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    There are two chapters (or 'scenes' as they are called in the book) covering Glenn's Black Sabbath era. It's a total of 14 pages. I'm not sure if any of the pictures have never been released before, but there are a couple I haven't seen before, including one of Glenn with Ian Gillan.

    There are two full band photos, one of Glenn with Tony, the one with Gillan, one of Glenn onstage with Sabbath and one of the label from a vinyl 'advance dj copy only' 45 of Heart Like A Wheel.

    Hope this helps. It's well worth buying.



    The cost of the tickets is something I've not touched on in my posts. We can agree to disagree on the various merits of BCC and MSG, but I'm with you in respect of the ticket price.

    When I first saw BCC in Wolverhampton last year, I was surprised that the ticket cost £40 plus booking fee. But, as there were only two shows that year, and demand was high, tickets sold well. I was even more surprised when the tickets for the full British tour this year were also priced at £40. This is more expensive than tickets to see many more popular, better known and well established acts. I paid less to see Whitesnake in the same venue recently.

    I was actually concerned that the BCC show might not be well attended, just because of the ticket price. In the end, I was delighted to see a packed venue. A lot of people pushed the boat out for this one. I think it was risky to set the price so high, but it seems to have worked.

    Bottom line is, I guess I'll always pay to see GH live and buy anything he puts out, whatever the cost - after all, I even went so far as to pay for the deluxe version of the autobiography - but that doesn't mean I think it's good value for money compared to other bands.


    Chris: I agree with you that the sound mix wasn't brilliant, but I could hear Glenn's bass fine.

    Weissheim: I agree that the show in Edinburgh earlier this year was fantastic. One of the best GH solo shows I've ever seen. The sound was perfect that night.

    But I really can't agree with anything else you guys say about the BCC show in Glasgow. If you both feel a slight sense of disappointment and rate the show only as 'good', then you are in a very small minority of those who were there, judging by the rapturous reception. The review via the link that David has provided is a much more accurate reflection of the show than anything you guys have said.

    You don't actually say it clearly, but I get the feeling that you enjoyed MSG more than BCC. Where do I start with MSG? I was cringing with embarrassment throughout their set. I equate it to watching your dad dancing really badly at a wedding. It was dated and 'old school' (but not in a cool way); it was pure Spinal Tap (but without the knowing sense of humour); it was perfect ammunition for those who don't like rock music to mock those of us who do. Also, I hadn't realised previously just how poor a drummer Herman Rarebell is. If it wasn't bad enough to start with, the ridiculousness went off the scale by the time Pete Way and Chris Glenn joined in. I'm all for musicians performing into their 50s and 60s (GH is a perfect example), but some people really should know better and just give up gracefully. The only positive thing I can say is that the one who was least guilty of these offences was Schenker himself, who was actually not bad.

    If Glenn was touring with a band that looked, sounded and performed like MSG, I'd be having a quiet word in his ear and suggesting that he slip off quietly into retirement.

    The difference in the standard of performance and song quality of the two bands on the night could not have been more stark. MSG rocked liked it was 1981. BCC rocked like it was 2011.

    Much has been said about BCC being a retro band and how they make a very '70s sound. This, of course, is partly true and the band themselves would be the first to admit it. But it's one thing to be stuck in a time warp with no clue how to move forward (MSG) and quite another to wear your retro influences proudly on your sleeve but push things along with a contemporary edge for a new century (BCC).

    Playing with consummate musicians like Bonamassa (sublime in every sense), Bonham and Sherinian is where it's at for Glenn. And quite rightly so.

    Sorry Chris and Weissheim, but I really have to say you've called this one wrong.


    The BCC show in Glasgow last night was spectacular. I won't post a full review as much has already been said about this tour and you can see the video clips for yourselves.

    But what I would like to say is this. I've seen every show Glenn has played in Scotland since he started touring again in the early 90's. Several have been in my home city, Glasgow. Some have been in crap clubs (remember how awful the Cathouse was in '96, Glenn?) to small but appreciative audiences.

