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    I have just received the European Version of Rehab. I see that Glenn has four co-writing credits, but does anyone know which tracks Glenn either sings or plays on?

    Many Thanks


    Glenn sings on "Blind Faith", "Black Reign", "Strange Daze", "Beggars And Theives", "Don't Think", "It Sucks To Be You", "Wired To The Moon" and one lead line at the end of "South Of Heaven".

    We had the pleasure of Glenn presence at Steve Vai's mothership studio adding Bass and duet Lead vocal to " Evil Woman for the new Quiet Riot CD The track clocks in at 8:50 and really cooks. Glenn will be back to add some harmonies on May 15. 5 days later a mix and we are done. Big Daddy really kicked ass. He did the sceaming Glenn which is really what the song needed :clapper:

    Kevin DuBrow