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    well, more developments! The "exciting news coming soon" on Jeff Beck's website (that some linked to a possible GH collaboration) is now an announcement of tour dates with Eric Clapton in North America in February - so that doesn't rule Beck out, but makes it less likely...

    Glenn's latest tweet "fallen in love with ROCK again"...suggests to me he'll be working with somebody other than Beck (and indeed Bonamassa) as they aren't straight ROCK artists...

    So me - I've no idea..Kevin Shirley is a certainty..and big G of course - but the rest of the "supergroup" remains a well kept secret!


    GHPG'ers in Norway have certainly been blessed by the number of shows in recent times :)

    Any idea who Glenn will have with him in Stange? Is it the same norwegian band who are playing in Gvarv in July - or is this the usual MFTD touring band?


    Sitting listening to the David Crosby CD set "Voyage" and I'm amazed at how good some of these 30+year old recordings sound. The whole set is released on the HDCD format. HDCD encoding adds a warmth and detail that is lacking from standard CD's IMO. Unfortunately the only GH release to get a HDCD release was "Addiction" - does anybody know why this one got special treatment?

    Any of you other GHCP's have experiences of HDCD?


    Agree with you 100% Frank! Even worse is "ex-Gary Moore" :mad:

    Re FM: Wish i could see Mr.Buckingham live - but he tours Europe less than Glenn has played the US the last 15 years or so!! I can kind of understand Stevie being able to go out without having "...of Fleetwood Mac" on all the billboards - her solo hits have given her a higher profile in the mainstream than Lindsey - and she was on a few big FM tours that Lindsey stayed away from..

    Cheers PJ


    Personally i would love to hear some of Glenn's solo back catalogue given a live workout, BUT (and it's a big BUT) many of the people who come and see Glenn's shows are seeing him for the first time so I'm sure they love to hear the classics from his previous bands..

    Roger Glover and his current band have the same problem...this from Classic Rock:

    "CR : You've played in the UK already on this tour. Will the set-list for the upcoming shows alter?

    RG That debate rages on. We see people's wish-lists, and as a fan I'd love to be able to play some of that stuff too. The reality is that most people want more obvious things, like Smoke on the Water. Catering for the hard-core is just unrealistic. "


    Dana Strum did indeed produce "Sister Whiskey"..
    Quite a few articles about his involvement have appeared over the years, including this interview with SW vocalist Dennis Duncan,


    On the Sabbath dates in '86 he appeared without a bass..apart from that and the first few solo tours he has played bass at all solo shows AFAIK. On the few occassions he performs without a bass nowadays (for example during "this time around" on the current tour) he exudes a confidence that was absent in the dark days of sabbath (and to a degree in the early nineties tours)..


    Simply stunning..hard to put into words, but i'll try..every song had an extra touch of soulpower that i haven't heard before..i don't think i've ever seen or heard Glenn so happy on a stage...

    "Gettin Tighter" morphed into an elongated power funk workout reminiscent of 75/76 with Glenn and Mark giving their all and driving the band on...the vocals on "Mistreated" brought tears to my eyes - it was sung with such emotion and feeling...Jeff's guitar intro was beautiful..."Soul Mover" swaggered and stomped..Anders played wonderfully tonight - especially on "Georgia" (which was a real treat - i don't think GH has sung that for 10 years or more)..."Orion" was powerful, tight and hammered home...the audience were attentive, respectful and appreciative (and that was a real go to a pop/rock concert - regardless of the artist performing - and not hear a cacophony of yacking is unfortunately not something i take for granted anymore)...

    Glenn was on a natural high after the show and said he felt that he and this band had a vibe going on that reminded him of the latter powerfunk years of Trapeze..i didn't witness that band in their 70's prime but i don't doubt that the feeling then was similar to tonight.

    Set list was the same as Strømmen on Saturday with the addition of "Georgia On My Mind" and "Soul Mover".

    This was not only the best GH gig i've seen - this was the best show i've ever witnessed :):claphands


    Glenn - if you're reading this - can we have an extra half hour with "Monkey Man", "LA Cutoff", "Blue Jade", "Space High", "First step of Love" and "Frail" for next time please!!!

    definately a backward step i'd say...are ticket sales slow i wonder?
    My declining interest in seeing Purple again would increase if they announced they'd play the whole of "ROTD"!!


    Events leading up to the gig hadn't been optimal for me or Glenn! I managed to reverse my beloved Alfa Romeo into a concrete post in my garage - haven't quite figured out how i hit something large, solid and brightly coloured that i've avoided daily for the last 5 years..i'm sure the repair bill will teach me to be more careful :(

    Glenn wasn't too happy when i met him before the gig either - his beloved Wolves had just lost 6-0 at home - against southampton.

    And so to the show...

    The venue was a shithole. No other way to describe it. Whoever books Glenn into such places needs to wake up. The whole vibe was wrong - the audience was at first noisy and disrespectful - the acoustics weren't good - the facilities for the band were poor to non-existent, etc, etc. IMHO an artist of Big Daddy's stature and talent should not be playing in a place like this - the guy is a living legend - so treat him properly!!!

    The way GH and the band handled the above left me gobsmacked. They didn't throw the toys out of the pram (as many of their peers would've done), nor did they just go through the motions. The whole band played an absolute blinder - pushing each other at every twist and turn - winning over the audience and leaving the genuine fans (of which there were many) desperate for more at mondays gig in Oslo!

    Tracks played (as far as i remember were):

    Valiant Denial
    Don't let me Bleed
    Steppin' On
    Land of living
    Mistreated (fantastic singing - like a fine wine GH gets better as he matures)
    You keep on Moving
    Gettin' Tighter (one of the funkiest versions i've heard)
    This time around
    You got soul

    Something for everyone in the set-list. Personally I love the Purple tracks but would have liked to hear Black Light, Soul Mover, This house, Monkey man, etc - but i understand the need to keep the casual fan happy - and anyway i feel so privileged just to be able to see Glenn perform at all.

    I had a friend of mine with me - he's a singer himself but knows little about Glenn post-Purple. Having not seen Glenn before he didn't know what too expect - afterwards he said "it didn't matter not knowing the songs he played - when he hits those notes with so much feeling and power you just can't be anything other than amazed" :bow:

    Roll on monday!! PJ

    Excellent stuff!
    Glenn sounds divine - hard to believe this was towards the end a fairly long tour involving travelling over great distances - is he human?!?!

    Thanks for the links Anya!

    Cheers, PJ