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    I got this Rock Candy reissue when it first was released and, I guess, I never got around to opine on it. The new mix is exquisite and powerful, not that the original was weak or anything to be ashamed of. I typically hate remixes and almost always go back to the original (I may never listen to the remixed DP 'Burn' or Wishbone Ash 'Argus' reissues again). But this CD blows the original away. The bonus tracks fit in real nice and the booklet is great too. This is one of those rare forgotten albums that really lives up to the mystique.

    My DVD arrived over a week ago and I've watched it several times (helped in part by the endless snow). This DVD is the antidote to cabin fever!

    Glenn is superb as expected and the band is really tight. Kollman's playing is just fantastic and he remains my favorite guitarist of Glenn's solo career. The drummer is great too.

    To hear the Trapeze songs done with such power and love is just amazing. Next to Rick James, this is the funkiest DVD in my collection.

    And this DVD is a real bargain with so much high quality music.

    I am very excited about this lil' rock n roll combo, Black Country. When I first read the word "supergroup", I was very very leary because I don't think I could stand another 'Fused' or 'HTP' project. I kept quiet until the official announcement but, now that its public, I can say that this is going to be very interesting.

    Got my tix for the BB show in NYC. It looks to be the same lineup as the last time I saw Glenn at BBs in June 2007.

    Great band!

    This is very sad news. But I am glad he was able to spend the remainder of his days surrounded by family and friends. And that he passed on peacefully.

    I know what it is like to be given a poor prognosis and come within arm's length of one own's mortality. To live every moment as if it were your last. Its not just a cliche for some people.

    Mel experienced highs (playing with the likes of Trapeze and Whitesnake) and lows (his horrific, career-threatening hand injury) in his lifetime and he endured it all with class.

    I send my sincerest condolences to Mel's family and friends...


    I've been listening to F.U.N.K since its arrival on Friday and I must say it is one of Glenn's strongest and most consistent efforts. "Love Communion" is the strongest track for me with "Satellite", "F.U.N.K" and "Oil & Water" closely behind. "Crave" is a decent song but I am not as keen on it as an opener as others on this forum.

    I won't go into a complete track by track analysis but this is a superb follow-up to both Soul Mover and Music for the Divine. Glenn has been on quite a solo run since the excellent Building the Machine.

    Luis' guitar-playing is a revelation and brings out a real driving groove for Glenn and Chad's drumming is as solid as ever. The keyboards from Anders and Ed are the perfect complement to the songs and the vibes.

    If the rest of the tracks are as good as these 4 samples, this WILL BE my favorite GH solo album. These songs capture all of the elements we crave from Glenn.

    I have always loved both the funk and hard rock sides of Glenn and always wondered why they couldn't co-exist peacefully. He's done albums in the past where he geared a project toward one genre or another. But ever since "Building the Machine" he really seemed to be trying to marry the two and with ever-increasing success. He may just have created the ultimate masterpiece with this one.

    Darn, I should not have listened to the samples because now I am completely hooked and I have to wait until May for the entire album...

    Jeez, this is terrible news. Mel and I share the same birthday and the same illness (although my battle with cancer ended successfully in 2000). I hope Mel is able to beat this dreadful disease too. My thoughts are with you and your family, Mel.


    I have no interest in a DP reunion of any sort. I've really lost interest in the franchise since the 1985. As great as the reunion album was, the magic died for me with the final riffs of the Perfect Strangers tour. As for Blackmore, well, no comment here.

    Wouldn't it be better to see a Whitesnake reunion featuring the DC/Moody/Marsden/Murray/Lord/Paice lineup?

    Or a Coverdale-Hughes collaboration. That would be my biggest thrill.

    It will never compare with the impact of the LZ reunion show but how much traction could a DP MK3 (or even MK2, at this point) reunion really attain?


    I don't quite know how to put my feelings re: the BB King show last night into words. It was simply breathtaking, jaw-dropping, eye-misting, spine-tingling... oh, I guess you get my point by now!

    Glenn's vocals have never sounded better and his bass-playing had me completely floored. Jeff Kollman is the perfect guitarist for Glenn's music (no offense to JJ). New drummer, Steve Stevens, is fantastic too. Keyboardist Ed Roth did a great job adding color and background to the sound, especially during vocal solo spots like "This Time Around".

    I thought the setlist was interesting and definitely showed New York that Glenn is looking forward rather than backward. Mostly Soul Mover and Divine tunes with a handful of Purple. I was definitely excited to see Glenn continue to strive beyond the nostalgia route which many of his contemporaries have undertaken.

    Anyway, Glenn and company, thanks for the great night out in the Big Apple and for putting on the best performance I've seen in a long, long time.


    Heard from Bobby Rondinelli today and the LIZARDS will NOT be opening for Glenn as originally planned. There are circumstances of an injury to a band member (not Bobby) which preclude their playing for a while together.

    I guess this gives us more time for Glenn though :thumbup: although I was really excited about the Lizards being part of the show.

    All plans are still on for an appearance in New York by a horde of GHCPs...I will be in touch with some individually and others via this board about meeting, etc..

