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    David & Shirean

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    What planet are you from ???

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    CHAT transcript - January 21st, 2007

    Dani California: hello

    gemini: hi all

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Hello!

    David: Hi everyone, Mel will be here momentarily :cool:

    Dani California: ok :)

    gemini: :)

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Hey Chip and Tony. I've got my lighter in the air!

    tony g: cool real cool

    gemini: hi boys

    Inmaculada: Hi there!!!

    Chip: Hello everyone.

    chutsler: Hello Chip

    Chip: Hi Chuck.

    gemini: hi mel

    tony g: hello all gh peoples

    Dani California: hello to everybody

    Inmaculada: Hi Mel!

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Hey Mel!

    chutsler: Hello Mel!!!

    Chip: Welcome Mel.

    Dani California: hi MEL

    Mel Galley: Hello Everyone, In fact WolfySmith is typing and i am supping the beer next to him :lol:

    tony g: great

    Dani California: WOW :)

    Inmaculada: :D

    Dani California: cheers :lol:

    David: Hi Mel - many thanks for taking the time today to join us here. And to you too Paul "wolfy" Smith for arranging it for us all.

    Chip: I'll start off my asking a question from fellow fan Todd, who is out of town today.....What are your recollections of touring with Justin Hayward and John Lodge as part of their Blue Jays band?

    gemini: hi mel can you please tell me is that a up to date pic please

    Strat335&TexasSusan: It's been a short 31 years since I've seen you, nice to see the new pics! My main question is who were your influences, guitar wise early on?

    captmidnite1962: Good afternoon everyone....

    Harry le chat: Hi Mel, hi everybody !!

    Chip: Hi Capt.

    tony g: mel have you been going through your tapes and can we expect to see any trapeze concerts from the seventies?

    Dani California: Mell thanks a lot for that you are here tonight with all of us :) :) :)

    Chip: you stole my question Tony..

    chutsler: It'd be nice if we give Mel a chance to answer....

    Inmaculada: I guess it was everybody's question!!

    Dani California: yes

    Mel Galley: Chip, Playing great songs that Justin wrote. Singing with him and the acoustic set we did.

    tony g: sorry chustler

    chutsler: no problem.....

    David: Shirean and I were at the Hard Rock Hotel again last night here in Orlando, and what were they playing as we walked into the Lobby?!?! "You Are The Music..." and later over dinner, we heard "Will Our Love End"! Very surreal, knowing you were going to be in the CHAT today :cool:

    Mel Galley: gemini, it was taken a few weeks ago. the full pic is on the site

    Pete: hey guys

    galley junior: hello everybody!

    captmidnite1962: Hello Pete...

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Howdy Pete.

    Harry le chat: Hi Pete

    Dani California: hi Pete

    Mel Galley: Influences Peter Green, Jeff Beck

    gemini: thank you mel. only your webmaster has got to me saying that someone is takeing you off saying it is you and i been taken in by it but i still love you xxxxxxxxxxx iam a big fan of whitesnake thank you for youe time mel keep on rocking xxxxxxxx

    Pete: hi Shirl

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Hey Shirl

    Chip: Hi Shirl

    Harry le chat: Hi Shirl !

    captmidnite1962: There she is....the Classic Rock lady!!l

    Dani California: hi Shirl :)

    Inmaculada: hi Shirl!!

    Shirl: Hi everyone - and a very warm welcome to Mel x

    Pete: hey's it goin

    Mel Galley: Tony, the manager of Trapeze, Tony Perry, has some Super8 films from when we played with The Stones and The Eagles. Carl Dunn has lots of video. But no actual plans at the moment to release them.

    Shirl: I don't have any technical questions for you Mel - cos I'm just the music fan, but just wondered how this 'renewed' interest in you via and MySpace has made you feel??

    gemini: sorry mel to be a pain but you say the full pic is on your site wish one love love tracey xxxxxxxxxx then iam off to let other people come on

    Inmaculada: oh it would be great if there were released

    captmidnite1962: Mel, a guitar question...I know you have played a variety of guitars over the years....Did you have one that was your absolute fave??

    chutsler: Mel, last week someone asked the question who played the keyboards on the "Hold On/Running" album. I figured it was Terry Rowley since he had a 'thank you' on the album cover. Wolfly said you think it was John 'Rabbit' Bundrick. How come Rab didn't get a credit on the album?

    tony g: we would all love to see them thanks for your answer mel

    galley junior: hey dad...erm...mel...haha...hi wolfie! my question is...other than the guitarists that played with trapeze, who would you have actually chosen? my money is on steve marriot

    Mel Galley: Shirl, very happy to know my music is still appreciated - and especially by a new audience via MySpace.

    Mel Galley: Capt, my Black Les Paul. you can see me playing in on the Whitesnake videos.

    Dani California: MEL, Glenn manager-Carl Swann is sent to you his best regards :)

    Chip: last question from Todd....what was the relationship between you (Trapeze) and John Lodge as a producer like, and the Moody Blues in general?

    Shirl: Thanks for that Mel.

    captmidnite1962: I thought so....I seem to remember seeing one such Les Paul on a rock memorabilia site....apparently you and John Thomas had both played it at one time

    Mel Galley: Number one son, Lowell George

    Pete: Mel have you ever experimented with different tunings on the guitar? and whats your opinion of todays de-tuned songs?

    galley junior: really?

    Harry le chat: Mel, a big thank you from France for being here tonight ..My question is simple : Any chance to see you play somewhere in the near future ?

    galley junior: his vocals would have been better ;)

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Lowell was funky enough alright. LOL

    Shirl: Nathalie - wouldn't that be something?

    Harry le chat: Shirl, ooooh yes my dear !!!

    Mel Galley: Chip, I stayed and worked with Justin on his solo album, but relationship with John was not the best, but he recognised our talent and we have him to thank for that.

    galley junior: justin still sounded good on the new war of the worlds show

    Mel Galley: Capt, i had 2 !

    captmidnite1962: I see..thanks Mel!!

    Mel Galley: Pete, always did open G or D tuning and used that on Trapeze tracks

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Which ones? Have I learned them the hard way? LOL

    Shirl: Would you be interested in writing a book of your career, Mel?

    tony g: mel how about any audio concerts or collection of rare songs?

    Strat335&TexasSusan: No wonder my damn fingers have aged!

    tony g: good question Shirl

    Mel Galley: Nathalie, i would love the opportunity, but sadly my arms dont agree

    Pete: cheers Mel

    Mel Galley: Son number 1. he would of been willing.

    chutsler: Mel, how about an instructional DVD showing how you played Trapeze tunes?

    Inmaculada: lol yes! I know a young boy who is learning to play guitar and sure he would love it!

    Mel Galley: Shirl, no one would believe it! :)

    chutsler: I know an OLD boy who would just like to see how Mel played them!

    Strat335&TexasSusan: A book would be great!

    Inmaculada: :lol:

    tony g: dont be too sure about that mr galley

    Harry le chat: Thanks for answering Mel. Hope to see you soon at a Glenn concert. Will you be at the London gig ?

    galley junior: haha...very true with dallas alice on backing vocals

    Shirl: They don't have to believe it Mel - so many would just want to share the good stuff (and the other stuff too :cool:

    Mel Galley: Roger, LOL. love you to death!

    conchita: good evening all!

    Pete: hi

    Harry le chat: Hi conchita !

    captmidnite1962: Oh oh...Invasion of the Ex New Yorkers!!

    Chip: Yo, Frank

    Inmaculada: Hi sister

    FCinnella: Hello all..

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Likewise, I guarantee!!

    Pete: heya Frank

    conchita: tee hee!

    FCinnella: First time for me doing this...should be a mess !!

    Mel Galley: Nathalie, unfortunately not.

    captmidnite1962: Have no fear Frank!

    tony g: its cool frank

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Since you stayed around in Texas for a while, can you do a better accent than Glenn? LOL

    Harry le chat: Ok then, maybe another time. Thanks again. I'm leaving now so that other people can come in.

    Mel Galley: Imna, nice artwork on your page.

    Shirl: You don't need to leave Nathalie - only when it gets to 25

    Inmaculada: oops! thanks so much!!

    Shirl: Inma's extremely talented

    Mel Galley: My US accent is pretty impressive, tho i say so myself. I lived in Dallas for 2 years

    captmidnite1962: Something about Texas and Trapeze...Rob Kendrick and Pete Wright both settled there

    Strat335&TexasSusan: That would do it the right way.

    conchita: I second the motion Shirl!

    Inmaculada: Please! let's talk about Mel!!

    FCinnella: I have been listening to the new clips on MySpace from Mel, and I am just blown away!!! Alos have been wearing out Phenonena are outstanding!

    Strat335&TexasSusan: I wondered about the Texas connection, was it because Bill Hamm is from here that you thinkk you got the air play here? Trapeze was extremely popular.

    FCinnella: Have to question why anyone would want to live in Texas (he said laughingly)

    Mel Galley: Thanks Frank. Have some more of the same Whitesnake backing tracks to come!

    Inmaculada: yes, the myspace idea was fantastic, to listen to all that fab music online! mainly many people who never did before!

    Pete: hey fantastic...can't wait

    captmidnite1962: Great to hear Mel....I look forward to hearing them

    FCinnella: do realize you are too talented to be ignored ?!

    Harry le chat: Bye everybody, Mel thanks again for your time.

    FCinnella: great Mel, that will be wonderful.

    conchita: Tell her Frank - I've been telling her for YEARS!

    Inmaculada: ok ok, one comment more and I leave!! loooool

    Pete: tee hee

    Mel Galley: Roger and Susan, Bill was the label rep for Threshold when we first got to Texas and thats how we first met. he stayed a good friend. But all three of us loved Texas - especially Austin.

    Chip: Good question Roger and Susan. I grew up in the midwest and Trapeze were very popular. They are still played on the radio in St. Louis. Mel, any thoughts on why Trapeze didn't catch on in other parts of the country?

    FCinnella: Now that we have all the former New Yorkers here we can gang up on anyone we want, right Bill and conchita...

    captmidnite1962: Austin has always been a hip college town....

    galley junior: what song did you always want to cover and drop into the live set?

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Susan and I are thinking of moving to Austin, I lived there for a while, also. Still a great live music town.

    FCinnella: Chip, I had no idea you were from St. Louis area...

    captmidnite1962: You got it Frank..let's go to Wetson's!

    conchita: fuggheddabautit :D

    FCinnella: YO Yo Yo..any hard times and youz guyz iz meat!!

    David: Mel - can you tell us about the early years touring the USA with Trapeze - it must have been a real trip, as you played places not a lot of British bands of the time had ever visited - there must be lots of stories :) Do please share :p

    Mel Galley: David, the early days with Glenn and Dave were great as the band took off in the South and at the time there werent any US bands playing down there. now and then we stopped for a rest and a drink and some food in the sticks. Great Days! We were threatend a few times till they found out we were English. it was our long hair!

    David: The accent won them over ;) Have come across that myself in some Southern parts in my early years over here - shot guns were put down and conversation flowed - very wierd experience, eh :lol: :eek:

    chutsler: Mel, do you remember playing in a bandshell outside the city of Annapolis, Maryland in September of '72? The venue was called McGonigle's Seaside Park.....

    captmidnite1962: Everyone..DUCK!!

    Grace: hello everyone!

    FCinnella: Hey Grace !!!

    Pete: hey Grace

    tony g: mel do you remember anything about the memphis bandshell on the cover of YOU ARE THE MUSic ?

    Inmaculada: hi Grace!

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Hi Grace!

    tony g: i gotta go to that place now

    Shirl: Hello Grace - seems forever since we spoke.

    Chip: See Mel...this is why you and Glenn need to each do a book and get these stories out there :lol:

    Mel Galley: Chip, USA is so big and at the time southern and middle states radio would play us - but not the east or west coasts.

    captmidnite1962: Just to LISTEN to Glenn tell a story...he is a riot!!

    Grace: we harassing Mel about writing his autobiography.....GOOD :lol:

    FCinnella: A book sounds like a great idea. There is alot of history and travels to fill hundreds of pages.

    conchita: hi Grace!

    Mel Galley: Son no 1 - alex harvey - faith healer.

    captmidnite1962: San Antonio was also a great city for bands like Trapeze...I used to hear them on 99.5 KISS on a regular basis

    galley junior: why was that never done? i went to see them last week

    FCinnella: Mel, that is the trouble in the USA with radio...region by region is totally different

    galley junior: obv'ly without the man himself

    Mel Galley: chutsler - Yes used to love playing the old bandshells

    chutsler: Trapeze was played on the radio in Baltimore!

    Shirl: I'm signing out now everyone. Love to you all. Mel - thanks for the comments. God bless x

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Do you remember playing the Houston Colliseum?

    Grace: what you said is true, Mel.....I never heard Trapeze on New York radio, (my home town) definitely a southern thing

    Inmaculada: bye Shirl! xoxoxo

    FCinnella: SAHB Faith Healer... "let me put my hands on you" ..Wow. how about Tomahawk Kid or Give My Compliments to the Chef!?

    Mel Galley: Tony - Overton Park was a GREAT venue. think we played it twice.

    tony g: swamp snake

    tony g: cool i might go there again this year - i hope to see it

    captmidnite1962: Great news about Overton is being restored!

    galley junior: out of all the artists that have said what an influence you and trapeze have been, has any one made you stop in your tracks and have a moment?

    chutsler: I know I'm going to get bricks thrown at me for asking......any contact with Dave?

    Mel Galley: Chip, playing with Dr John one night and the promoter thought he could get away without paying us. Dr J came in to our dressing room and told Tony Perry "come with me". he had a shotgun - we got paid! :)

    Grace: I believe that that's called "Texas" Justice.

    FCinnella: There seems to be so few decent venues anymore. I remember the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh had tremendous sound. Did you ever get a chance to play there?/

    tony g: great story

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Dr. John is from New Orleans, but that's just E. Texas.

    Inmaculada: what has been said... a biography book will be worth!!

    conchita: Sounds like Sicilian justice as well!

    Dani California: hi again :)

    Chip: No doubt....looking down the barrell of a shotgu n, I would have paid you double.

    Pete: a shotgun!!!! looolllaa

    FCinnella: I believe that is "Grace-style" Justice :D

    Mel Galley: Frank, yes radio in US needs to broaden its airplay, but still, in the early years was WAY AHEAD of UK radio which never played proper rock.

    Grace: OOPS....yeah, the Texans learned it from the Italians!

    Inmaculada: :D

    captmidnite1962: Grace has more in common with Keith Moon....and his affinity for axes!

    FCinnella: And we taught well!!

    Grace: nope...just a quiet ax

    FCinnella: WNEW in New York was the only place to get good UK rock in the early 70s. Sometime WLIR threw us a bone, but I found Things from England at 2:00 AM to be the best listening.

    captmidnite1962: That's true Mel regarding the BBC...other bands like Savoy Brown for example, couldn't get arrested in the UK..but they were a big live draw in the States

    Grace: OK, OK, before the Knights of Columbus come after me, somebody wanna' tell me if we have convinced Mel that his music is VERY WELL REMEMBERED AND APPRECIATED, or does wolfysmith have to beat Mel some more with a stick?

    FCinnella: Good point Bill!!

    tony g: it was triad in chicago

    conchita: WNEW...RIP!

    Mel Galley: Houston Colusseum was one of my FAVOURITE gigs. small hall next door where we first played which holds lots of memories. played there with Joe Walsh who threw his guitar at his amp because he tried to cut our set and audience still calling for TRAPEZE. he was really pissed off.

    captmidnite1962: Ah yes...WNEW and the late Scott Muni!

    conchita: The Professor!

    Pete: hey thats dirty tricks

    Strat335&TexasSusan: I'm not just saying this, you guys rocked the Colliseum...I mean, slayed....

    Pete: from JW

    chutsler: Mel, that's another great story!! You really should consider doing the book!!

    captmidnite1962: Glenn tells a story about Trapeze opening for the James Gang...the second night they were afraid to let you guys go on..cuz you went over so well!

    Mel Galley: chutsler - Dave who - Coverdale or Holland?

    FCinnella: I remember REO pulling a stunt like that one night on tThe Sweet...They had the amps turned off during an encore, and then half the crowd up and left before REO could even get set up.

    chutsler: Mel, sorry, Holland......

    Chip: Right on chutsler....several great stories in just a matter of minutes.

    Grace: today's radio DJs seem so mediocre today, or maybe they have a song set list, determined by the marketing department, and they don't have the freedom to play new, unknown groups?

    FCinnella: Hey Chip...Spring Training around the corner...I expect to be down in March, up for a few games ??

    Mel Galley: Grace :D

    Chip: Sure Frank. Seems most of baseball is moving their spring training to Arizona :D

    FCinnella: You are right Grace...syndicated and taped BS shows are all that's out there.

    FCinnella: OK Chip, I will e-mail you with weekends I will be down and we can get together.

    Chip: Sounds good Frank.

    conchita: that is of course if radio doesn't disappear for good.....

    Strat335&TexasSusan: One classic rock station in Houston plays Trapeze once in a while.

    Inmaculada: yep Grace! unfortunately very true, here it's the same, the last good radio stations have fallen to the market thing too

    Grace: just to get serious for a moment, Mel, it's a great thrill for us GH crazy people to talk to you, I hope that you'll find lots of "goodies" from the cardboard boxes in your attic, basement and garage for us. AND WHEN'S THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY GONNA' BE WRITTEN?

    chutsler: We have a few 'progressive' radio stations that don't have a set playlist.....

    tony g: its all corporations and stock prices guys

    captmidnite1962: In San had the late Joe Anthony...hehad a killer show on Saturday night..

    Pete: Mel which gig would you say was most satisfying where everything...playing,crowd,sound etc. was just right?

