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    Umm does that mean it was a contractual obligation to make album 3? Hence the trilogy is complete. I'm very grateful for the music BCC has made because I love blues based rock full stop.

    Joe has always been and will remain a very talented blues artist, that's his true passion and I respect that.

    BCC has been funded I believe by J&R adventures, Joes company with his manager and business partner. I guess they call the shots. Regarding BCC and with profits split 4 ways the incentive is not quite as big.

    If Afterglow outsells Joes latest album by some margin maybe there will be some
    re negotiating going on with a further album and possible tour.

    However my instinct tells me this is the last album with a handful of shows )early 2013 and that will be the end of it.

    For which I will have some great memories from the 2 shows I saw and what will be 4 great albums. Thanks BCC. Next !!!!

    Seems Glenn has no plans for a solo album anytime soon so could 2013 be the year of BCC. Although I doubt Joes schedule will allow much BCC time.

    I'm more likely to believe there is another project on the horizon of some magnitude.anyway it's fun guessing.

    Anyboby else gots some thoughts on this ???

    Iam a Glenn fan from DPMK3 days and while I like the solo albums and the variety they bring I was blown away with BCC1 its a great album for blues rock fans, of which I am one.

    Some of that music really moved/ moves me and Glenn really does shine. Joe tweeted the other day that in his opinion the GD is the best ever rock vocal, hard to disagree.

    I also beleive that Kevin Shirley has been good for Glenn and the band format is where he really excels. BCC can be huge as there following grows outside of JB and GH fans its bringing new audiences to them both.

    Glenn's book has sold very well indeed and above expectations I think, would this have been the case without BCC, I doubt it.Glenn knows what is best for him and right now its BCC, thats just fine with me.

    Glenn is the main writer in BCC and therfore to write 2 quality albums in one year is a tall order, the relative success of BCC 3 will either break the band big time or, if it does the same level of business as 1 and 2 I expect it will end. So its a pretty important album no doubt to Glenn and his best songs will be on it that's for sure. The direction that that album takes I think will be really interesting to see how there styles develops.

    Bring on BCC 3 and hopefully a tour next year and with some luck a few dates in 2012 :)

    I guess its a tough call for JB with his solo career really taking off after years of sloging on the road. Maybe its his time and that right now BCC would slow the momentem he has worked hard to build up. I get that I really do.

    From a selfish perspective I really love seeing GH in a true band, for me it brings the best out of him and BCC seems to be a great "musical home" for him, because that chemistry between the band is not easy to find and in my opinion is what really makes them stand out.

    It's great that Glenn will make a solo album and tour next year but I can't help but feel for what might have been for BCC if they were to tour again next year. Maybe the sales of BCC were not quite enough to persuade JR Adventures to put more emphasis on BCC in light of JB, solo sales looking equall or even stronger, just a thought.

    It seems to have gone very quite on future plans for BCC, has Glenn mentioned anything during the "BOOK TOUR"

    I was hoping there would be more dates next year, 2012 and possibly they would record BCC3, any ideas anyone? or when we might hear some news of future plans? :)

    What a great band BCC are. I hope this is not the last we will see of them as it seems there is very little if any activity planned for next year.The Band deserve to be a full time Project but I also get that Joe in particular is riding a career high right now and probably does not want to stop that momentum.

    I think something has changed since the summer tour finished, just a hunch. Glenn seemed to writing for BCC 3 once the tour had finished but now it does not look like they will not record another album untill 2013, which is cool, but I had hoped they might tour extensivley in 2012 as well!

    Great Band!!!

    I saw them at John Henrys rehersal studios in London for the press gig and then again in London during Christmas last year. It's really great seeing the responses to the US gigs as it matches my experince exactly.They are simply stunning live and nothing compares from the past at all. I never saw Purple MK3 but somehow BCC make up for that, I really never thought I would see a band of this kind again and it such joy to see them now. It's makes me feel like 16 again and thats fantastic. They are all great as individuals but as a band somehow it transends even Glenn and Joe's solo performances.

    Anything less than a BCC gig and I know Iam going to be left slighly dissapointed that's how far the bar has been raised. Somehow Glenn has raised his game and that has to be because of the calibre of people around him from Kevin Shirley to all the band. Long may they continue to produce the finest rock music I have ever heard or witnessed live :claphands

    You guys are in for a real treat having been lucky enough to attend both John Henrys and Shepards Bush gigs last year I'm sure you will be blown away !!!!!

    Just got in from SB gig London, absolutely Fantastic same set list and botbthey where good very controlled and stunning performance from Glenn.

    Joe was amazing great tone with. Good vocals great crowd and it was packed.

    No quarter was just brilliant full marks to DS on keyboards and Jason, what else can be said this band has to be huge a quick well done to all a those behind the sequences making this happen they are doing a great job.

    :claphands :claphands :claphands

    Just booked tickets for London, having been lucky enough to see them at the Press gig in London in September this will be worth every penny, soooooooo looking forward to it :)

    What a few weeks for you Marie must have been fantastic. Unfortunately I have not been able to get to any shows this time around.

    I have a question though, has the audience numbers been higher this tour and if so is that because of BCC do you think?

    I'm holdings out for some BCC show in late December!!,,