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    I think James has hit the nail on the head. I've always admired Glenn's work in DP so myself and a friend decided to go along to LOR. It was the first time either of us had seen Glenn live and after seeing his performance and meeting him afterwards we both went GH bonkers!

    We saw the show at JB's last year and took wife and son along for their first GH gig and hey presto, they went GH bonkers too! After hearing SITKOR and HTP2 my friends' wife was suitably impressed enough to join us for forthcoming HTP gig at JB's. When she sees Mistreated and You Keep on Movin' along with the new HTP songs theres a fair chance she'll go GH bonkers too!!!!!!
    PS Our tickets for JB's clearly state The Hughes/Turner Project.

    Hi Wolfie,

    Got my copy of Classic Rock this morning. Nice to read something decent after an arduous night shift. Did you see the mavericks interview back in issue 6? I dug my old copy out recently and thought it was an entertaining interview. Have got Trapeze's Welcome to the Real World live album on order. Can't wait to hear it. Hope it rocks!

    hello everyone,

    have only recently subscribed to CTC this is my first message. Would like to thank everyone for all the info you've been sharing about the Japanese tour. It sounds like things are going well and can't wait to see HTP at JB's Dudley.