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    Right, further news. I have it on good authority that Glenn will be doing a one off show in New Zealand in April....WooHoo!!!!! You guys have no idea how happy this makes me. I have managed to miss seeing Glenn on 2 occassions so thirds got to be a charm. Now I just got to plan how I get to meet him, maybe David could sort something out, only kidding.

    A very happy Kiwi Glenn Hughes fan

    I have heard a rumour that Glenn might play a show in New Zealand soon with a pick up band of local musicians. This would only be possible if he was already in Australia due to touring costs etc. My source has been very reliable in the past so i've got my bits crossed.


    Hi all,
    wonder if anyone can verify this new release for me.

    CD 0886970753128 SONY. 26/03/07
    Features Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and guitarist John

    Bonus Tracks:
    Monkey Man Ft Jimmy Barnes
    Misty Mountain Hop Ft Jerry Cantrell


    Hi all,
    I would love to get the 3 Fused Bonus Tracks. I have tried to download from both iTunes and The Rolling Stones site and have had a lot of problems. 1. iTunes is only available in the US. 2. The Rolling Stone site is only available to PC users and I'm on a MAC and 3. The Japanese version of Fused is too expensive for me to get. So I have a proposition, whoever can get me these tracks on CD will get Session Man 9&10 FREE. When I get these tracks the new collection will be complete and it's shaping up to be as good a collection of songs as Session Man 1&2.

    Hoping for some help


    I just found out that the new Voodoo Hill Japanese version has a bonus track called Stormy Sea. Does anyone know if Glenn sings on it or if its an instrumental like last time.


    Hi all,
    Buccaneer closed until further notice. And I finally have some money to buy SITKOR the Japanese Version. Is there anywhere else you can get the CD from. It will be the same when i'm able to get the Japanese version of HTP I guess. Anyone can help direct me me to a reliable store that ships to New Zealand that would be cool. I can get the European Version of both in a few months locally but really really need the japanese bonus tracks.


    Hey Tero,
    The Session Man 7&8 collection is already done but there is enough material to make Session Man 9 already. The track list for 7&8 is as follows:

    Session Man 7
    1. Tell Me What You Need
    2. Devil In You
    3. I’ll Wait For You
    4. Walk Across The Sun
    5.. In And Out Of Love (Remix)
    6. America the Beautiful
    7. Just Another Monday
    8. The Gypsy
    9. Wild Dogs
    10. Medusa (Live)
    11. Resurrection Shuffle (Live)
    12. Burn (Live)
    13. Blame It On The Sun (Live)
    14. Pieces Of A Dream
    15. Caught Up In Rush

    Session Man 8
    1. I Don’t Believe
    2. Chosen Man
    3. Seafull (Live)
    4. Can You Get It Up
    5. Killer Queen
    6. Piece Of My Heart
    7. Cosmic Spell
    8. Growing Wise
    9. Kings And Queens
    10. Mistreated (Live)
    11. Highway Star (Live)
    12. Heaven’s Missing An Angel
    13. Against The Wall

    I will post the cover artwork in the Unofficial Releases soon.


    Can anyone in the US direct me to a store where I can purchase the Japanese Import Version of Building The Machine. The Stores that I have dealt with in the past are no longer trading and I think Amazon and CD Now only have the US Version.


    I recently got hold of a Video of Glenn singing Rock Candy with Ronnie Montrose and Marc Bonilla. I would love to get hold of the song as either an MP3 or on CD. I know that its on the Middle Of A Dream CD, which I have done a swap for on 2 occasions now, both however were missing the second disc.

    Anyone want to help out my Glenn Addiction?