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    Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear about Mel. I know exactly what he and his family are going through and my love, thoughts and prayers are with them.

    The reason I felt the need to post is this. My brother was diagnosed with the same type of cancer as Mel just over a year ago. He had a major operation to remove the tumor in July last year after only 2 chemo sessions and everything seemed great. The trouble was, he had an arythmia which delayed the operation after his chemo. I think this was a contributing factor for the cancer returning. On the 21st of December my brother was told that the cancer had spread to his lungs and liver, was inoperable and due to the chest infection and fluid on his lung, he wasn't strong enough to have any chemo or radiotherapy either. 2 weeks ago he was moved from hospital in Glasgow to the local hospice. He married his long term girlfriend on Saturday 2nd of February and died 24 hours later on the Sunday afternoon.

    His the 8th of March. He would have been 64. This has come only 50 weeks since I lost my Mum and this has been the hardest 12 months of my life. The funeral was yesterday and on the first anniversary of my mum's passing, we will scatter my brother's ashes on the Clyde, just as my family did with my grandfather's ashes 40 years ago.

    Neil Murray told me about Mel and I have passed my regards on through him. My hope is that Mel gets the care and support he needs, just as my brother did and, if there is any justice in the world, his treatment will be successful and the positive words and thoughts being sent to him through this board will make all the difference.

    Sue XXX

    I can't tell you how shocked I am by this. I spent some time with Jeff over the weekend in Sweden. It was the last date Talisman will ever do there and I was emotional about that for a kick off! When we got back to the hotel, Jeff was laughing at me because I cried (even though he admitted he was close to it himself at one point), but he was laughing because the last time he saw me cry was when I was so proud of him at landing the Journey job!

    He said "Did I have you crying AGAIN?" Then he picked me up and just laughed and laughed.

    It was a great gig, a great night and he was so happy that although Talisman is all but over, he was moving on to bigger and better things.

    My one hope now is that people who saw him on tour with Journey will stay supporters of him in whatever he does. I know I will certainly prefer to see him rather than Journey after this.

    He is not only a mega talented musician, but a beautiful human being, a true gentleman and a good friend. He was so lovely to me after my Mum died - I didn't even know he knew! He looked after Phil and I at the 2 Manchester shows and is always happy to see - not only us, but any fans he has met. He never turns away an autograph or photo and is always gracious and courteous.

    I can't imagine why Journey think it's a good idea to part ways, but I'm sure Jeff will continue to be a major league performer.

    I for one wish him all the success in the world.

    I spent about 60000 pennies last Wednesday on Rush tickets! Thankfully, not all were for me and I know I'll get the money back for most of them! Lol!

    Last time they toured we did every show in the UK. This time however, there's just too much going on! The Police are playing Manchester 48 hours after Rush (and they cost both arms, legs, a kidney and all the brain cells I had left - obviously!), it's a week before Firefest and we've got loads of other gigs around then too!

    I know I get most gigs for nothing these days, but add together petrol, hotels, food and such, it's an expensive hobby!

    Still, I dread to think what we'd all be doing if there was no scene!
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    I was lucky enough to see the band twice. Once in 1980 (?) and again in 1995 and both times they blew me away.
    I was truly saddened to hear of this loss, especially as I am currently mourning the loss of my mum. I know I didn't actually KNOW Brad, but I had been a fan of his for so many years, it's like losing a distant relative in some ways.
    My thoughts go out to his family, I truly can sympathise with them at this moment in time.


    Hi Kat,
    You're so lucky to see Carl. He's one of my dearest friends and a talent beyond compare (ok, apart from Glenn!).
    I've known him and his family for about 12 years now and I love them to bits.
    He played Sweden Rock a couple of years ago with Coney Hatch, then he played with April Wine, then he played a solo acoustic show in the tent, broke a string TWICE while playing, sang accapella whilst changing the strings, and totally blew everyone away. Apart from that, he's the nicest guy in the world.
    Check out some of his solo material. I'm sure you'll love it.

    Hi Everyone,
    Just to let you know that this Friday I'll be doing a guest spot on the Rock Show with Kev McDempster on KCR106.7fm in the North West of England, or available online via the link below:

    I'll be talking about what's going to be in the latest edition of Fireworks (due out in a couple of weeks), spinning a few of my favourite tracks (GH included, of course) and some new releases.

    I'll be taking along Tony Marshall who'll be answering some questions on the new Vaughn album 'Traveller' and I'm sure we'll have a laugh along the way.

    The show is between 7 and 10pm GMT, so please listen in if you have the chance.

    Sue XXX :thumbup:

    I saw Toby Jepson in September at the Z Rock show at JB's in Dudley and, while I was never a huge Little Angels fan, I thought he was the best act of the day. The amount of energy that guy has on stage is enviable in itself, but he had good songs, plenty of interraction with the crowd and was a thoroughly nice chap.
    I know everyone will enjoy his set - just don't miss him by being in the bar too long! :lol: :cheers:

    Ladies - the guitarist took his shirt off - let's hope it's not too cold! ;)

    Hmmmmmm.......hope I'll be able to fit in the gig at Shepherd's Bush- it's the day after Firefest! Hopefully won't miss out on 3 shows while I'm in Nottingham! Lordi on the 26th, Firefest preshow 27th and Firefest 28th! Looks like it'll be another busy week!

    Oh well, them's the breaks! Lol!
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    Hey Tero,
    You must have been sitting a few rows in front of me at the press conference. How funny was it when someone asked Ted if he was going to stand for governor? Hilarious - but he hit the nail on the head with a lot of his views!
    I heard the stuff about Journey too, and having seen them 3 times in a week, I believe some of the stories, although I think it may be a case of 'Chinese Whispers'. Some of it's true, but perhaps a little over exaggerated?
    Alice Cooper was the act of the festival for me! Absolutely faultless!
    I did love Treat too - and that's why they're on at Firefest III in October!

    Matt - I got my promo this morning and all I can say is WOW! What a great bunch of songs, and what an impressive collection of musicians! Our very own Satan plays on 'Not Dead Yet' with his buddy Graham Bonnet and then you got Eric Bloom, Ian Paice, Chris Catena and my mate James Christian! All this, not to mention Glenn!
    I'm blown away.
    Good luck with the album. You deserve it!

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    Thanks Chris, I don't feel so bad now I know I won't be the only grandparent on the board!
    I've actually seen some little t shirts that say "My Grandma Rocks" so I think I'll be buying one of them very soon!

    Thanks Shirean, Nikki was originially due on August 5th, but they think she's a bit further on than she thought, so they changed it!

    We're absolutely thrilled for her and Steven, and we already know, it's going to be a girl!
    Shame we're going to miss out on the gig though, maybe if she just keeps her legs crossed...........!

    Well, we're lucky enough to be looked after in the fabulous Ronneby Brunn, where the bands stay! It's always a bizzarre experience having Geoff Tate push the buttons in the lift for you, or sitting next to Rick Wakeman or John Pettrucci at breakfast. Best one was when we saw Udo from Accept having his morning tea wearing a bowling shirt and matching shoes, lifting his teacup- pinkie in the air, like a true gentleman! Then, seeing him on stage a few hours later in his camouflage gear, growling like a madman!
    Wonder who'll be the strangest encounter this year?! Lol! :lol:
    We'll be down the front for Journey for sure! :bow: :bow: :bow:

    Yes, there are 9 of us travelling over this time. It just keeps growing and growing. I can reccommend House Of Shakira, The Poodles (seriously!), The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (although, they're on at the same time as Blitzcreig who are also great), Cathedral and the fabulous Gotthard!
    I'm so excited I can hardly sleep! This is going to be the best one ever :D