Glenn is not mentioned. I wonder if this bothers him? Anyway, the only thing I noticed is on the back cover under each song it says either V-GH or V-CK. This is I assume telling us who did the vocals: either Glenn Hughes or Carl Kennedy AKA the Alchemist. Considering Glenn's fans are putting money in Carl's pockets he could have mentioned Glenn in the thank yous!!


    Just checked out the Orange mp3's. Pretty good riffs, almost has a 70's feel to it(Slade comes to mind). I do hear a little Lennon just not John....more like Sean. Maybe a little George Harrison mixed in for good measure. Worth checking out on their website


    I'm seeing all the reviews come in and cant wait to get my copy of HTP live. I'm not getting mine until next tues or Wed according to Fed Express. Guess I can hold on for a few more days. Keep the reviews pooring in!!


    Oh well,

    Kinda wanted it for my vacation. I'm driving North 3 hours tomorrow night and it woulda been a good listen. Looks like Hughes Turner gets a reprieve. Although it will be nice to see it in my mailbox when I return at the end of the week.......Here's hoping

    Thanks for all the updates David.



    Has any other band ever done something like that? That's alot of performers when you stop and look at all of the various incarnations of the band. What other bands have had so many members? Sabbath maybe.....Can't think right now but could be a good topic of conversation........


    I can understand wanting Glenn to get some exposure but most of the people on the poll are in the same boat as Glenn: pigeon holed with a set group of loyal listeners. Most us ud who like Glenn like those other vocalists as well so what is the gain other than something as delightful as Hughes Turner? You'll get the Hughes fans and the loyal fans to the other singer but they pretty much know what they're gonna get. Now what you need is a new rising star like a Norah Jones. Record companies and radio stations/TV are all over someone like thant and it's a totally different fan base. That's NEW exposure.

    That being said, can he work with all the vocalists on the poll? That would be alot of great music wouldn't it?


    This John Norum cd is good but it does not show Kelly's voice at it's best. He is a great singer who is starting to be quite sought after. Not only has he worked with John Norum but also John Sykes(Blue Murder), Micheal Schenker(1stdio,1live cd), and Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus(3 cds). Also in the newest version of King Kobra again with Carmine Appice. He is currently working on solo stuff. Don't judge him by that one cd. He is a talented guy.

    Okay, I'm off my soap box. Having said what I said, he is no Glenn Hughes. I dont thing anyone ever will be or ever was. I believe one of a kind would be the phrase. Those of us that know his music are the lucky ones


    That is awesome

    by the way, what ever happened to this?...

    [January 14, 2001] We just found out that Paul Crook, guitar player with Anthrax (although not a full member of the band?!) says on his web site that he's submitted material for possible inclusion on Glenn Hughes' next solo CD. Crook is also close (?) to sign a deal with Shrapnel for a CD of his own and he plans to have John Bush, Sebastian Bach and Glenn Hughes sharing vocals duties on one track. I checked with Glenn and he says: "Paul Crook is submitting some music for me to check out. He is very talented!".

    Hi All

    Anyone got an idea as to when this is coming out? (Songs from the Westside). I thought it was this year. I know Glenn's got alot on the table but I would thing this would be a slamdunk. Grab a few tunes out of the closet, maybe spruce'em up a bit and slap some artwork on a cover.

    How about content? What's gonna be on it? I guess my need for new Glenn stuff is insatiable because the more he puts out the more I want but I've always been crious about that stuff he has in the "vault" and loved the first one.

    Can't wait for HTP live and STILL waiting for my Alchemist cd. Good thing it's summer so I can occupy myself with other things.


    Hi All,

    Anyone out there that likes the softer side of Glenn (Feel, Play Me Out) may want to check out Remy Shand's CD The Way I Feel. It has an striking resemblance to Glenn at times. Glenn's style for sure mixing Rock,Funk and Soul. Remy's voice even sounds like Glenn once in a while. Track 4 is were it is most evident. This could be on a Glenn CD for sure: Second One. See the link for a page with 30 second clips of all the songs. Interested in what everyone thinks. Am I reaching or could this be the sort of CD Glenn would make in the future?…115&style=music