    Chip: Mel...did you have anything to do with the cover for Running...the import version of Hold On? :D

    Mel Galley: Capt. we did a matinee and a late show. on the matinee we had 45 minutes. but were so popular James Gang management cut our set to 20 minutes for the late show. Red Rag to the Bull! we put heart and soul into those 20 minutes and the crowd would not shut up. this is why Joe threw his guitar. I remembered it was called Houston Music Hall - i think!

    captmidnite1962: That's cool Mel!!

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Yes, The Music Hall.

    galley junior: if he doesn't wirte a book, i've got a serious collection of photographs going back to day, i am open to bribery! ;)

    Mel Galley: Grace, Tom has most of it!

    Inmaculada: :D

    chutsler: Someone has to get Tom to put out an archival boxset!!

    Chip: Whatever you want galley junior :D

    tony g: mel these things need to see the light of day

    galley junior: hey hey....lets talk!

    galley junior: ;)

    Grace: You know, Mel......anytime that you're confused about a concert date, or song listing ......the Trapeze research team (most of them here, now) will correct any confusion that you might have...ha, ha (This should help in checking facts for the book - one author - you, a hundred editors - them) :)

    Inmaculada: we all could do a collect and put all the stuff here! lol

    Strat335&TexasSusan: G. Jr. I wonder if you realized how influential your father's music is, or when you did?

    Mel Galley: Pete, nice to "see" you again. where's Achim? The Fox Theatre in Dallas just before Glenn joined Purple. i think it was called that. We had to do about 4 or 5 encores. at that point although the band were on the verge of going up a league in terms of venues etc, glenn left which you could understand.

    galley junior: i always have to be honest, i am a v big fan of the first few albums

    galley junior: could have done with a beter drummer tho ;)

    Mel Galley: Chip, i wish applied the make up :D

    Grace: junior's open to bribery? HOORAY

    Pete: honoured to see again Mel..Achim can't with us tonight.How did the Donnington gig fair?

    Mel Galley: Son number one, send me some!

    Chip: :D

    galley junior: depends...if i get a better offer from these guys!

    captmidnite1962: Hey Chip..make sure wolfy gets a lot of pics of the Trapezeum when he is there!

    Chip: Capt..I think Wolfy has been instructed to do so.

    galley junior: has anyone got a 'nickel & dime' tour shirt?

    Mel Galley: Son number 1, son number 2 has one!

    galley junior: no way!? gutted. right, who wants the pics?

    captmidnite1962: What is the Nickel and Dime tour??

    Mel Galley: Son, if i dont get photos, i will put your Paddington Bear up for auction! :D

    chutsler: I was hoping someone would ask that question...

    galley junior: it was the tour of the states in the early 80's with stave bray on drums

    FCinnella: Thanks for the time guys, but I gotta time I will be a bit more prepared.

    captmidnite1962: Thanks GJ..I was curious

    Strat335&TexasSusan: LOL :D

    Chip: See ya Frank..take care.

    captmidnite1962: Take care me at Lum's!

    FCinnella: Mel, cannot thank you enough for your time and insights...Thanks

    Inmaculada: bye Frank! and thanks for your comment about Livia!

    Pete: cya Frank

    galley junior: anyone online from kansas?

    conchita: bye frank!

    Mel Galley: called Nickel and dime due to budget. but should have been called wing and a prayer! :D

    galley junior: lol

    Pete: loooooooolll

    captmidnite1962: Oh man..that is funny!

    tony g: damm

    galley junior: or...we've had to settle for boiler wilcox's old drummer? but that wouldn't fit on poster would it! ;)

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Do you still have your SG?

    Pete: Mel did the band have much input regarding album covers?

    captmidnite1962: Regarding Kansas..I think tony g is closest! LOL!!

    tony g: mel are you still writing music ?

    tony g: chicago bears here

    galley junior: bidding starts with a jayhawks vest...that'll get at least a handfull of pics...and insider gossip

    Chip: Junior's cheap :D

    galley junior: i've called worse

    Strat335&TexasSusan: But enterprising!

    galley junior: or been called ...even

    Mel Galley: Roger and Susan, I wish! i swapped it for my first black Les Paul in PA, and the guy asked me for $10 for the case! i'd love to know where it is now.

    Strat335&TexasSusan: So would I!! LOL

    Chip: I meant your prices were cheap junior....not you :)

    galley junior: ok then, tics for the next tool tour...we'll start there ;)

    Mel Galley: Pete, no not really. we werent given a choice.

    galley junior: is hot wire your fave cover then?

    Pete: i see...spinal tap and the black album...maybe

    Pete: no choice

    Mel Galley: Hot Wire is my favourite cover.

    chutsler: I was always partial to "Running"....

    galley junior: it features in a lot of classic album cover collection books

    Grace: Mel, do you come often/at all to the US?

    galley junior: chutsler....dirty rotter!

    galley junior: haha

    Grace: I think your next trip across the pond

    captmidnite1962: Mel..I only found out from Glenn in 2003 that "Good Love" and "Dat's It" were cut for what would have been the 4th Trapeze album with Glenn...Glenn said "Dat's It" was an instrumental because he never got round to writing lyrics for it..

    chutsler: :)

    Mel Galley: for all of you on Myspace, galley junior's band Shigeru has a page. quick plug

    galley junior: cheers

    Pete: coool

    Strat335&TexasSusan: I will check it out!

    Mel Galley: Grace, not as often as i would love to.

    Inmaculada: sure I'll do too!

    Grace: OOPS....I think that your next trip "across the pond" might prove interesting if you should happen to visit Phoenix/Scottsdale. I think that you MIGHT get a free ride in a car that has "Trapeze" for a license plate.

    galley junior: can i have a pic of the plate please Grace?

    tony g: Chip?

    Chip: I won't even charge Mel for gas :D

    Grace: But if you get invited to sleep in the Imperial Guest Suite at the Charlton residence, while visiting the Trapeze shrine....WATCH OUT! Chip will keep you as a souvenir!

    Inmaculada: Galley Jr. can I ask you who is your favorite drummer?

    Chip: I'll get you a pic of my plate Junior.

    galley junior: sure can, i have a few, bonham, cozy powell (god bless) danny carey, stephen perkins

    Strat335&TexasSusan: What music do you like to kick back and listen to, Mel?

    Grace: just go (here) to the personal file on Chip.....the pooch is wearing a Glenn Hughes t-shirt, and there's a picture of the license plate.....or maybe Chip will e-mail a copy of the picture to you

    Mel Galley: Capt, i didnt find time either but had Jerry Hoff (head of Threshold) not cut our budget, they were supposed to be U R the Music album tracks as we had other songs. That was one of them that should have been on it.

    captmidnite1962: Thanks for the info Mel! I had no idea!

    Inmaculada: hehe what you think of Paice? I'm gonna see him next week in concert

    galley junior: he's ok, should stop with the wig tho ;)

    chutsler: I always thought Good Love was a You Are the Music outtake....

    Inmaculada: :D :D :D

    tony g: i envy you inma

    Mel Galley: If im in Scottsdale, it would great to see that plate and take a ride.

    captmidnite1962: You mean Paicey has a dead animal on his head???

    Inmaculada: he comes with Matt Filippini, it will be a good concert for sure

    galley junior: haha, well....

    tony g: pis inma please!!!!!!

    Strat335&TexasSusan: If you come to Texas, you know who to call.

    Inmaculada: I'll try lol!!

    captmidnite1962: John Hackney said that Pete Wright still lives in San Antonio...he is allegedly a bartender

    Mel Galley: Paice :D God bless you son!

    Mel Galley: Pete Wright lives in Dallas and works in one of the top restaurants. Bill Clinton ate there.

    galley junior: but he didn't inhale?

    chutsler: yeah,but Monica did!

    captmidnite1962: That is cool...thanks for the clarification

    Mel Galley: Mel is just going for a quick cigarette break!

    galley junior: if anyone has a myspace, and has some good link is on my dads page

    Inmaculada: yep I just requested you, great stuff indeed!!!

    Chip: ...a cigarette break? Sounds like someone else on this site we know :D

    captmidnite1962: I saw it GJ....your comment was funny about it being cheaper than a stamp!

    Pete: Mel have you ever had a brilliant riff in your head and by the time you have the time to rough record it...its forgotten?...hope that makes sense!

    galley junior: right...he's out of the room...lets have some fun!

    Grace: you know.....I thought it was a wig, when I saw DP close up, after a NY show at the Beacon Theater, as they were leaving, but I didn't complain, because I used to wear my hair in that exact same hair style, but no bangs, though :D

    David: Yeah, but he has beer :)

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Are you also a guitar player? I'm going to check it out when I get out of here.

    Chip: :D

    David: Thanks again Paul for getting this all together for us :thumbsup:

    galley junior: i do play yeah, but i'd never be as good as dad so i kind of picked up on a load of tips from cozy

    Pete: yes many thanks Paul

    galley junior: and started playing drums

    captmidnite1962: What a teacher to have, eh?

    galley junior: drums even

    Chip: Yeah Paul...good work your doing. Your fingers tired yet?

    galley junior: yeah, i am v lucky

    chutsler: Junior, what do you think of Simon Kirke?

    Mel Galley: Mel is really enjoying it. Carling is being restocked as we speak!

    galley junior: damn good, not too fussy

    chutsler: my sentiments exactly!

    Pete: loooooool...cheers to ya Mel

    galley junior: did anyone see the last few trapeze shows?

    chutsler: You mean the reunion shows?

    Grace: hey everybody.....should we OR shouldn't we ask Mel HOW COME he had to pay for tickets when Whitesnake was doing a show nearby Mel's hometown? Was that a communication mix-up???? Or just a rumor that Mel was never in Whitesnake, so he was just audience ?

    Chip: I saw Trapeze in St. Louis during the 94 tour, junior.

    Grace: What's the story on that ? DC's life depends on the correct answer to this.

    chutsler: I have a video of the Robin Hood's show....

    Strat335&TexasSusan: I last saw Trapeze in '76, but the memory is a little smoky, I mean hazy.

    galley junior: hey john!

    David: Welcome hackney, not in Memphis yet :)

    Grace: Personally, I think that it was an outrage!!! :(

    galley junior: is it a good vid?

    tony g: good one roger

    Chip: Hi John

    Pete: hey John

    chutsler: It's fair....ask Chip I sent him a copy...

    hackney: Welcome to cyberspace dude!

    captmidnite1962: Hello John..great to see you!

    Mel Galley: HACKERS! your watched stopped! :D

    galley junior: can you make out the underwear being chucked on stage?

    galley junior: i wonder who did that?

    galley junior: ;)

    Chip: Yes, the Robin Hood video isn't too bad. Very cool actually.

    Mel Galley: John, you sent Wolfy those answers yet?

    chutsler: I think there's a scene where Glenn catches something from the audience...

    hackney: I've just recovered from the matcch between united and those cockneys!

    Pete: ooopppsss

    galley junior: haven't you started to follow a local team yet?

    Pete: ah well Liverpool did you a fav

    galley junior: come on me babbies! ;)

    Dani California: hi

    Inmaculada: hi again!

    hackney: They'll be in the post tmorrow pal

    Mel Galley: Robin hood show was not as good as the band were after a few shows in USA later on. then the video would have been good. Sadly the last shows we ever played. They were great shows tho i say so myself.

    Dani California: hi mel

    galley junior: the london borderline show was my fave

    chutsler: Mel, a friend of mine Will Johnston took the video...I thought it was great!

    galley junior: apart from idiot that tried to pinch the rat pedal!

    Chip: Remember the St. Louis show Mel....with the spinning stage.

    chutsler: He also sent me a tour shirt!

    Chip: I have a video of the St. Louis show.

    captmidnite1962: GJ..was that the show that was released as Welcome To he Real World ?

    Mel Galley: wolves lost :mad:

    galley junior: yeah i think it was

    galley junior: released without the bands say so, if i remember right

    hackney: Is Galley Jnr Marcus?

    captmidnite1962: I am not sure if you can even buy it any longer

    galley junior: it is!

    Mel Galley: Chip, it was videoed. have u or anyone got it. it was a great show. filmed by two cameras. i dont have a copy so please contact wolfy if anyone does.

    hackney: By the way, do you remember the brown bombers in the Enclosure at Molineux?

    hackney: How R u Godson!!

    galley junior: thatand standing on a beer crate every other tuesday night! lol

    galley junior: i'm good, how is my fave god parent?

    Chip: My copy of the St. Louis show isn't what the venue shot, sadly. I'll get a copy to Wolfy though.

    tony g: cameras and not bootlegged from the audience mel?

    hackney: Not bad for an old git!

    Grace: Chip...........don't send anything to Mel. EXCHANGE a Trapeze video for the first few chapters of the book instead! :)

    Mel Galley: He can bring it back with him Chip. I dont know who has the video tapes.

    Chip: tony g...I remember seeing one of the cameras Mel mentions. Would love to have a copy of that.

    tony g: god would that be great!!!!!!!!!

    Mel Galley: Yes tony. filmed by the promoters in the auditorium by two good cameras.

    tony g: why do people film things they never plan to release?

    hackney: It's incredible that there is so little live footage around.

    Inmaculada: yep true!!

    captmidnite1962: Ask the Hard Rock that question Tony!

    Mel Galley: Grace :D

    Strat335&TexasSusan: I just wanted to ask if playing in a three piece came easy to you, cause I know how hard it is to play rhythm and lead.

    chutsler: Especially from the 70's!

    David: what about the BBC recordings back in 72/73 - were they just audio? Thought there were some OGWT appearances too?

    Chip: ....or the Colour Me Pop appearance...

    Mel Galley: I will send the first paragraph to you Grace. Love Melville :)

    Dani California: hi again :)

    David: yeah, Colour Me Pop must be in an archive somewhere.

    tony g: or house of blues capt

    Dani California: i was talk on the phone with GABI HUGHES

    captmidnite1962: John Ogden was a guest on those BBC recordings...

    Pete: hi Dani

    Dani California: BUT NOW I AM BACK

    tony g: cool

    hackney: Mel, you did 3 or 4 Old Grey Whistle Tests ? they MUST be somewhere???

    tony g: all that footage would be a great 1 or 2 dvds

    Grace: Yeah, Mr. Galley :D WRITE THE BOOK, HUNNY!

    Mel Galley: Roger, we had great 3 piece bands in those days. Townsend, Ralphs, Kossoff and us were a generation of players that found the music best that way. Uncomplicated and melodic.

    galley junior: didn't the BBC record over all the whisle test fooage?

    Dani California: Mel i am happy that i have a chance to talk with you here :)

    Grace: Hey, this guy is easy to scare....GREAT!

    captmidnite1962: Hey Mel..I don't know if you know the answer to this or not...are the master tapes for the first 3 Trapeze albums missing? There has been debate as to what the source tapes were for the various CD reissues.

    hackney: Well I want my licence fee back!

    Dani California: Mel you have a lot of fans here in BULGARIA :)

    David: Mel - what was the idea/thinking.... towards the end of Glenn's time in the band, about him switching to rhythm guitar from the bass?

    David: I know - should probably ask him that one - but just curious :)

    Mel Galley: Unfortunately BBC wiped a lot of stuff in those days to reuse. there must be something out there. during Bluejays the support singer was Adj Webber and me and Terry Rowley did OGWT from Bristol with her. We played guitar.

    hackney: Didn't you do a show with the Bluejays? I seem to remember being there? or was it just on TOTPs?

    tony g: you know its gone for sure Mel?

    Mel Galley: Capt, first 3 Threshold tapes were kept in a garage along with the Moody Blues masters and suffered from frost, damp and mice. Just a ditty, when rehearsing for Bluejays at Twickenham, John Lodge thought his bass sounded fuzzy, so i took back off speaker and found mice nesting there!

    Grace: Seriously, Mel, anything that you can find PLUS the right amount of noise to publicise these recordings, and you won't have just a bunch of GHCPs screaming for this stuff. There's gotta be a gazillion Trapeze fans in the UK who would GRAB this a "New York" minute.

    Mel Galley: Hello Bulgaria :)

    Pete: mice!!!!!!!!!!

    Grace: do we laugh or cry with THIS story?

    Pete: another story for the book

    Strat335&TexasSusan: That's what I was thinking.

    hackney: I emailed Whispering Bob's website about the Trapeze appearances sometime last year but got no response.

    Dani California: HELLO MEL

    galley junior: similar creatures are to be found nesting under ian paice's hair at this time of year

    Inmaculada: true! and sure loads more unkown!

    David: What do you remember about the "Appreciation" shows in 1976 - you played some awesome material which eventually ended up on Glenn's debut solo album. Having heard a bootleg of one of those shows, they sounded like the band had never split, just awesome performances by all involved.

    tony g: thats good to know David

    Mel Galley: Junior, Daddy says got to bed!

    chutsler: Were the "appreciation" shows when Glenn briefly reunited with the band?

    David: Yes, chutsler, that's correct.

    captmidnite1962: Regarding the tapes, Mel..that is a shame!

    Strat335&TexasSusan: I saw the show, it was awesome. We were surprised that Glenn was there, but boy, the energy was incredible.

    Grace: Somehow, I don't think that junior will be receiving a free gift package to any Deep Purple shows in the future. Just a guess on my part.

    galley junior: not while there is fum to be had

    galley junior: hmmm me neither

    Mel Galley: David, truthfully, that was the hottest the band EVER was. Unfortunately as much i love him, Glenn wasnt in a good state of mind at the time. thankfully he is so much better now, but if we could have carried the electricity of those shows on, we could have known no bounds.

    Mel Galley: Terry Rowley mixed the sound and also was one of the unseen best members of Trapeze as he wrote most of the orchestral things for us and played bits of keyboard and everything. as well as being in the original lineup.

    Grace: and I don't think that you'll end up as "Hairdresser to the Stars"!

    galley junior: lol

    chutsler: Mel, I can't tell you how let down I felt when Glenn left to join Deep Purple....

    galley junior: i just paid 8 pounds for a brand new sealed vinyl copy of Medusa of ebay!

    Grace: Mel..........the great thing about the future is that anything is possible. Who knew that Glenn and Tony Iommi would get together after 20 years, and release the DEP Sessions, and collaborate to give us the "Fused" album? You just might find yourself in a studio with our boy someday again.....

    galley junior: the seller thought i was lying when he saw my surname and that i didn't own it already

    Pete: looooooooooool

    Strat335&TexasSusan: That's hilarious!

    Pete: 8 pounds...bloody 'ell!!!!

    galley junior: i was robbed!

    captmidnite1962: Mel, do you know where Pete Mackie is these days/i know he was only in Trapeze for what seemed like 15 minutes....David pointed out that he and Pete Goalby played together in Fable..a fact of which I was unaware

    Pete: looooooooooooooooool

    tony g: i got it 10 dollars us at a record show

    conchita: be thankful he didn't reconsider and charge you an astronomical price!

    Pete: what was 2.50 pounds when first issued?

    hackney: The show at the Robin Hood at that time was just dynamite

    Mel Galley: Capt, Pete Mackie was never in Trapeze.

    galley junior: he asked me to get it signed & sell it him back!

    David: Mel can you name your favourite gear over the years -whether live or studio - Amps, Effects, Guitars - we have a lot "gear heads" who visit the site :)

    Inmaculada: :D

    Pete: loooooool for about 1000 pounds

    Inmaculada: or more!

    Mel Galley: Thats really funny son! :D

    galley junior: i forged your signature and made a fortune!

    captmidnite1962: OK..therein lies the mystery...he was the bassist who was going to play when Glenn was going to switch to guitar...

    galley junior: lol - not really

    Pete: loooool nice one

    Grace: hey................YOUR name is Galley, too. You could have signed it yourself.

    Strat335&TexasSusan: I seem to remember Hiwatt and no effects when saw you, but I could be wrong.

    David: Didn't Mackie play live at a gig or two with the band in '74/75?

    Strat335&TexasSusan: But I'm real curious about the gear, too.

    Mel Galley: David, either my SG or Les Paul. My very old Marshall Head. or Vox Ac30 in the studio. My favourite i loved using was the Leslie Cabinet from the Hammond organ i pinched from George Harrison.

    David: :D

    galley junior: name dropper! what about the rat pedal?

    David: Thanks Mel

    chutsler: Now there's another story!!

    Chip: :D

    Grace: ..................gosh, when the man drops names........he drops names, huh?

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Do you happen to remember what you played the Coast to Coast solo through?

    Mel Galley: David not that i remember.

    David: ok, thanks for the clarification :thumbsup:

    Chip: See how easy writing a book would be :lol: I hope Glenn reads this transcript

    galley junior: and me! can i tell my glenn story dad?

    David: You can use the CHAT transcript as a first "draft" :)

    tony g: i saw a george harrison guitar go for 45000 dollars yesterday

    Inmaculada: yep! and Paul is becoming an expert typist!! :)

    captmidnite1962: Hmm...Chris Charlesworth needs to be set straight about Mister mackie then!

    David: he's obviously not drinking as no typos yet :)

    hackney: Talking of books, any news from the guys in New York that gave you the Les Paul?

    chutsler: Bill, was that info in his Deep Purple bio?

    captmidnite1962: Eric Claptonm still holds the record for auctioning a guiotar though...a kings ransom for Blackie I think!

    Chip: I saw that too Tony...that auction took place just down the road from my house. Sir George Martin was there too selling stuff for his charities. Should have went to it instead of lying aroung the house.

    Mel Galley: Roger, did have Hiwatt but not for long and when joining Whitesnake went down to Marshall factory and they wanted us to use new amps. after testing them, Jim Marshall was there and i said i didnt like them so he asked what i was using and i still had my old 100 watt Marshall heads. So Jim suggested he put my equipment inside the new ones so it looked like i was using them!

    captmidnite1962: Yes it was the liner notes to the DP box set "Listen'Learn,Read on.."

    Strat335&TexasSusan: LOL!!

    Grace: the prices on "Antiques Roadshow" (a US TV show) for guitars is long as it's Fender or Gibson, of course

    David: classic story!

    captmidnite1962: Chuck..sorry!

    Pete: hey thats brilliant

    David: originally a British show by the way, Grace ;)

    tony g: it costs 500 hundred just to bid there Chip - but i would love to see all the cars

    Pete: yes nice theme music

    chutsler: Bill, if I'm not mistaken...I think it's in Pete Frame's Family Trees.....

    Chip: Yeah, Tony, you have to have a letter from your bank stating you have the money to bid. Don't think I'll ever be a bidder....only window shopping.

    captmidnite1962: It is...on the left hand need the eyes of a sharpshooter to read it though!

    Strat335&TexasSusan: What about that Glenn story, Jr.?

    David: yeah, I've read that many places too....saying he played bass when Pete Goalby took over the vocalist spot - but only for a gig or two...time to correct the history books, eh!

    conchita: yes Jr - do tell the Glenn story!

    galley junior: my dad would tell me off! i'll email it you!

    captmidnite1962: Sure David..those accursed urban legends!!

    galley junior: what time does the chat run till?

    David: About 2 minutes ago galley junior :)

    David: If Mel is ok with continuing - it's no problem for us.

    tony g: yes galley jr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hackney: David, if you are checking on the boozers out there look at chutsler and my efforts tonight for typos! LOL

    Inmaculada: hehe yes we all are waiting for it!

    Mel Galley: NO! Pete Mackie definately never played in Trapeze. And I should kmow! Pete Wright played bass but not Pete Mackie.

    captmidnite1962: Thanks for settling that Mel!!

    David: Thanks for clarifying - will update our little Trapeze bio then :)

    gemini: hi again but can you please give me your official website please i just can not found it please mel xxx

    David: see a book would solve the puzzle ;) (happy Grace) :p

    Mel Galley: Mel has gone to the little boys room, but says another 15 minutes is ok. Save some questions for another chat in the future.

    David: Thanks Paul.

    tony g: chicago bears 9 no 0

    Chip: Spending a penny is he?

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Thanks Paul, great job, well appreciated.

    captmidnite1962: Seeing a man about a duck??

    Chip: :D

    tony g: yes great work wolfysmith

    galley junior: i can't believe he is still awake this late!

    Pete: looooooooool

    Inmaculada: :D

    captmidnite1962: It's what..22:00 there now?

    hackney: See what I mean Chuts...whatever!

    Mel Galley: gemini, is that you Tracey? I will contact you thru Myspace later

    chutsler: Draining a vein?

    galley junior: just after 9 capt'

    Inmaculada: nope it has to be 21:05 if I am not wrong

    chutsler: John, I haven't had anything to drink today...

    gemini: yes it is Mel thank you so much love you lots xxxxx

    Chip: Who's driving who home Wolfy?

    captmidnite1962: OK ..I was thinking Paris!

    galley junior: make Dad get the bus

    Mel Galley: Well its past your bedtime too young man!

    galley junior: young man!?! i'm bloody 34!

    Inmaculada: ooff! healthy family! :)

    Mel Galley: :D

    Strat335&TexasSusan: This has been a great honor, Mel. Thanks for taking time.

    galley junior: sorry, that lifts the lid on your showbiz age doesn't it lol

    tony g: so does mel still write music or does he just hang out and relax all day

    chutsler: Mel, just want to say what a pleasure it's been....I've been a big fan ever since the first album!! Thanks for the opportunity to talk to you...and thanks to Wolfy!! Cheers, guys!!!

    captmidnite1962: I am off folks...And Mel...I know this online chat can be daunting...imagine being in a chair blindfolded and a a roomfull of people are firing questions at you....Thank you SO much for your time..and your tales!!

    Mel Galley: gemini, i will say something about this imposter on this site next week to let people know.

    Inmaculada: yep! thanks so much Mel for taking the time to talk with us! a real honor!! and thanks Paul for making it, and David & Shirean for giving us the place to do it!!

    gemini: thank you Mel, i tell you he is in my bikes club and when people found out will i not say lol, i have got a pic of him and his address if you are doing something about it, love you thanks Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Mel Galley: Tony, walk my dog named Fannie thru Cannock Chase and have discovered a new kind of love.

    conchita: Thanks for sharing some amazing stories Mel!

    tony g: cool Mel it sounds great to me

    Pete: yep thanks Mel (the great man) and Paul - this chat has been awsome

    Strat335&TexasSusan: That would be great, I'd really appreciate it.

    Inmaculada: BOOK ON DEMAND!!! loool

    Chip: Please join us again someday Mel. Thanks for stopping by to chat with us. Thanks Wolfy for all you hardwork.

    David: The invitation is open should Mel wish to come back again sometime.

    Pete: and to Jnr too

    galley junior: if anyone wants to message me thru myspace...we'll start the bidding war on those pics! ;)

    gemini: thanks mel love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Chip: Junior...we'll talk about your bribes later :D

    Mel Galley: Thank you to all of you who asked questions or just stayed in the background. it has been really fun and enjoyable. I would love to do another one later in the year.

    hackney: Shame on you! Mr C. I think I'm confusing you with Capt Midnight!!!

    Strat335&TexasSusan: Thanks Mel, and thanks for the comment on My Space! Bye

    Dani California: THANK YOU MEL :)

    Mel Galley: and good night son. shame son number 2 couldnt make it.

    conchita: thank you Mel!


    Mel Galley: Good night from Cannock, Staffordshire, England!

    tony g: yes thanks for answering so many questions mel -i trully apreciate it - and thanks to David and wolfysmith!!!!!!!!

    chutsler: Mr. Hackney, I'm not the Captain....cheers.

    galley junior: yeah, we could have had tag team mischief

    Inmaculada: thanks so much Mel!! lots of love xoxoxoxo

    David: Thanks again Mel - look forward to your next visit.

    Dani California: GOOD NIGHT MEL :)

    David: Bye!

    Pete: and thanks to David & Shirean too

    Dani California: BYE :)

    Inmaculada: yep!

    David: No worries Pete :)

    galley junior: anyone wants to keep in touch....

    tony g: thanks everyone god bless all gh peoples everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    galley junior: i'm on my dads friend list

    Chip: Thanks David.

    Inmaculada: ok time to watch the final part of the match!! haha

    Pete: cool

    tony g: cool see ya

    Inmaculada: thanks to all and good nite!!! xoxoxoxox

    Dani California: THANK YOU David :)

    captmidnite1962: Don't worry John...people confuse Chip and I all the time.... :)

    tony g: still chicago bears 9 no 0

    conchita: thanks to David & Shirean and all the wonderful people of the chat...goodnight!

    David: The next CHAT is February 18th, usual time.

    galley junior: see you later

    Pete: cool catch you then...cya

    Dani California: COOL :cool:

    Grace: take good care of yourself, Mel...and thanks for putting up with us crazy people

    hackney: Goodnight folks!

    David: Bye for now.

    The third edition of the Coast To Coast Podcast is now ready for your listening pleasure!

    Included is an exclusive audio interview with JJ MARSH, who talks about his new solo album, MUSIC FROM PLANET MARSH, recent live appearances, his gear and many other things!

    In addition, we have the very latest news and updates including info on the European tour, Hughes/Thrall and more! We've also got our Podcast Hotline callers included and the second rendition of our exclusive feature called, "Setting The Record Straight", conducted by Glenn's Manager, Carl Swann.

    To listen, point your web browser to: (23MB)

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    Again, please join us directly by calling the Podcast Hotline, especially if you want to ask Carl a question in the "Setting The Record Straight" segment.

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    Our next Podcast will be available in the October/November timeframe - giving you plenty of time to come up with questions, reviews and comments for the Podcast Hotline ;) The telephone number to call is 404-419-6568.

    David & Shirean