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    Many hardcore Thin Lizzy fans do not consider this as Thin Lizzy. I myself do not really bother if they go out as Thin Lizzy or not. I have been a Sykes fan for ages. I was happy to see him play for the first time in 1999. It was kinda cult to see him since John Sykes was only 'big' in Japan and never made the press outside Japan, or playing a live show for that matter. As far as I know all of his solo albums are released Japan only. Fast foward 10 years. Sykes hasn't done anything in those ten years. No new music, no new solo efforts. The Thin Lizzy thing is still going on and it hasnt changed since (besides a few line up changes and a 'new' song or two in the setlist) If I could choose I rather have the solo Sykes back instead of these concert runs. But I guess the Lizzy thing makes him a lot more money than being big in Japan.

    aparently, the new album is almost ready to be released. you can hear parts of every song on pauls myspace site, or the paul+ queen page i forget which. also .....,

    Wasn't the new album already out? I thought I saw the cd in a music store two weeks ago ... I could have been wrong though.

    Again?? Just for the tour or what? :confused:

    I just loved the combination of JJ and Luis.

    Hi Grace, I saw Joe Stump half a year ago in a small club here in Den Haag, The Netherlands. A marvellous hard rock guitar player and fast indeed. I bought his cd on the spot. He's a huge Backmore fan bytheway. He even played a few Rainbow/Purple tunes. I love to see him making an album with a famous singer....

    My top 5 guitar players....

    1. Tony Iommi
    2. Blackmore
    3. Vinnie Vincent
    3. Yngwie
    4. Page
    5. Ace Frehley

    Most of us think the same on this matter, but I was surprised to see a completely new audience at one of his shows several years ago. I was kinda funny to see the long faces of hardcore Rainbow/Purple fans in the back of the venue. The fact the no beer was allowed to be sold during the show made it even worst for some. But like said I was surprised by the new audience. All in traditional middle-ages clothers. Clapping and dancing during those crazy folk songs. I bet most of them never even heard of Purple or Rainbow. Ritchie is surrounded by people and audiences who will safely keep him away from making the music again we all love ....

    I gave up hope many years ago ....

    Martin's books are great! I've got teh Sabbath and Priest ones. I can recommend these to anyone who has interest in these band.

    I wish he did a Purple book...maybe something for the future...:)

    Well it's always cool to have a 'new' cd in the GH section of my cd collection...

    Would be nice though if this release has different artwork than the DVD design :)