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    I don't care about the politics! I do love BCC music and would welcome a few select shows and a new album which I am sure will be the agreement.

    I would imagine the air has well and truly been cleared with a clear plan for 2017. I can't imagine them just making another album without some live dates but no full on tour I'd imagine :clapper:

    I agree Glenn can assemble a great set list.I'd hope that Glenn's new solo band is up to the measure. He deserves to have first rate musicains playing with him.

    Maybe Derick Sherineen will be part of the new live band?

    I'm still surprised the band folded, feedback on the album was great, live shows went down a storm and momentum was being built. Anyway I remember an old true don't know what you don't know!
    Shame though I thought Glenn and Andrew were a very creative partnership.
    Anybody know what AW is up to now?

    First question, Why? Having heard the WS Purple version of Stormbringer Iam even more convinced this is a il advised step by DC.

    It just shows how his voice has changed and personally I don't think this adds anything to the orginals at all. It sounds like any US hard rock band making a tribute album to that period of DP. Does DC really need to do that? Very well played as it is, it's lost the blues/ soul element that was for me the bedrock of the DP sound at that time.

    DC was at his best vocally during the Lovehunter/ Ready and Willing period.As it is today and for that reason, any involvement from GH would have raised expectations of the classic vocal sound they created during there DP time.Its clear that can never now be repeated.

    I will be be sticking with the originals, for as with fine wine they just get better with time. Go taste the orginals. It's a miss from me Iam afraid though I am sure there are good business reasons for making this album.

    The tour seems to be going well. I wonder if the band will continue? Clearly Jason's departure is permenant as there has been no communication at all from him.

    I guess this is another short lived project and Glenn already has something else lined up for 2015. I think AW is really a great partner for Glenn I hope they continue to make music in one form or other moving forward.

    For professional musicians with management in place i would thought that it was understood what would be required to get a new band off the ground.

    Was it not Jason who nearly derailed BCC over money at its inseption? I find it hard to understand these issues were not dealt with upfront.

    Jason s earning expectation from this band have clearly not been met. Shame but lets get behind Glenn, Andrew and now Joey.:claphands

    Midnight Oil is a killer track , great to have some female BV's and I like the effects on Glenn's voice. All three are playing great. Andrews influence is all over this track. I love his style its retro but fresh at the same time. Its hard to believe he also plays with Bieber and Cody Simpson !! and has anyone checked out " Pink Cashmere" his project with DJ Tanner, a very talented young man.

    I hope this band lasts and reaches the highs it deserves. Oh and some great production from Dave Cobb.

    Finally, looking forward to David's review of the album, which must be coming soon ???? ;)

    You can't knock Joes business model- but I do think he was over sensitive to being called out on the touring issues.

    On the other hand Glenn recognises that BCC was always only going to be a project for Joe as stated at the onset by Joe. A simple misunderstanding that got blown way out of context.

    Anyway we now have Cali Breed and in time there might be some one off BCC shows in the future, let's hope anyway! there must be a reason they kept the name?????

    Got the ITunes download "Sweet Tea" no real surprise in sound, a cross between Soul Mover and AW's Chameleon. Very organic and live.

    I would say that AW's guitar playing is very sympathetic to the song rather than wanting to fit in 50 notes a second !!! Its all about the grove and it certainly has a great groove. This is far better than having some "guitar hero antics" that have become boring and so outdated now. Great choice by Glenn and Jason to go with Andrew cant wait to hear more! :claphands

    Best guess is that there has been a delay in the announcement, probably due to management and record company issues no doubt.

    I guess its not quite there yet, i really hope this project will fly !!

    I know its frustrating for those of us who just want to know what Glenn is up to next! However, we do know there is a new band, who is in the band, that they will tour in 2014, an album will be relased late spring, who produced it! video to be shot in Feb...

    So we just need to know the name of the band, record label, and touring scheduel, All good things come to those who wait....sounds like Jason is happy with the outcome :)

    maybe there is room for DS he finishes his tour with Joe by the time they go to record in Nashville. Andrew Watt is a better fit for GH that Joe ever was. listen to chameleon by AW it could have been written by Glenn.

    AW maybe less well known to us older fans but Cody Simpson and bieber fans will all know him!!! this band has great potientail bring it on... :claphands

    Sounds fantastic, this will be orginal and fresh, AW is an amazing talent and will complment Glenn really well, the three of them are all great singers so the vocals should be amazing. Grovvy Rock ! hope the sign to a label that supports them fully and has just one manager !!!!!!

    If you read the article carefully he is having a dig at Glenn all over the place. Bcc is done and it aint comimg back and Joe knows it, hence his answers!.Friend...i dont think so not a real friend in any case!! I also do happen to accept he never commited to any touring right from the start !

    With the above accepted I am actually more dissapointed that there is little news of a " new Band " or more definitive information on the latest projects. I know Glenn probably earns a nice living fom KOC and other projects and all the power to him for that! but as a long term fan/customer, I am really interested in new music and associated tours.

    Things just seem to have gone a bit quite latley, hopefully the lul before the storm! :lol:

    I have to say the whole BCC thing has just been handled so poorly from a PR exercise. I could see things from Joe’s perspective for quite some time but he has contradicted himself saying he is not to blame for BCC not touring and then admitting he did want to tour, then he makes “I ve left the band leave me alone” statements on his own fan forum. His latest little outburst on his forum is a right hissy fit. I wish him well but clearly a band project is not for Joe ! His continued little jibes at Glenn demonstrate he does not like sharing the spotlight!! All that really happened was that Glenn told the truth as to why BCC would not tour. Now it’s a fact from the man who denied it had anything to do with him.

    The truth shall set you free!!! :claphands