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    In all fairness, sometimes albums dont see the light of day for various reasons(See Glenn Hughes-Warner Brother Demos) You may be right but I'll reserve my judgement until it comes out. I'll give you it's not going to rival Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon, Michael Jackson's Thriller or any Beatles albums but it could be a piece of 80's rock that came out a few years too late as the industry was changing to Alternative bands like Nirvana.


    I too have been waiting on this one for a while. It does have that 80's feel but I liked the 80's. If I'm not mistaken this was recorded 88-92 somewhere in that timeframe? Anyone got the exact year?


    Just went to the website of Buccaneer and there is an Oct 8th update. If I read it correctly they appear to be ready to reopen on Monday. Go to the website and scroll down to the Oct 8th Wed update and read the last paragraph....good news for John and music fans!!



    We should talk off line. I am a huge Dels fan. You should check on Tim Christensen....awesome.

    Uncle Devil Show-haven't heard it put have it "preordered" but I am not hopeful the order will be filled. You can barely find it listed at any online cd stores. email me at:


    It's been a while. Just wondering what everyone is listening to at the moment. I'm waiting patiently(taps foot on ground) for my HTP 2 to arrive but have found a few things that have made the wait easier:

    1. Tim Christensen - Honeyburst & Secrets on Parade- Just an amazing singer. If you like Del Amitri or Paul Carrack from the Squeeze timeframe mixed with Enuff Z'nuff or any band with Beatles influence this stuff is right up your alley

    2. Nickelback - can't help it. They are as good as all the hype.....really

    3. Closure - maybe a nickleback ripoff band but I can't stop listening. Maybe one of the best cds I've heard all year

    4. Melodine - a poor man's Del Amitri ( by the way, i love Del Amitri)

    can't wait to see what is on everyone else's list


    Sad news today,

    Robert Palmer died this morning of a heart attack at age 54. Unexpected and sudden this brings a void to the music world. He will be missed.



    Having both copies, I compared the two and for those who have not purchased a copy yet hopefully this will help:

    Artwork/Cover: same except European is a Gatefold while The Japanese is a traditional jewel case. I like the Gatefold myself. The cd artwork is identical except for the label's logo
    European comes with a few more pictures on inside cover of Gatefold: edge goes to European version

    Price: No comparison European is cheaper by a landslide: Edge goes to European

    Songs: The only difference is one track on each. The Japanese version hase "Change" with Billy Sheehan on Bass. The European has " Secret Life" as the extra track.
    Change has a Mr Big feel(Billy Sheehan). I could picture Eric Martin singing it. The song is a straight rocker. The Chorus is alittle stale but the song is overall pretty good.
    Secret Life is funky!! It is more of a Glenn Hughes song. This song could has the energy of In My Blood and Higher Places. Edge: Euopean Version

    So the major difference other than price is what type of song you want as track # 9. If you want a Deep Purple meets Mr Big get the Japanese version. If you like Glenn funky, get the European version. That's my opinion, hope it helps


    Here is the track listing for the MTM ( European) version of the new album taken from

    MTM have confirmed the track listing for the European release of the new Hughes Turner Project HTP2. It's due out in Europe September 29 and features the songs: Revelation, Alone I Breathe, Losing My Head, Going My Way, Hold On, Lost Dreams, Time And Time Again, Goodbye Friday, Burning The Sky, Sofia, Let's Talk About It.

    looks like Keep on Shinin' is the Japanese bonus track. Here is what Shirean posted earlier this week:

    Pony Canyon International in Japan have officially announced the songs to be included on HTP II the up coming second studio album from Hughes Turner Project.

    The final order of the songs listed has yet to be confirmed:

    Alone I Breathe / Burning The Sky / Goin' My Way / Goodbye Friday / Hold On / Keep On Shinin' / Losin' My Head / Lost Dreams / Revelation / Sophia / Talk About It Later / Time And Time Again

    It's due for release in Japan on Wednesday, September 3rd and in Europe on Monday, September 29th (via MTM).



    Got my Japanese version of the cd!!!!!!

    Next up....the European version. Hope this one comes quicker. On my first listen as I write and 4 songs in I love it!!! Great energy


    I was just told my cd was on backorder.....AGAIN.......Last time I use the online store I went to. They have been good in the past but this is crazy.


    Anyone else having a hard time getting the new disc. I preordered mine the first day I could only to be told it was backordered until June 6. I tried a few different online stores and they all are in the same boat. Are sales higher than anticipated or was there a shortage on first delivery?


    "Biting nails in waiting"