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    Thanks for all the info everyone, apart from Free and Bad co I only have the 'electric' album from Pauls back catalogue.
    I must dig deeper, 'The Firm sounds good, can anyone recommend any other titles?
    Talking of the Albert hall gig,I heard on planet rock that Gary
    Moore was going to join the band for four songs. Anyone know
    if it happened?
    Cheers, Steve

    Satisfaction guaranteed certainly rings a bell, one track was heavier more up tempo,the other featured Paul on acoustic guitar.I remember it having a choppy,funky kind of riff.Would this be closer? I enjoyed both songs

    Had the pleasure of seeing Paul Rodgers at the symphony hall in
    Birmingham last thursday. The band took to the stage one by one
    before launching into one of my fave Free tracks 'I,ll be creepin',
    followed by 'the stealer, 'ride on a pony' and 'be my friend'.
    The sound, the band featuring Hearts Howard Leese and of course the vocals were all magnificent. Can't remember the exact
    set list,they did two tracks from 'The firm' I'm afraid I've never heard before.Two new tracks 'Warboys' and 'Smile',Bad company's 'Feel like makin' love, 'Bad company(dedicated to Boz Burrel)and 'Saving grace'.
    We were also treated to 'Wishing well' and 'Alright now',Pauls
    rapore with the audience was fantastic shaking hands with
    everyone up the front.I'm sure I've forgotten something from the
    main set ,the band did two encore's which included I'm a mover','Little wing'and 'The hunter'.Paul was finally coaxed back on for a solo 'Seagull. A great gig to keep me going till the master
    play's Jb's.

    To my ears D.C was at his peak vocally from 76 to 83.I agree with Grace only my soul is a wonderful track. northwinds is my favourite D.C recorded performance.

    Thanks for the info Christian, Zappa had a gift for finding and recruiting musicians with extraordinary talent. The drummers alone make the mind boggle.

    I agree IG and DC would always get in my top ten. Here's five more names to think about to complete the ten. Steve Tyler,Ronnie James Dio, Ann Wilson, Roger Daltrey,Steve Marriot. p.s has anyone heard of a guy called Bobby Martin, he playedwith Zappa in the eighties. I've got a Zappa dvd with himsinging `whippin' post' by the Allmans. Now thats some serious vocalizing,would love to know what he's up to now.

    A fantastic top ten,you can't argue with those names.This is a hard one but my favourites are Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page, Tommy Bolin, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Eddie Hazel, Ted Nugent, Eddie Van Halen, Tony Iommi and Paul Kossoff. I could easily list another ten that would be equally valid, but i admire these particularly because they have thrilled me and amazed me with their powers of innovation in equal measures. ps. JJ would definately get into my top 20!

    Finally got to see Robert Plant live last tuesday night,I wasn't dissapointed. Although his voice lacks some of the upper register from days of old,his vocals still had power, resonance and all round quality in bucketloads. In my opinion he is still the master of timing. No fewer than 8 Zep songs were played the last of which being a monstrous whole lotta love. Glenn, Paul Rodgers and Robert Plant, the top three of all time? What do you guys think.

    Although its not my favourite track the vocals on save me tonight from feel always astonish me. Glenn has so many dimensions to his voice, depending on your mood at the time any performance could be no.1. If I had to choose I would say this time around from BJL and the the way it is, both tracks showcase the unique tone, purity and incredible range that Glenns voice posseses.

    Great to hear Glenn getting a mention on the U.K. Music Hall of Fame, Brian May was listing all Black Sabbath's vocalists after Ozzy. He described RJD, Tony Martin and Glenn as LEGENDARY! Hats of to Brian May for having the guts to mention real talent even if its not as mainstream as terrestrial tv normally likes it to be. 50% of show was a classic rock fest, highlight for me was Slash's uncompromising guitar solo, even Angus Young was allowed to grace primetime tv!:clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

    For anyone who might be interested, went to JB's to see M3 Whitesnake last night. Heres a short review:

    The whole band turned in a top notch performance. Great to see the dual guitars of Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody. They both played with fire and passion. Stefan Bergman was on vocals and did a great job.

    Highlights for us were Ready and Willin', Walking in the Shadow of the Blues and our favourite, Ain't Gonna Cry no more. Particularly enjoyed the atmospheric vocals at the beginning by Bernie Marsden. He is a very competent vocalist, after all, in days of old he did take on GH's vocal parts on 'the Snakes' version of Might Just Take Your Life.

