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    Made my night :thumbup: The band are on fire both nights and as for Glenn... just superb :thumbup:

    Second night was an outstanding display of musicianship, but I have to say, Night 1, is my favourite by far. Hearing those H/T songs again, did it for me, seems like ages since they've been given an airing, so it was breath of fresh air for me :)

    More of the same please - look forward to the next one :cool1:

    Nothing new to a lot of us, but for some, these tales might be of interest and get you ready for what might be in the book later this year :)

    The results are in and Glenn came in at No.25. I didn't know that U2 were considered a rock band, guess that tells you, all you need to know about Planet Rock and their listeners :eek:…icle2090095.ece

    The Top 40 positions were as follows...

    01. Robert Plant
    02. Freddie Mercury
    03. Paul Rodgers
    04. Ian Gillan
    05. Roger Daltrey
    06. David Coverdale
    07. Axl Rose
    08. Bruce Dickinson
    09. Mick Jaggar
    10. Bon Scott
    11. David Bowie
    12. Jon Bon Jovi
    13. Steven Tyler
    14. Jon Anderson
    15. Bruce Springsteen
    16. Steve Perry
    17. Ozzy Osbourne
    18. Bono
    19. Peter Gabriel
    20. James Hetfield
    21. Janis Joplin
    22. Brian Johnson
    23. Roger Chapman
    24. Phil Lynott
    25. Glenn Hughes
    26. Joe Cocker
    27. Jim Morrison
    28. Alex Harvey
    29. Alice Cooper
    30. Ronnie James Dio
    31. Sammy Hagar
    32. Meat Loaf
    33. Rob Halford
    34. Geddy Lee
    35. Biff Byford
    36. David Gilmour
    37. Fish
    38. Dave Lee Roth
    39. Chris Cornell
    40. Neil Young

    American Matador, Bonilla’s second Reprise album in 1993, showcased the guitarist’s technical mastery and stylistic versatility. It was mostly instrumental, but Bonilla did make a rare vocal appearance on “Wake the Baby.” Though he recorded with a small ensemble of Troy Luccketta of Tesla and Anastasios “Toss” Panos, Bonilla contributed the bass parts himself. Frank Zappa alumnus Mike Keneally plays organ on a cover of Procol Harum’s “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” which appears in both vocal and instrumental versions. The former features the distinctive voice of ex-Deep Purple/Trapeze member Glenn Hughes.

    That's a bit of good news, hopefully it'll be remastered too. That one can be a little hard to find these days, so it'll be handy to have it more widely available.

    "Video Killed The Radio Star" - crikey, I'd love to have seen that live, such a shame about the awful video quality above, but look forward to the proper release :cool: Has he ever played it live before, I don't think so?

    Great to hear so many new fans were in attendence :thumbup: