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    I 2nd that!

    Just got my CD today. I've listened to it in full once. An incredible CD on first listen and I'm sure it will only grow on me! The standout tracks are Soul Mover, Orion, Change Yourself, Dont Let Me Bleed, Land Of The Living...All are great though.!

    Quote from Shirean

    See the quote from Glenn in Mark3's post above.

    Oh I see! You guys able to see Glenn are so lucky!! I want all of that stuff!!

    I should have noticed that quote from Glenn considering it was me who asked the question about the DVD! :D

    Pretty good show. It was nice to hear Glenn explain about the writing credits on Burn. Also I loved when he screamed! That was just great!

    It was also nice to hear some of the new songs from Soul Mover. It is still a few more weeks before I can get the album.

    I'm a fairly new Glenn Hughes fan too and in a span of about 8 months, I've already picked up...

    Live In South America
    Building The Machine
    Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels
    Songs In The Key Of Rock

    Addiction and Building The Machine are my favorites but I really like Soulfully Live too, Chad Smith and Glenn Hughes are a perfect fit together!
    I am hooked now. I would have all of the albums if his music wasnt so hard to get around here. I've Pre-Ordered Soul Mover, and have 3 or 4 others on order but that could take ages to arrive.

    Anyways. I havent posted much here, but I've been registered for awhile and browse through here on most days. I hope Glenn Tours North America this year!! Not just the west coast!!