    I think their bassist was in a bad car wreck and the band had to take a break whilst he recovered...

    Looking at the set lists from Glenn recent gigs, there is still a number of purple numbers being played. Personally I would like to see Glenn concentrate on material from his solo career which is far more suited to the 21st century and his image / personality. Dont get me wrong I am a huge Deep Purple fan however I think Glenns current audience are going to hear Glenn Hughes and leave the rest to the Purple Tribute Bands.

    The time is right for the real Glenn Hughes to take on the world.

    Would you agree?

    Hmmm, I'm not sure how I feel about this one. It is true that Glenn has just put out some of his strongest material in recent years and it deserves a live airing. And he can't possibly play 3 hours a night and include EVERYTHING.

    Now, DP is where Glenn made his biggest splash and his most obvious source of recognition, so certainly there must be a few DP gems in the set. But I also freely admit that hearing Glenn do songs like "Mistreated" really makes me yearn for the Coverdale-Hughes duo treatment. And I do miss the Trapeze stuff, which always goes down great.

    So, I am on the fence with this one. To drop the DP songs altogether in favor of fitting in more solo material is a bit unrealistic, unless Glenn gets a new album high in the charts. So is the idea of Glenn doing 3 hour sets to make sure there's something for everyone (but it sounds nice, doesn't it!).

    In closing, I'll take whatever I can get. New Yawk, here we come!


    I would LOVE to see MK3 Purple as I was only 3 years old when Burn was released!!! And the Burn album was where it all started for me as a DP fan...

    I just don't see how this would be possible:

    1. DC is keeping the Whitesnake revival near and dear to his heart.

    2. GH is rightfully focusing solely on his solo career and a big US push is near at hand, folks!

    3. Paicey would have to deal with the Purple people. I know Gillan and Glover would not be overly pleased. Also, from a financial perspective, would a MK3 reunion tour be financially viable (when we all know MK2 gets all the DP glory)? With Blackmore onboard, this might just be. If it is a big payday, would Paicey risk losing his long-term gig with Purple for a 3 or 4 months tour, which may or may not complete to term with all the egos involved.

    4. Blackmore is the lynch pin. Without him there is no tour. And I bet Ritchie isn't even pulling the strings on this one. Its his manager/mother-in-law. If she can be convinced, then I'm sure Blackmore would do it. But then we might have Candice Night somewhere on stage for a MK3 reunion performance and I wouldn't want that in a million years (no offence to Ms. Night, who's a fine singer). Otherwise, this might well be a dealbreaker.

    Too many if's. Although it would be an amazing show, if it did ever come together...


    Just got my tickets for the BB King's show. I am EXCITED! Last saw GH at the Birch Hill in March 2001, which remains one of my very favorite gigs ever!

    This solo show is much more to my liking than a tour with Tony Iommi. Just my opinion and, before anyone threatens me with physical violence (LOL), please remember that I was never a big Sabbath fan to begin with. So the lure of that collaboration is lost on me. BUT...if a collaboration were to happen with anyone, I would like to see Glenn and ol' DC sing together one last time. Or Pat Thrall. The teaming up with Jimmy Barnes is an interesting idea, too. And with Ken Hensley! Now that's a dream come true as Ken's been my favorite musician since I was 12!

    Y'know, I've recently revisited this album to try and like it but I still can't get into it. I can always find something to like on every Glenn-related release (and I love both Seventh Star and the Iommi-Hughes Dep Sessions) but this CD just left me cold from the day of release. GH's albums released in the wake of this, Soul Mover and Music for the Divine are so much more satisyfing. I don't want to be mean but I'm glad this tour never took place. We have so much great new music instead and, maybe just maybe, we might get a full SOLO US tour out of it all...


    I totally acknowledge all these responses, I'm just curious as to the what the concensus of opinion is. Is any future formal collaboration between Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale a good and viable idea, given how the pasage of time has been particularly kind to GH and not so much to DC.

    This is an unfair comparison. From 1976 to 1993, DC was actively recording and touring his arse off. During that same timeframe, GH made far fewer appearances on record and, especially, on stage.

    Imagine trying to sing to 10,000 people (or more) over all that amplification night after night for nearly 20 years. It shreds your vocal chops. GH returned to routine activity (recording and touring) in 1993-ish and has played primarily clubs and small theaters since then. Thankfully he has taken such good care of his voice and is playing sensibly-sized venues to maintain it.

    Many of the rock singers who've been touring the huge arenas for 20 years have lost a step or more, vocally. Robert Plant and Ian Gillan are the most obvious examples. Even former air-raid sirens like Bruce Dickinson aren't hitting those high notes like they used to.


    Heep is my all-time favorite! And, obviously, Ken Hensley is one of my all-time favorite musicians. This album will feature 2 of the greatest vocalists in rock history: John Lawton and Glenn Hughes (and Ken is no slouch on vocals either).

    I must admit that I usually dislike these concept albums with vocal contributions from a bunch of different singers (i.e. Nostradamus) but this one is shaping up to be something special.

    I don't know who is in the band this time around but Ken has worked with Spanish, Norweigian and Russian musicians in recent years, so it is possible that any number of them could appear on this.