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    I must agree with Tony H on Kelly Keagy. I was excited about this release especially with all the guests on it. I find it hard to pick out more than 2-3 songs that I would listen to more than the token few times. A major bust, Kelly could have done better!!


    Got the Ellis 3 cd over the Holiday week and it is alot better than I expected. Sometimes you hear Glenn is doing some vocal work on a cd and you buy it to find that the only song worth its weight in gold is the one Glenn is on. Wet Paint comes to mind

    That is not the case here. My first impressions are of a female vocalist in the style of Sass Jordan. The cd has 13 tracks and clocks in at slightly over 70 minutes. You are not cheated on length!

    The style of the cd is a bluesy funk similar to what we expect from Glenn. Have you seen her would be a great Glenn Hughes song. I can imagine him singing it. The cd is loaded with up tempo rock with a sprinkling of slow songs. A nice cover of Stevie Wonder's Superstition here. Some may not like it as it strays from the original a little.

    Now the Glenn song is what I was and most of us are interested in. Growing Wise starts out with Glenn singing and you know right away you will like it. Glenn's voice is in prime form as usual. He shows his vocal range and proves he is like a fine wine-better over time!!

    Overall the cd is good. A little bit of everything here. Some hard rock, some funky blues, some instrumentals, some ballads. If you like diversity you will like this. Buy it!!


    Just Thought I'd get some thought started out there as to what everyone liked and disliked in 2001.

    My favorite cds, in no order, were: Rob Lamothe-Wishing Well Hotel, Glenn Hughes-BTM, Ark-Burn the Sun, Incubus-Morning View and John Waite-Figure in a Landscape.

    Least Favorite: Gary Moore-Back to the Blues- oh Gary, What happened to you? Hope you come back with something less stale on your next try.

    Look forward to what everyone else thinks was great and less than great.


    I've mentioned him before and some may have heard of him: Rob Lamothe. If you haven't heard this guys voice you should be ashamed of yourself(just kidding) Seriously, check him out. He has a website with mp3's He has 2 new cds and an EP this year. All 3 are great.

    Does anyone know when this will be available and if it already is, where can I get it? I had the same problem with the Queen Tribute cd and finally found it on ebay. One of my few minor complaints about the Glenn Hughes website is info on where to purchase these cds that Glenn is a part of. Thanks


    I agree that there is alot of good to take away from this 2cd release. There are a few songs that fall short of the mark and a few things that bothered me even though I liked it. There are songs with both Jorn Lande and Joe Lynn Turner that to a listener who is unfamiliar with them, could confuse their voices. The range of vocal talent should have been such that you could easily identify who was singing. The use of Sass Jordan was another that I questioned. Singing with Joe Lynn Turner it gave the song to much of the same scratchy vocals. Someone with a smoother voice would have better complemented Joe's voice. No disrespect to Sass who has a fine voice, but it didnt fit. Maybe I'm nitpicking but it could have been better thought out even though it might have taken even longer to see its release. Overall I like it alot and the highlights for me are the Jorn Lande pieces who is really turning the corner and becoming one of my favorites. I would even venture to say I would buy a cd just because he is on it now. Glenn is the only other vocalist I would do that with.

    1. Glenn Hughes-Building the Machine
    2. Billy Sheehan-Compression
    3. Mr Big-Actual Size
    4. Big Wreck-The Pleasure and the Greed
    5. Ark-Burn the Sun
    6. Rob Lamothe-Wishing Well Motel
    7. Rob Lamothe-Steering With My Knee
    8. John Waite- Figure in a Landscape
    9. John Mayer-
    10.Joe Lynn Turner-Slam

    Rob Lamothe, for those unfortunate souls who have not heard his voice is probably one of the few singers who can be mentioned in the same breathe as Glenn when it comes to talent, though their styles are opposite ends of the spectrum. The closest I can compare Rob to is Paul Rodgers and that's nothing to shake a stick at. Do yourself a favor and check him out. He does have a website with mp3s.

