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    Had the great honour of meeting Jon a couple of times and he was a true gentleman - charming, friendly and humble.
    His musical genius has brought me immeasurable pleasure over so many years.

    My sincere and grateful thanks to the Maestro.

    Wow!!! despite the shaky visuals and not very hifi recording that was a powerful version of "the outsider"!! Glenn is looking fitter and sounding better than he did in '74. I'm so looking forward to my first taste of BCC live on august 5th!!

    I've just recieved my "thank you" note from Glenn - very nice :)

    (unfortunately the postie obviously couldn't quite understand what " PLEASE DO NOT BEND" in large red letters on the envelope meant....:mad:)

    and as luck would have it the new CTTB remix/remaster arrived at the same time - looking forward to listening to that with a nice glass of red when the dogs are walked!!


    it would appear that Glenn and co are NOT on the High Voltage TV highlights show :( This from

    With the running order for the highlights programme as follows:
    - Foreigner: Urgent
    - Forienger: Feels Like the First Time
    - The Answer: Under the Sky
    - Asia: I Believe
    - Asia: Heat of the Moment
    - Joe Bonamassa: Just Got Paid
    - Focus: Hocus Pocus
    - The Reasoning: Dark Angel
    - Touchstone: Joker in the Pack
    - Big ELF: Evils of Rock and Roll
    - UFO: Doctor Doctor
    - UFO: Only You Can Rock Me
    - Marillion: Neverland
    - Transatlantic (Montage)
    - ELP: Fanfare for the Common Man
    - ELP: Rondo

    this is being discussed elsewhere so a mod can delete the thread if they'd like!

    In the meantime - this just in from Caveman!!


    OK - I have been urged to amend this - like everything on the internet, things get twisted! I believe there is a salvage operation to rescue survivors from the downed BC plane. I have just had a big conversation with Glenn, who is mortified about the situation, as he has really put his heart and soul into it. I love Glenn. Here's the salvage plan ... See moreguys - everyone is equal. It's that easy. Cut out the cancer that is anyone greedy, and this thing will rock. Morality rules..... managers try to. I am mad too!!!


    I just read this from Kevin Shirley:


    Black Country looks to have imploded, with a completed album in the can! We set out as friends and lovers of music, to make something special. Then the managers got involved... and kept changing their wants, ultimately demanding EVERYTHING! I can't absolve all the musicians - but one I can completely absolve, is the one who actually has a career and has just been voted Best Guitarist in the World - who was 100% open ALL the way. And he doesn't ride on anyone's coattails... Maybe they'll come to their senses.... I'm not holding my breath.

    So - what gives? I guess these recent tweets from GH tell the same tale in a somewhat ambiguous way:

    • We, as humans, are driven by fear..the seven deadly sins are what we have to face..GREED...this is the one that will send people insane..GH 12:09 PM Apr 20th via OpenBeak
    • Goodnite my puppies..once again, its all about the music...MY MUSIC... 9:25 PM Apr 19th via OpenBeak
    • Sometimes things aren't what they seem!?*+±..GH 6:25 PM Apr 18th via OpenBeak

    David, Anyone?

    Regards, PJ

    Excellent read - I am so looking forward to the book - G has so many fantastic tales to tell and lessons learnt!

    The reference to Ritchie saying "Glenn? Glenn who?" in that interview was indeed in Oslo - I know - 'cos I was the fan who asked Ritchie if he was coming to see Glenn later on. I'd booked Glenn's show at Elm Street Rock club - a few blocks away from Purple's show earlier the same night. (this was Nov '93 - both Glenn's and Purples sets were excellent btw and are available at a bootleg store near you!!).

    When Ritchie walked into the bar at the hotel a few hours before Purple's show he dragged the then Miss Night with him - i believe on a leash...!! Gillan and Glover were in the same bar playing pool, Ritchie vanished pretty sharpish when he saw them...

    Gillan and Glover promised to come and see Glenn - in the end Paice and Glover turned up - my hopes of getting them (especially Paicey) on stage with GH were dashed by the intimacy (being polite!) of the venue - which was absolutely filled to the rafters. In retrospect the venue was not really suitable for Glenn (appalling acoustics, way too hot and too small for the number of people who wanted to see him) - but the show was his first ever appearance in Norway and served it's purpose in creating a good buzz and is fondly remembered!!


    i recently had someone get in touch to say Rob Kendrick was living in Texas and still involved in the music scene,

    Here is the site with Rob on the front page -

    It's funny how some pics from the Trapeze page have ended up there without permission!

    I had a look at the site and was somewhat suprised to see tourdates listed for Trapeze this spring (under "shows") :rolleyes:

    I googled mr Kendrick and found this "bio" of "Rob Kendrick's Trapeze" on :

    my two pence worth on Joe and the (un)official collaboration:

    I've went to see Joe Bonamassa live after buying the sloe gin CD and he blew me away - brilliant. In many ways his live perfomances can be likened to Glenn's - professional, passionate, and breathtaking. He played at a fairly small venue in Norway back then - similar in size to the venues GH plays here.

    In terms of exposure he IS well known amongst hard rock/blues lovers, although his relative youth means that only those who've latched on to new artists in the last 5 years or so will know of him. He is very much a rising star.

    His music (especially standout cuts from his last two studio CD's) is played regulary on rock radio/blues shows in the UK (no disrespect to GH but he has certainly had more radio airtime these past few years than GH's solo output).

    He plays venues that are a decent size in the UK (similar to the venues that Deep Purple play annually) and has a high enough profile to be able to tour regularly in the US.

    His exposure in serious rock/blues media is high - so whilst he is not in the Premier League in terms of being "a celebrity" - he is a well respected (and immensly talented) guy - as his collaborations with Clapton, B.B.King etc testify.

    As Classic Rock magazine wrote a few years ago "They’re calling him the future of blues, but they’re wrong – Joe Bonamassa is the present; so fresh and of his time that he almost defines it."

    I'm excited about this project, and believe that, as well as creating some great music for us all to enjoy, and introducing JB's fans to GH's music and vice versa, it will help lift Glenn's profile in the UK and elsewhere..which is surely something all on this board would applaud!

    Enjoy the wait!


    Kevin Shirley wrote on the 24th of November "The "supergroup" is just a four piece, and we have an exploratory recording session early next year" - so that would imply we still need one more name (assuming it's GH,JB and JB) - probably keyboards although maybe another guitar


    As some of you may know Joe Bonamassa has a radio show on Planet Rock. The show broadcast last night opened with Led Zep's "Achilles Last Stand", followed by Trapeze with "Medusa" (featuring "my friend Glenn Hughes"). Then came The Band - "the night they drove old dixie down" and then Coverdale Page's "Shake my Tree"...
    ...what can all this mean - if anything?!?!


    not sure if this little snippet should be posted in the Glenn in the studio thread or here (from Joel Mciver's blog): "Glenn Hughes' autobiography -- which I've been co-writing since 2006 -- will be out at about the same time, with a major surprise for Glenn's fans accompanying it."
    So what is the major surprise?!?
    (and no, i don't think he was referring to the price!!!)
    Is it the exclusive 10" vinyl?
    Could it be the launch of the "supergroup"?

    Any ideas?


    It's been interesting to read all the comments regarding the pricing level of the first editions of Glenn's book.

    The market for collectable rock and roll related books has really taken off in the last few years, with many such items being resold at auction for much more than than the cover price. Glenn isn't the first artist to be accused of being "badly advised" in choosing an exclusive limited print run, nor will he be the last - but the decision is his - the economics obviously make sense. (And having your life story presented in such extravagant packaging must be a boost!!).

    For people who can afford the $$$'s then i'm sure this is will be a cherished item - and for those who can't - well we'll just have to wait a little bit longer!

    But while we wait let's get off Glenn's back - everyone here is a fan, and i've read opinions here about what style he should and shouldn't sing, where he should tour, who he should work with, even what he should wear - but it's Glenns career - and he'll always do what he feels is right for him!


    PS - Alfa Romeo announced a 500 edition limited run of this beauty a few years ago
    I'll never be able to afford an 8c - but i still love Alfa's!! :)

    My first single was "We'll Bring the House Down" by Slade - in '81 i guess!

    My first LP's were "Arrival" by Abba and Stevie Wonders "Songs in the Key of Life"! with money i recieved for my 9th birthday!! :)

    It wasn't until i was 12'ish i bought my first rock LP's - Made in Europe was an early one!