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    Please see my post 'Mel Galley Guitar Great' for one of the tracks and a post from a few years ago in the audio section for another. (Don't say its over) These were the only two that made the Whitesnake album Slide it in, albeit with a coverdale rewrite. I have heard the others, but can't remember their names. Its possible that 'Welcome to the Real World'. was also from those sessions.. I wouldn't really have called it an album. As Coverdale put it.. "they were upmarket demos". I am sure there are people on here who know the whole story.

    Hi all,

    I am still shocked after only hearing about Mel's illness a couple of days ago. He really was my hero as a teenager. The terrible news brought back so many memories.

    As a 17 year old, me and a friend once got up at 6.30am and travelled 150 miles to see MGM in concert (for the 4th time). Mel thought we were mad, but was friendly as always. I remember he signed my 'Way back to the Bone' compilation album and was excited as he hadn't even see it himself. (even Bernie Marsden signed it as he was feeling left out). So I now have the first ever signed copy and I will treasure it forever.

    I have wanted to do something as my own personal tribute, so have created a Mel Galley: Guitar Great, Facebook Group. I have put a few pics up there and when hopefully I get plenty of members I will eBay a signed copy of 'You are the Music' and the first 'Phenomena album' and give the proceeds to cancer research.

    Part of me wonders if now is the time to do this. I hope no one is offended and that it wont cause any more distress to Mel and the family, but I really want to show my appreciation.


    I'm so sad to hear this news. I haven't posted on here for years, I don't know what to write. Mel. You are the music.

    You were always friendly when as a teenager I used to follow you around with Whitesnake and MGM. Your guitar playing is unique and from the heart and I just hope you know how much you are loved and idolised by so many.

    I have a rare recording somewhere of you playing with Rosie in Cannock in the late 80's. An awesome duet of her track 'Stand by me.. and I will stand by you'.. Well I hope you know we are all standing by you, but if you can't stay around, then say hi to Cozy and dont stop the music.


    As I have also posted on The video is stylized and although taken aback at first I really like it now. It has a 70's film feel and the darkness is just part of that. It also hides a multitude of sins - you dont see the cameramen and you do see a younger looking, fuller haired Glenn.
    As for the sync. Well the slow frame rate is partly to blame, but I would say the main culprit is the fact that Glenns vocals are blatantly overdubbed in many places. Yes it does seem to lose sync which shouldn't happen, but how much is due to the above or through encoding I'm not too sure.
    I wish it had proper chapters, I wish it didn't fade to black. But most of all I wish I had been there.
    Stop the moaning. Its still a great performance by a great artist and lets be honest we would all still buy it if it was shot upside down in black and white by Stevie Wonder

    I haven't got mine yet and the record shop reckon it could be another week.. I have been looking forward for this now for what seems a lifetime and I will be very disappointed if this is the case as it seems to be... you are not the first to say this.
    As a TV producer myself I can't understand how things like this can happen. In this day and age even a dometic camcorder can produce stunning results. The digital age and variations in timecode should also make it impossible to have sync probelms. If the bit rate is low, then maybe the original is OK, hence the sync problem at the end of the file and not at the beginning. As far as chapters are concerned, it takes seconds to add chapters and this is unfortunately down to bad management. It should never have been accepted.
    Rant over.. but i feel it is important to get all this off my chest now, so that I can enjoy the DVD when it eventually arrives. Thank goodness the sound rocks

    Hi all,
    two things to mention.

    While reading the back sleeve notes on the CD/DVDor maybe promo material I noticed that 'can't stop the flood' is down as 'Cant stop the flow' ( a typo I presume.. has any body noticed this and do I win anything

    the second thing I have to say is that I will be changing my name due to the fact that a certain english football player now known as 'the unspeakable one' has been transferred to a horrible club that wear red. Oh such a sad day..

    Thats al... only 20 days to go

    I feel like a bit of a saddo. I haven't posted on here for ages. But I have been visiting almost daily to find when this DVD is coming out. At last I know, but still its seems an age away. I'm rather jealous that most of you guys and gals seem to have been at the recording. I panicked when I thought CTC wasn't on the DVD but apparently it is. ( the review says featuring Trapeze tracks... but doesn't mention CTC)Phew! I'm going into hibernation till September, see you then

    I was wondering if you all thought who the hell is Roonaldo when I joined this forum. Well now you know. (Owen: your favourite,does this mean your a red shirl?). Remarkable that we went out on penalties again, but we didn't play well really and of course my namesakes injury is the real reason we failed..

    Edit: Frances greek tragedy has made me feel a little better though

    Err.. I thought I should reply to all your kind words. However I really don't know what to write. Glad you like the track. Usually I sit and write music, but in this case I was playing around with the tape running and when I listened back the track was there in its entirety, lyrics an all. I suppose it is trippy, but there again I may have been on the herbals at the time

    Edit (I once wrote a song for Glenn called voice for the world and gave him a copy in 93- a sort of Trapeze style ode to the voice, where I was wishing him well from all the bad times. I will never know if he listened to it and it was pretty poor, but at least he came good anyway. )

    Thanks again all

    Once upon a time I used to have aspirations of being a rockstar.. But soon realised I didn't have the talent. Anyway..Today I found an old demo and thought I would share this track with you all. Don't know if there are obvious Glenn influences barring the rhythm featuring my all time favourite 'coast to coast' chord.
    Recorded in the 90's. I play gtr/vox The first ever release..