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    Saw "We Will Rock You" in London last christmas. It was a great night out. As has been previously mentioned on this forum, Neil Murray was on the bass in London. If you get chance go and see the show(in London or Vegas) its well worth it.

    I take it these reviews are of advance copies of the DVD? Are these the same as the finished product that will be in the shops? If so, i think it will be a huge shot in the foot for Glenn Hughes. I hope these flaws are rectified before the DVD hits the shops.

    I found this very interesting because Redcar (where Coverdale hails from)is my home town. Just for the record, the Top Deck still exists and is going strong. Above this is where Coverdale lived at the time and when a short time later he and Glenn visited several times. I will certainly look at this a bit differently next time i am there!
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    Ball crunching riffs with Glenn singing is right up my street! I understand some people may not like it, but is that not what Glenn Hughes is about, something for everyone!
    As a side note, i found the a short video clip on Dario Mollos site from the first Voodoo Hill Album, not sure if it has been on here before:Golden One Enjoy!

    PS the clip is in the section dated June 30, 2003.

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    According to Fedors site at there were at least 5 HughesThrall concerts. I personally think there must have been more. I also think that the concert on Highway Star is not from Lubbock because i have a tape of a HughesThrall gig where Glenn can clearly be heard sying "hello Lubbock", and this is a completely different gig with two songs not heard before. Maybe the Highway Star concert was a support gig? After all it only lasts about an hour.
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    PS Bring on Hughes Thrall 2!

    Saw this on Melodicrock;

    Press Release:
    Los Angeles, August 1 - Guitarist/producer/songwriter Jeff Kollman and UFO vocalist Phil Mogg have signed with UK based Track Records for a September release of the their latest collaboration, $ign Of 4 (formerly Stonetowne).
    The album, entitled Dancing With St. Peter, also features drummer Shane Gaalaas (Glenn Hughes, The B'z, Cosmosquad) and bassist Jimmy Curtain and is set to contain the following songs: Driven * Overload * Dancing With St. Peter * Where The River Runs * Clap Hands * Beautiful Friend * Bad On Bad * Afterglow * Down * Las Meadows * Seems To Me
    Jeff Kollman is currently busy writing and recording songs with 'The Voice of Rock', former Deep Purple/Black Sabbath/Trapeze vocalist Glenn Hughes, and drummer Robin DiMaggio for a new as-of-yet unnamed project.
    For more info visit

    Hey Guys,
    Don't want to fuel any football arguments (lol!) but my team is Middlesbrough and it would be great if Wolves came up to the Premier league. We need all the points we can get!!!!
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    It would be an absolute travesty if Stevie Wonder was not included in such a project. There are many Glenn songs he could more than do justice to but my choice would be Coast to Coast.
    Also wouldn't it be great if Gary Moore could put all the past bitterness behind him and take the opportunity to build a few bridges?