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    I blasted the remix through head phones & was very impressed.
    Acknowledging that everyone's HiFi is different,any Music Production Engineers out here in the GH Cosmos can pitch in with an opinion?

    Well, I'm not a MUSIC engineer, but I work for TV and radio as a sound tech and I must say the new mixes are OUTSTANDING.
    I honestly believe that they sound as good as possible with today's equipment.


    Get on your knees everyone and praise Kevin Shirley's new mix of this little beauty :bow:

    Boy, am I blown away by the freshness and impact of those new mixes! From somebody posting in the GH fan forum you can expect to love this album, but I swear I have NEVER heard it like this before. We are not talinkg about some final 2% improvement, those mixes are AMAZING.

    Paice's kick drum sound...the VOCALS (especially Coverdale!) , everything.

    On a side note it's nice that you can hear the original endings, I always thought that fade outs are not realy suited for rock and roll music.

    It's a MUST have if you like the album, absolutely mindblowing fantastic!


    just returned from the Zeche in Bochum.

    Great show!

    I was really impressed with Glenn's decision to hire a second guitar player for the tour. Luis is a fantastic guy who really enhances the band's sound. While we are all familiar with JJ's rather European approach to playing the six strings, Luis adds a real American funky flavour. He's got superb sounds, his solos, harmony lines and rythm stuff are spot on. He seemed to be enjoying the night as well. This was probably the best GH live band I've ever seen.

    Don't let me bleed was a real climax tonight. I get goose pickels all over my body as I think of it now.

    The new stuff is AMAZING as well, I was dancing all night although I had not heard the CD yet.

    If you are going to one of the upcoming shows be prepared for a nuclear funk blast...don't say I didn't warn you.

    Interesting to see how close the setlist is to the summer shows although the band has changed.
    I guess there's always a song that you miss...Glenn's written and played an impressive number of songs, so it's imossible to please everyone.

    I personally think it's a good move to play a lot of new material and do "unexpected" cover versions.

    What an amazing night it was!

    The "spirit of 66" is a nice club, the sound was great, Glenn and the band seemed to be having a good time on stage. Glenn spoke a lot to the audience and created a very warm and intimate feeling withe the fans. Al lot of artists leave the stage saying "I love you all", with Glenn you actually get the feeling that it's more than a phrase.

    Poor Glenn had just returned from Australia and was suffering from the jet lag. Still he was giving 100% of his energy to a great performance in this small venue. ("I can't help it, I've just got to be funky") While I believe that this holds absolutely true for his feeling on stage, I think that before the show he would probably have preferred a bed....
    So, a Glenn Hughes show (and this one in particular) becomes a very spititual event. Others might have just cancelled the gig or reduced the power to minimum, Glenn lives for his audience - He just loves to perform for the people. He was making some remarks about his spiritual path and progression and I believe he has reached a phase where he realized how important giving is.

    It was good to hear Glenn is getting more confident with more recent compositions. For me this is perfect - I love "you keep on moving", but I do not need to hear it every time I go to see a Hughes show. So in the set list there was a lot of "Soul Mover" and "Devine" stuff.

    The drummer was a new face to me, I'd never seen him before, but I really liked what he was doing. I was feeling pitful for him during "Burn", though. He looked as if he'd fall off the drum chair if he had to play one more note in that HOT room.

    What can I say? I was having a fantastic time, we celebrated a hug(h)e(s) spiritual funkmeister rock and roll heavy super concert.


    Orion is a fantastic tune and I REALLY LOVE the fact that Glenn starts to find enough confidence to look into more different aspects writing of rock tunes! To be honest I think that his qualities as a performer were always outstanding while he's only touched the creative spark of writing songs a few times in his solo career.

    Let's face it - we've all seen the purple classics performed live (again) now. It's essential for Glenn to write NEW stuff that works well. With SITKOR and SM he has FINALLY recorded albums that I actually listen to a lot rather than just collecting them.

    I am looking forward to listening to Orion live.