    I think the Cosmic Spell Bonus track is great. It makes the cd finish off with a great hard rock/funk song just like it starts. Cosmic Spell is a little more like a George Clinton funk song toward the end but I think it is a must have song. I like the Purple stuff but it didn't recreate the song(Highball Shooter) merely just updated it. I personally think the Purple remakes have been flogged to death. Glenn is a great songwriter who doesn't need to keep going to the closet and pull out his old tunes and redo them to get us to buy his music. If he is going to cover stuff, make it songs that he likes: Stevie Wonder, Sly and the Family Stone. We've heard him do Highball Shooter, Burn, Holy Man, etc. Lets hear stuff we haven't heard him do. My opinion fo better or worse.


    Here is a website where you can purchase the Max Magagni cd. I sent Georg from AOR Heaven an email last week and he did some digging and found a supplier. He will have it in the next few days. AOR Heaven is a quality internet store for those of you who havent bought from them. I have for the past few years and he is quick to deliver and competitve with prices. Anyway, the site:

    I have dealt with this company and they are a quality act. Before the internet made things easier, I bought everything through them and he was always at the best price and delivered quick. Just incase anyone wanted to know as it is difficult to find people to trust.


    How about a song with Fiona Apple? She's a little flakey but has a great voice. As far as working with a guitarist, Richie Kotzen has always been my choice to work with Glenn as he seems to have the style that fits Glenn's perfectly. Stevie Salas is another. Both have done some work with Glenn but I would like to see a full fledged album to see how they gel together.
    Tony Franklin on bass and Carmine Appice on drums would be my picks to round out a band. Just a few thoughts to kick around

    Well, I couldn't wait and dug into the pockets to pay extra for an early copy on ebay. It was SOOOOOO!!!!! WORTH IT!!!!
    Anyone who liked the Insense & Peaches Cd will love this one. It has the feel of "Down the Wire" to it. Cant Stop the Flood is just like Down the Wire with its Hard Funk edge. If you dont like this you dont like Glenn. The next track blends right into the groove of the first. Inside is another good hard funk song. Out on Me shows Glenn using the higher side of his voice and is a mid tempo rocker. I just want to Celebrate is a remake of an Earth song-Good too!! Dont let it Slip Away goes back to the funk. Reminds me of Stoned in the Temple. Glenn again uses the higher side of his voice on the chorus. Highball Shooter-Another Purple remake-gotta be honest, could of done without this one and taken another original song. With that said, it's a good song. Feels like Home is a slower song that reminds me of a few tunes on From Now On. When You Fall has a heavy Purple-like sound to it mixed with funk. My second favorite on the disc behind the opener. I will Follow you is a Great Song- one of the slowere ones on the album. I dont like most of his slower tunes, but this one hits the mark. Beyond the Numb clocks in a 7:44 and is one of those slow builders like I Dont Want to Live That Way Again. Big Sky agais a slow song to end the album. I wish it ended with a hard rocker-I dont have Cosmic Spell on my copy so I dont know what it is like. Big Sky is a great song though as it is a song of reflecting back. Overall, I can say it is the BEST Glenn Hughes Album I have heard next to Play ME Out. I have been waiting for an album like this since he teased us with FEEL. If you buy one cd between now and the end of the year....make it this one. It's got it all. Again, the only thing I would change is to remove the Purple cover. Buy it...Enjoy it.

    Here are a few names that would intrigue me: Jorn Lande of Ark and Millenium fame. He is a guy to watch in the future. A great voice in the vain of Coverdale but a style of his own when he wants to. Mats Levin of Dogface and Malmsteen fame is also good. Rob Lamothe could do some justice to Glenn's music. He is one of the best voices most people havent heard. If you haven't-do yourself a big favor and check out his work. Very Paul Rodgers-like. Richie Kotzen's another guy that can sing. Just a few names to stir the pot with