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    I'm jealous of some of you people.
    I'm only 21, so I haven't had too many years of being a Deep Purple family fan, but I can say I consider myself lucky with what I have seen.

    I've seen the current version of Deep Purple 4 times.
    I've seen Dio
    I've seen Heaven and Hell
    I've seen Blackmore's Night
    I just saw Glenn Hughes in Detroit a few weeks back
    I've also seen Joe Satriani, who I suppose you could count with the Deep Purple family.

    Wow, what can I say? This was the best concert I've ever seen, or at least it ranks very very high on my list. I was seated front row center in the balcony, which was empty! I think me and my girlfriend were the only one's up there. The view was perfect, we could see EVERYTHING perfectly. Glenn's voice sounded amazing, you'd never know he was still a little bit sick.

    And Chad, WOW. I've seen him before with the Chili Peppers but this was completely different. I don't think i've ever heard him sound so good. You could tell he was really on his game last night and enjoying every minute of it. Not saying he's been bad lately with the Chili Peppers but it certainly seems like he's much more inspired and playing a lot better with Glenn. I even saw him before the set walking around, it was certainly a surprise and all I could really say to him was "hey man, big fan here, have a great show!"

    Ed was fantastic on the keys and Jeff on guitar was brilliant as well, but I must say that I was mostly watching Glenn and Chad who absolutely stole the show.

    As for the setlist, Jon L pretty much covered it except add You Got Soul. I think there was only 10 songs played, but like he said the extended jams and solos really made up for it.

    Again, AMAZING show and thanks to everyone in the band who made it worth the trip even though the drive home was the worst road conditions i've ever drove through.

    Would have had pictures, but half way to the concert I realized I forgot my camera! :sint3:

    Hahaha that California Jam question was hilarious. Especially funny since Steve Morse and Roger Glover were the only two members participating in the Rockline interview. I dont remember exactly how it was answered. Steve had nothing to say, but Glover was still very nice and tried to answer as well as he could. But man, what a dumb question to ask Steve and Roger!

    Well, Glenn was in Black Sabbath in 1986. I'm assuming they met around that time. They recorded the album "7th Star."

    In 1996 they once again collaborated and made an album which was released a few years ago as Iommi- The 1996 DEP sessions. Make sure to pick up that one too.

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    a question to soulmover? my 5 year old son got a small drum kit (how santa got it down the chimney i,ll never know!)as he likes banging about on things he seems keen but maybe it is just the noise factor just now!! anyway i was going to get a small set of hi-hats ,as a rule what side should they sit at(he is left handed). as i noticed the difference in set ups from your kit to ians


    Hello, I'm no soulmover but I pretend to be :lol:


    I could be wrong here but I think Ian's a lefty and Chad is righthanded and thats why the kit's are set up differently.

    The hi-hat should be placed on his right side if he is a lefty. I myself am righthanded so the hi-hat is on my left.

    Hope that helped.

    And thanks for letting me know how good that DVD is, I'm definetely gonna try to pick that up soon as Chad and Ian are 2 of my 3 favorite drummers ever.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this track! It's definetely a good song, but after listening to it a few times, it just doesnt seem to be as memorable as the rest of the album. Of course that's just my opinion.

    But I do like the song and it's certainly FAR from Glenn's worst.