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    Hey! What a great tune! Nicely done. Great vox, etc. Awesome gift. I'm sure Glenn will love it!

    Hope everyone is well.

    Hi Kat!

    Boy are we all relieved to hear you're ok!
    I can't believe the damage. Yikes! It's so sad about the old trees. I'm glad yours are still standing. I hope nobody in your neighborhood was injured.
    It's sooo nice to know there are people who care and came from all over to help! Keep us posted!
    Take care Kat,

    Ann & Christian

    Hi all:

    The Dream Aria cd is almost finished being mixed and mastered. Can't wait!! In the meantime, if anyone is interested in hearing my cover band "One True Cause", you can check us out at
    All songs were recorded live off the floor for the "live" feel. We're using the cd as a "business" card to hand out to club owners. Aiming to get some gigs!
    Hope everyone is well!

    Thanks David!

    Hi Shirl! You wouldn't believe me if I told you all the reasons why it took soooo long. What's even crazier is that I have a TON of pix from the VOCR shows that GH did in Canada. I think I'll have to create a link! I have some nice shots from the DVD shoot as well. Those are coming next!
    Hope everyone is well...


    icon_biggrin.gif WOW!! What GREAT shots of Glenn et al AND Chile! That's my hubby Christian's homeland. He was born in Santiago. He's been in Canada for many years now, but has visited Chile a few times. He plans to take me there one day! I hope! It's nice to see some pictures for now!

    Hope everyone out there is well... and if any Canadians see this... HAPPY CANADA DAY!! for yesterday- now it's July 2! Cheers!

    Ann (& Christian) :) :singer:

    Hi Pete:

    Thanks... I've worked very hard and still am. I'll never stop. I'm always expanding my horizons with different styles. I challenge myself alot. I never sing anything that is easy for me. I work my way up to it and conquer. It's a great feeling to think "I could never sing that, but I'm going to try anyway" and to then pull it off!
    The songs you heard are old performances so I can't wait for you to hear the fresh ones!

    Thanks again for taking time to listen and for the nice comments...

    HI Tony! Glad you liked it! I thought he was going to split his pants! Maybe he's a stripper?! Just kidding. The dance moves were pretty groovy I must say!
    Take care,


    Hey there Pete:

    I sing a bit of everything: rock,pop,dance/disco,r&b,opera,jazz.I also write lyrics,music,short stories and poems. My new band is called Dream Aria ( The music has something for every music lover in it! I should be able to post it by the end of the summer. I can't wait for people to hear it! It's different.
    My favorite styles to sing are "rock'n'soul" and opera. There's no greater high. I feel those styles right through my body,inside and out. Does that sound crazy??! lol
    Thanks for your interest!
    p.s. you can check out some recordings I did a long time ago if you like:

    Hey there Pete!
    Cool tune. Great job! Can't wait to hear more.
    I'm hoping to put some of my music on the board too when it's done. Almost there! I'd love to get your feedback.

    p.s you have an original sound which is rare and refreshing to hear these days!

    Cheers to all!!! Ann

    Hey there Nico:
    I love your voice! Great tunes. Right up my alley. Nice site too.
    My vocal influences are almost the same as yours! Glenn of course is my biggest influence.

    I'm finishing up some tunes so maybe I'll be able to post them too! I'd love to hear feedback from you and other GH fans when the time comes...
    Keep up the awesome work and I'll check your site out again in the near future to look for updates.



    Hi all:
    I just wanted to let you know that I contacted Tonny-J last night asking if he had time to translate this interview. Boy, was that quick! Here's a big THANK-YOU to Tonny-J!!
    Hope everyone is well...
    Ann in Canada

    Chip and Lisa: I think I said "oh my God" about ten times!!! What a little sweetie-pie! I work at a store called the DOG LOUNGE in Toronto, Canada and just today a customer brought in a female chihauau that looks soooooo much like "Chuy". I fell in love with her. Maybe I can hook your boy up with her!! I'll post a pic of her as I took some when she came in! Anyway, as you can imagine, I have the best job a dog-lover could ever want. I get to look after daycare dogs-up to 15 at once sometimes! Never a dull moment... Take care all!!

    Hey there Mark! This is a coincidence because I just e-mailed you about this very matter! Funny how things work sometimes!
    No worries, I didn't realize it was you until later either! It was cool to see all the other fans there. What an amazing experience. I went on your web-site last week-very groovy. You're son is quite the character! So, you seem as happy as I and the many other fans out there about Glenn getting the recognition he so deserves. I was reading the Japan reviews and I could feel the heat right over the computer!! They really do seem to be BURNING UP JAPAN! GO GLENN AND JOE!!!!! WHEW-WEEEEEE-YAHOOOO!! Wish I'd been there!
    Anyway, you and Mark will have to come to Toronto soon. We'd love to have ya. Hopefully GH will be coming here this summer.
    Take care! p.s. If you give me your address via my e-mail, I can send you some goodies! Ask me later!

    Hey all!
    Just wanted to say that it was great meeting all of you at the shoot. What a fantastic experience to share with other fans!

    Thanks sooooo much to you David & Shirean for all your input!! Great job!

    It was good to see you Mark (Rochester)! Don't be a stranger...

    AND,of course a GREAT BIG THANK-YOU to Glenn & Gabi!! It was nice to see you guys again. Thanks for including us! The show was amazing and we can't wait to see the finished product!!

    Hope to see you both and the doggies in "cold country" soon.

    Take care all...
    Ann & Christian in Toronto

    Hi Mark 3!
    Glad you could visit our fine country! I'm in the West end of Toronto-the High Park area. I've been to Burlington a few times and to London, Ontario many times. I've only been to London, England once in 1981. I was there when the Royal Wedding took place. Amazing how that fairy-tale unfolded. Very tragic. OKAY! On a lighter note-I'm SURRRRE you're friend will easily be converted!!! Have a great time and tell us all about it later! Cheers...ann