    Bought new live CD after show, got Bernie to sign it. While we were chatting he noticed wife Sharons GH t-shirt.
    'Ah, Glenn Hughes fan' said Bernie.
    'That bloke could sing the phone book and make it sound good!':bow:

    So true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :clapper: This was our 5th GH gig and definitely the most exhilerating. Loved the venue and would recommend Roadmender to anybody. It was a tiny little den of rock and roll mayhem. Fantastic to meet David and Wolfysmith (Sharon says hi) and really enjoyed talking to people that understand what i'm burbling on about!.

    Can't really add to whats already been said except I agree Wolfy, Medusa was the best yet. Look forward to the next gig maybe with Mr. Iommi.

    PS Sorry about getting my hand in the way of your photos, wolfy. I think I got a little too excited, helped along by Kronenburg and Carlsberg Export :thumbup:

    Hi Ian, I think you spoke to me and my mate at last nights gig. We were at the bar, he had an Aerosmith T-shirt on and I had Coast to Coast top on. We were amazed that you had made the mammoth trip to see our hero! Hope you enjoyed the gig as much as we did and that you had a safe trip home.

    Glenn said at the gig last night that he had a problem with his basses whilst travelling over. Don't know what exactly cos he didn't elaborate so he had to dig out the bass you saw on Davids pics. The gig was fantastic.

    The sound for Glenns vocals was the best I've ever heard so far. My wish came true, they did a spine tingling version of 'let it go'. I reckon you would have loved it Mark.

    orion is my least favourite track,i agree it doesn'tsit well between high road and change yourself.even so its still a decent track and the albums now one my favourite gh releases. if i had to pick a favourite track
    it would be let it go, amazing lyric and overall dynamics.

    does anyone know what has happened to the Nottingham Rock City gig. Have got tickets for cancelled December date. Rang venue who said to hold on as it may still happen. Was looking forward to overdosing on 'the voice of rock' at JB's and Rock city in space of 7 days! CAN ANYONE HELP?

    Received my copy of Soulfully Live on Friday from Cd Xpress ( The poor visual quality has already been well documented. I don't understand the technicalities of it so I won't dwell on it. I would have been more disappointed if it looked fantastic and sounded terrible. The truth is the sound and performances by Glenn and the band are amazing. i've seen the dvd three times now and i'm hooked. The quality of the performances overshadows the visual shortcomings. No doubt everyone on this site will buy the dvd so you don't need me to tell you how good Glenn and the band are. Personal favourites for me are 'Written all over your face' JJ excels, 'Seafull', GH's tone is awesome, 'Gettin Tighter' the whole band ROCK!

    hello everyone, just woke up with HTP still buzzing in my head! after such a gruelling tour I didn't expect GH's vocals to be as fantastic as they were. In fact, I thought the whole band were on fantastic form. First track the band storm into Hold On, followed by Can't Stop Rock n Roll, Losing my Head and then a red hot Alone I Breathe. Then I witnessed seeing GH perform Mistreated for the 3rd time live. They say 3rd time lucky but this was 3rd time CATACLYSMIC! The dude had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. I love the way the vocal improvisation at the end keeps evolving. Then Joe took centre stage for a foot stomping rendition of I Surrender. If I'm totally honest I was here to see GH but thought Joe's versions of Street of Dreams and Death Alley Driver were enjoyable diversions whilst waiting for the next killer GH/HTP track. Special mention for JJ Marsh who handled all tracks with style and no shortage of emotion. He is honestly one of the best guitarist i've ever seen live! GH centre stage again for a rousing version of Getting Tighter which was a great showcase for individual solos (my wife Sharon enjoyed the obligatory homage to Tommy Bolin. To her, Tommy will always be God!) Then GH and JJ led us into You Keep on Movin'. Again the 3rd rendition i've heard live and GH always manages to squeeze more soul from this every time he performs it. The set came to a close with Stormbringer which left us all drained but still screaming for more, which we duly got with my friend Sarah's favourite HTP track Devils Road and still Glenn and Joes vocals were soaring into the stratosphere! Joe rampaged through Rainbows Spotlight Kid and then it was all hands in the air for the big one. BURN!

    Sorry if I've missed anything but my brains are still scrambled!

    Thanks to the whole band for another great live experience.