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    Yeah, the trusty Fenders were there all the time. Both Jazz Bass and Precision, though I haven't seen Glenn playing a Jazz Bass before the Blues album where he is also pictured on the back cover with a beautiful white one. The tour pics section is a good starting point to see what Glenn has been playing live in the recent years. Also on the studio pics and reports section he is seen in the studio playing an ESP bass during the sessions of ROCK, while "Building the Machine" was recorded using a Vigier GH signature model. Most recently he's been using Yamaha basses. And to conclude, I would use an old saying: It's not what you've got, it's how you use it :bow:

    Give him a broom stick with four strings and he'll deliver the same both growling and mellow bass sound that identifies him.

    P.S. We could also discuss amps here. Ampegs, Hiwatts, MarkBass etc.

    I was wondering how Glenn writes songs. Some songs are credited solely to him while others have co-writers. Glenn said he has written all the songs for the upcoming album. Does he write everything himself first and then give the other band members a credit based on the input they bring after Glenn has written the songs or does he really sit down with the guitarists and write together?

    The songs for the Hughes/Thrall II album were supposed to be written already. Satellite was one of these songs. Pat was not credited though while all previous Hughes/Thrall songs were co-written. This led me to believe Glenn writes everything himself before getting together with the other guys in the band and then gives them a credit if their contribution is significant enough.

    Very good post. Must admit that I've never thought of this the way you have nicely elaborated. I tend to take the credits as their are writen (exept for Burn where Glenn is uncredited :confused:) but now after agreeing with what you say, (that Glenn writes most of the stuff and credits the others for their contribution) I do look at this differently.

    Thanks :claphands

    Anybody else got other album title ideas?
    Bring 'em on!


    We probably have, but nothing that's more original than yours. So my vote goes for your title proposals Grace. Both of them :clapper:

    As for the songs, apart from Superstition and Play That Funky Music which I've already mentioned, I would also love to hear our boy sing:
    1. Sgt. Pepper - The Beatles
    2. Roxanne - Police

    there's more but I'll be nice stop here :D

    I'm sure the next album could use a bonus track :)

    Or two :cool:
    Come to think of it, a whole album of covers would be a real treat. I mean since the songs already exist and they only have to be re-recorded. Something like Fish's "Songs from a mirror" or Guns n Roses "Spaghetti Incident". I would give a kidney just to hear Glenn sing Wonder's Superstitious or Wild Cherry's Play that funky music, or... ah shut up you greedy bastard!
    OK one song then.

    Hi all you crazy GH people.

    It's been quite a while that I haven't posted nor have I been loged onto the forum. I see that I have missed so much. For the last couple of years I went through some difficult times in my life and finaly have managed to sort almost everything out, therefore I am happy to anounce my comeback to the forum. You have no idea how happy this forum makes me. I will try to read as much of the past posts as I can cause as I said I see that I have missed so much. I also missed all your birthday wishes you sent me for what I do apologise. I also missed the birth of Gabi Stanford the youngest GHCP. I missed Glenn's and all of your birthdays. Again I do apologise with all my heart.

    Anyway I am back now and will visit daily because as I said earlier, this forum, makes me happy.
    Life is good (again) :thumbup:

    Thank you all for the kind words and wishes :bow:
    I haven't been much of a frequent poster here but it's good to know that doesn't disqualify me for getting birthday wishes.
    Shirl, thanks for starting a new thread, and Grace I thought I had replied back then. Anyway I replied now. Thanks for your effort.

    It feels good to be 19 (cough cough) I mean 29, OK 39 :cool: