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    Hi Guys,

    After many years of reading the forum and web site daily I thought it time I said hello. Especially as I won two competitions as well.

    Thanks David and Shirean for all your hard work and inovations.

    I've been a Glenn fan since I heard him with purple, which I guess was around 1979. Having lost touch with his music whilst living abroad, I was surprised to find he'd recorded so many solo albums.

    I'm looking forward to hearing the lastest offering FUNK.
    I wasn't sure about MFTD, some tracks were OK.

    I'm also looking forward to seeing Glenn in Liverpool later this year.
    See you there


    I wrote to frontier about this after seeing the reading the chat room post here's the email and reply.
    We should all demand our money back anyway as the DVD quality was rubish

    Hi there,

    I would like to complain about the quality of the DVD espesially the sound to picture syncronisation.

    The DVD is obviously defective and you must have known this when you made it availabe for sale.

    I believe there is a second edition of the DVD now available and I would like you to replace my DVD with the new one.I would have no problen in returning my copy to you.
    Please advise me on your thoughts


    Mark Jones

    Reply from Frontier

    Hello Mark,

    Thanks for your email however there is no alternative version we can send you of the relevant product and I am sorry you don’t find it up to your enjoyment.

    Best regards,

    Mario de Riso

    Sales Manager / Direttore Commerciale

    Frontiers Records

    Via G. Gonzaga, 18

    80125 Napoli - Italy

    T: +39/081.2399340 / 7753

    F: +39/081.2399794