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    I was listening to the radio a few days ago and heard an unsigned singer/songwriter with one of the most extraordinary and fragile voices I have heard in a long time. When I heard him the likes of Jeff Buckley, Nina Simone, Freddie Mercury, etc came to mind. His voice might not be to everyones taste but I'd recommend y'all to go and have a listen to the tracks available at

    Happy listening!!


    not an easy question!! I listened to a bit of live Rainbow from '77 yesterday, had a blast of "Spectrum" and "Innervisions" earlier on today, and am enjoying a glass of red wine and "Beyond the Notes" at the moment so i think I'll go for:

    GH - Bass/vocals
    Ritchie Blackmore - Guitar (the RB from 73-78 please!!)
    Stevie Wonder - Keyboards/vocals
    Jon Lord - Hammond/Piano
    Billy Cobham - Drums


    Ahhh - Saraya - those two albums were excellent, the band had such massive potential!

    I remember having a chat with Sandi about our mutual admiration for Glenn when she was in the UK (touring - supporting FM. I think it was just after the debut album was released). She said she'd love to work with Big G , so I gave Sandi Glenn's home phone number in the hope that something might come of it - it's a shame nothing got released - I'm sure the two of them could've made a killer duo!!

    I'll try and confirm if those 2 tracks actually got recorded - it would be great to hear them if that is indeed the case.

    As Saraya obviously have some fans here I'll try and dig out the pics I have from that UK tour and post them, if it's not too off-topic.

    On a sad note - Gregg Munier the bands keyboard player passed away earlier this year.


    Congratulations and nice work Wolfy :claphandsi'll look forward to seeing the site develop! It's time for Mel to get writing som killer riffs again - judging by the 4 new songs on Whitesnake's last effort Mr.Coverdale could do with a bit of help in that area!!


    On the original "Burn" release and subsequent releases up to the remastered version Glenn wasn't credited with writing any of the album. On the recent "Burn" remaster Glenn was credited with co-writing half of the tracks, including the title track. I read somewhere this was all a result of a publishing deal from Glenn's Trapeze days - which i assumed had been sorted in time for the remaster so that Glenn recieved credit where it was it was due.
    2 years on from the remaster and Whitesnake have just released a double live album " the shadow of the blues" and the track "Burn" is again only credited to Blackmore, Coverdale, Lord, Paice. Anyone know what the real story behind all this is?


    Review of the gig (in Norwegian) here:

    Some excellent pics here:…med_Glenn_Hughes_13.11.06

    I won't translate the whole review but it is very positive..a quick quotes:

    - For those who came expecting just "Deep Purple" songs there was maybe not a lot on offer, but seldom has an audience been so exposed (in a positive manner) to new material they were unfamiliar with.

    - Few, if any, could have been disappointed. Whereas rock's other "great son's" stay in well known territory, Glenn is an artist who continues to experiment and travel up new roads as he has done throughout his career.

    - "The show had many highlights, but just to show everyone who was best he blew new life into a rock classic. Both Coverdale (in Purple and Whitesnake) and Dio (in Rainbow and Dio) have contributed to "mistreated" being one of the most overused and tired songs in rock history, but at Smuget Glenn gave us the definitive version for the 21st century. Neither of the aforementioned vocalists have a chance of getting close to Glenn. His performance (re)wrote rock history!"

    - Glenn promised to comeback in March and create more magic on the stage of the best intimate venue in town. It might, if possible, be even more packed next time.


    I have a great deal of respect for da purps and what they've done in the past, BUT unfortunately i just can't get enthusiastic about another batch of purple gigs. There are 2 big problems with purple these days:
    the retro-set list and the amount of touring they do.

    I've seen them regularly over the years and i get the feeling they are now just going through the motions. They're all excellent musicians - and sometimes they'll give you the odd flash of brilliance, but these are sadly now few and far between. Have a listen to recordings from the "TBRO" tour, the Satriani gigs or the first year or so with Steve in the band and contrast these with Purple anno 2006 - and you'll hear the contrast.


    I agree wholeheartedly with NotVoll's comments about last nights Oslo show. I've been fortunate enough to see Glenn perform on every tour bar one since '89 and have never seen him looking happier (or singing better :bow:) on a stage than here in Oslo. I think the musicians and technicians he has with him on the road should take a great deal of credit for this - everyone is thoroughly professional and ensured that everything went according to plan - excellent sound, no technical glitches, no delays.

    I have read some of the comments voicing concern over the recent line-up change, and i must admit that prior to seeing the band i wasn't 100% convinced that wholesale changes were necessary - but after listening to the soundcheck and gig last night I can honestly say that these guys are the grooviest, funkiest and tightest band Glenn has toured with for at least 30 years!

    Whatever direction Glenn wants to take these guys they are more than good enough to follow - Mark especially shone for me - he nailed it big time! :claphands

    The setlist was as previously. I have long hoped that Glenn would take the plunge and update his setlist - something he has now done with such a bias towards the last two solo albums - but with a band as good as the one he now has, it would be a real treat to throw in a few numbers off "Play me Out". Maybe on the next leg of the tour?!?!

    Thanks for a cracking show Glenn - and good luck for the remaining dates :thumbup:


    Picture was taken a few hours after the show - Mark, Jeff and Anders later joined a few local musicians and had a fun jam around a couple of standards.

    Big Daddy back in Oslo!! :bow:

    Almost 13 years to the day since his first show here (which i helped to arrange at Elm Street 15.11.93) - and 12 years since the last time he graced these shores as a solo artist (although he was on norwegian water last year at "rock the boat")!!

    And what a bonus that [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Mark Mondesir will be on the drums - i enjoyed his work with Courtney Pine - will have to check out some more between now and November :)


    I didn't buy singles that often - I used to tape the ones i liked off the radio - my first purchased 45 was Slade - "We'll bring the house down" in 1981 (and Mark3, i recall enjoying the B side more! I can't remember what it was now, and my vinyl is in storage so i can't check). I bought albums regularly from aged about 9 though - first one was Abba - "Arrival" in '77. I then bought Jigsaws "Pieces of Magic" and DP's "Made in Europe" later that year :)


    Any other GHCP's heading over to Sweden for this festival? Purple, Whitesnake and Def Leppard are headlining with Journey, Alice Cooper, Queensryche and a cast of thousands in support. Probably one of the strongest festival lineups i've seen.