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    If anyone has any questions about the area (hotels, etc.), just ask me and I'll try to help out - there are some areas you may want to avoid staying in and around Detroit, and there is supposed to be some major road construction starting up in February, which may cause some headaches. Anyway, if anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me. The more people we can get to the show the better!

    I have a couple questions that may help out others here as well. There are four of us traveling from NH to see the show!

    #1. We are tentatively staying at the Quality INN in Mt Clemens as this appears to be the only hotel there. How bad is this place, and is there a better place to stay.

    #2. What the best and closest Steakhouse in the area??

    #3. Does the Emerald serve dinner before the show?? I went to their web site and it appears that sometimes they do, but this show is not listed.

    Thanks for your help!!


    I have been a HUGE Glenn fan for over 30 years now. For the first time I saw him live last night at BB Kings in NYC. What an incredible artist!! His voice is better now than ever, and his bass playing is second to none! Loved his band as well, Kollman was incredible.

    Big Daddy put on quite a show to say the least!!