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    Just got back. Show was excellent, crowd great - and noisy, Zep cover was a pleasant surprise (not spoiling it for those going to London) and Bonham was IMMENSE !
    Of course, nothing is perfect and if I was Mr Sherinian I would want to shoot the sound guy (or slip him a few dollars to turn his volume up).
    And don't miss the support tomorrow - They were great too. I hope they shifted a few CD's in the foyer.
    Off to bed now, ears ringing just like the good old days.

    Did anyone visit the second stage out by the bike show?
    Terrible Elvis impersonator who won over the crowd with some brave and unusual audience participation. Later, my band of the day, Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs. Not exactly a "power trio" - Acoustic guitar, soapbox bass and a washboard - playing raucous and rude folky stuff. Great fun in the evening sun :clapper:

    Not necessarily. Did you see the venues "Those Crooked Vultures" played in the UK. e.g. Birmingham Academy ! Even though Foos+Queens+Zep = Much bigger. And Chickenfoot played a club in London. I have a feeling in my water...

    If anyone out there still has a ticket for 2008, the RockandBlues web page now states that you can get a 2009 ticket in exchange rather than get a partial refund through the liquidators of the previous promoters.
    Now obviously no GH but I shall be claiming so I can see the mighty GMT and reformed Shy.
    Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

    I'm not one for meet and greets so I thought I'd get to my PC and be the first to say what a FANTASTIC show tonight was !!
    I'm sure there will be a proper review as the others get home - and I'm sure there will be a debate about the "film show" !!:huh:
    But tonight, the legend of Trapeze lived on.

    These days I try not to get too sentimental - but I have really been moved by the local press coverage of Mel's passng and funeral today. Excuse the pun, but he obviously touched a lot of lives. I never saw Trapeze in the '70's (too young) but caught the reformation in the '90's and saw Mel in Whitesnake several times.

    A live version of "Jury" is blasting away in the background as I type. Powerful stuff.

    So I just wanted to say "Goodbye Mel".

    :mad: So you thought the UK was a free country huh?! Well if you are a motorcycle riding, rock music (and Glenn Hughes) fan, you're in for a shock.

    After the death of a biker last year while returning from a "bash", it would appear that our boys in blue are now objecting to the licence for any event that they think "might" attract trouble - and that includes this years Rock and Blues !

    This is the link if you think you can read it without your blood boiling:

    How dare they !! The only evidence they have is front page media hype from last year. Typical "biker gang" stuff - none of which has been proved - and the incident took place on the open road, not a the event, and he was hit by a car driver.

    Have they closed all the roads. No. Have they banned any car events.No.

    But if you're a biker and want to go to a secure, well organised rock show - you can't.
    Or at least, they don't want you to. The local licensing committee meet on Wednesday and we need a show of support from right minded folk to oppose the police objection.
    Send an e-mail to . Be polite and reasonable but we need to make a strong representation that this objection is preposterous !

    I hope that even those further away GHPG members can show their support. The police state might be coming to your town next.

    I would go to calm down, but I just can't :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Well I won't be touching a new Journey album after the way they treated JSS (and to a lesser degree Augeri). Not giving them money is the only way of showing my continued disgust for them. I gave 'em enough cash in the 80's so I'll dig out the vinyl when I want to hear their decent stuff :mad:

    There are a few hidden gems on that site - The Lizzy Tower show is as good as people say (L+D but with Bad Reputation and Opium Trail. Killer). For those of a soul/funk nature, there is also a fabulous Isley Brothers show from around the 3+3 era so you get Ernie Isley's full blown Hendrix guitar wig-outs, and a great cover of CSNY's Ohio. Worth the registration by itself :thumbup:

    RHCP - One of the few musical highlights from an otherwise self congratulatory day.

    But surely we can see the irony that 10, maybe 20 years ago, none of us were logged on to our electricity sapping, heat generating, energy wasting PC, watching YouTube videos of a concert aimed at reducing electricity use, heat generation and energy wastage??

    We're doomed :(

    Sorry - Back to the music. Foo Fighters were good too.

    Saw Journey with Augeri - great show but basically a tribute act with a soundalike.
    Saw Journey with JSS - Totally reinvigorated band, smiles, passion, excitement - A new start.
    God damn FOOLS ! :huh:

    Well I know it was a long time ago but I was there and I don't remember him singing it at the Monsters Of Rock. They did do Stargazer though - and he made a complete *rse of it !! (But they did release it on the album of the show).
    Strange though, now you mention it I think it would have been a good one for his voice. Maybe they did it at another show somewhere?? (I did have a version by Metallica though) :eek: