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    Classic rock said this albums a grower,I'm now on my fifth listen and I have to agree, as opposed to being blown away I feel I've been gently lifted then fired into the stratosphere.

    The genre we all know and love has been lovingly and expertly represented. A future classic surely :thumbup:

    Not much left to add really, thanks to BCC for a great night. Biggest venue i,ve seen Glenn in,his vocals were even more earth shattering with a bigger production :singer: Fave tracks for me were 'song of yesterday','medusa' and 'no quarter'.

    The whole band excelled and the vocal interplay from Glenn and Joe was a real treat for me :clapper:

    Absolutely mindblowing through headphones, Tommy B sounds like he's just sauntered in from another planet, plugged in and let rip. Could Mr. shirley kindly do 'teaser' next please.

    I agree, Glenn has the chops to succesfully front any band,but he's to good to be a stand in.For me Paul Rodgers is a better vocalist than Freddie Mercury but try telling that to a lifelong Queen fan.

    Wolfy knows his onions, the mention of Kevin Shirley and the Black Crowes got me thinking, maybe Glenn's goin' down an earthy,bluesy,rock 'n' roll road.

    Great gig last night, starting and finishing with my fave Hughes/Thrall tracks,'muscle and blood' as an opener was amazing:eek:. Even after being ill recently, Glenn was as sensational as ever. I find the sound so much better at the Robin than at Jb's you can really appreciate the vocal tone.
    Only spotted the 'Holy man' mistake by JK. I'm not technical where guitarists are concerned, but I agree JK was otherwise red hot, much better than the M4TD tour. I'm also not technical with drummers either but Steve Stephens:bow:.
    Only one wish for tonight 'What is a woman's role.'

    Amazing show at the Robin last night. Is it my imagination or has Glenn's upper register expanded from supernatural to completely unbelievable? :eek: This was my seventh Glenn show and some of the vocals were beyond anything i've heard before, does anyone agree or am I just getting carried away?
    Crave was a fantastic opener, to my ears the sound was spot on from the word go. All the songs from F.U.N.K were great but 'oil and water' and 'we shall be free' were especially satisfying, really intense renditions.
    Great to see J.J back and on scintillating form,Luis was a revelation a new experience seeing Glenn with a duel guitar attack.Hats off to the whole band for a super tight performance :claphands This was my first gig since seeing Aerosmith at hyde park last June,so I was ready to be rocked and wasn't dissapointed.
    Hope everyone else has enjoyed this tour, Thanks for a great gig.

    That is good news, I last saw Michael in May 2006 at the Wulfren hall. It was a great gig and Michael was on fire. Missed out on the Tamworth gig(must check out that venue),but am hoping to make the Flowerpot in Derby.

    Thanks for the review Soulmover,the only song you missed from
    the setlist was 'Black light, played before or after 'You got soul'.
    I agree the sound could have been better,and for a new band
    they were very tight.
    The setlist always seems to be a bone of contention,we all have
    favourite tracks that we want to see performed live,but in reality
    no one will ever get their perfect setlist.
    Hearing Glenn sing 'Nights in white satin' and 'Whiter shade of pale' was a real thrill for me,because the vocals were completely unadulterated, just like the solo extravaganza in Mistreated.
    Few things in life are perfect,but when you live an hour away from an intimate rock club and one of the greatest vocalists that ever lived is playing,it gets pretty close.

    Chustler, thanks for the picture and info.
    I see what Beese means about the facial expressions.
    The Answer did'nt appear at Birmingham,dissapointed to hear
    you weren't impressed with their live show Beese.
    I've been thinking about seeing them on their tour with Roadstar