    So, to see Glenn play to a packed O2 Academy in my home city last night and get a reception as good as I've ever seen a band get in Glasgow, left me overwhelmed with pride.

    As Derek Sherinian tweeted 'Killer show tonite Glasgow!!'.


    My book arrived early this morning. I've got copy number six. It has taken a long time but the quality of it makes worth the wait.

    If only it had arrived yesterday. I had a tweet from Glenn and an email from Carl saying that the BCC guys would sign it at the show in Glasgow last night. But it wasn't to be.

    Marie: Great to see you again last night. But you know I'm really jealous. Marie's book was backstage last night for the BCC guys to sign. As I said to last night, Marie, it would be just my luck that the book would arrive the next morning, and it did.

    Never mind, I'm sure I'll get more chances to meet Glenn and the guys in the future.



    Great to see Lars Ulrich has received his copy of Glenn's book. All I got last week was a very cheeky e-mail from Foruli when I asked for an update about my copy and dared to criticise their customer service.


    I sent an e-mail to Foruli today. They replied saying it will be about four weeks before orders start shipping. The books are still being printed and then have to be 'hand stitched and hand bound'.

    I know it will be worth the wait in the end, but I'm getting increasingly frustrated by all the delays. Why hold a launch party and generate loads of media publicity for a book that no one can actually get? That's not a great business plan.

    Rant over. I'll love it when it arrives. Eventually.


    I'm on the train home from London to Glasgow after attending Glenn's book launch. It was an amazing night. Glenn played Coast to Coast, Holy Man, I Found a Woman, Too Late to Save the World and Cold. He then 'worked the room' for over an hour. He took time to talk to everyone. Lots of happy people got all the autographs and photographs they asked for.

    The sample of Glenn's book was safely locked behind glass. Foruli have told me it won't be sent out until 31 May at the earliest.

    I'll post video of all the songs when I get home.

    Hi to Marie from this here forum who I met for the first time tonight.


    My e-mail has arrived. I've just booked my train tickets for travelling to and from London. I haven't arranged time off work yet, but I'm sure it won't be a problem. Can't wait to get to this incredibly special event. See you there!

    Ian :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

    Great news. That'll save me a trip to London. Just one minor correction to your message on the Homepage, David. Glasgow is not a town in the 'North of England'. We can be a bit sensitive about things like that up here ;)


    The new issue of Classic Rock is a must read for all GHCPs.

    There is a brilliant full page review of the BCC show in London.

    There is a six page feature on DP MkIV, including interviews with Glenn, David Coverdale and Jon Lord.

    There is also a 10/10 review for the 35th Anniversary edition of Come Taste the Band. Geoff Barton says 'if a band came out sounding like this today, we'd be proclaiming them the saviours of rock 'n' roll'. It seems like Kevin Shirley has done an amazing job with the remix. Can't wait to hear it.


    I sent an e-mail to Foruli asking if they had a publication date for the book, as I've ordered the deluxe edition.

    They have now replied and told me the book has been delayed until the first half of 2011. This is because a new archive of material has been found that will lead to an extra 15,000 words and new photographs being added.

    In the meantime, they said that anyone who has pre-ordered the book will receive a letter from Glenn and possibly an additional 'little something to make up for the wait'.

    I'm a bit disappointed, but I'm sure the final product will be well worth it. Guess I'll just have to be more patient.



    The website for the O2 ABC in Glasgow lists a show by Glenn on 25 September. Tickets go on sale on Friday. Is this official? Is it part of a UK tour? It's about time Glenn made his way back to Glasgow. Can't wait!


    £550 is an incredible amount of money for a book. But I just had to have it. So I've bought one. Anyone here that knows me will know that I am a true fan and not a speculator looking to make money out of this. This will be an item I will treasure forever. Roll on Summer 2010!


    Classic Rock have published the following review of the Live in Australia DVD in the March edition:

    "Glenn Hughes really needs to sort out his packaging. That's not a comment on his ball-hugging satin bell-bottoms, but rather a criticism of the way his product is presented to tempt buyers. The cover of Hughes's recent twin-CD anthology was dull in the extreme, and on the front of this DVD he resembles a lightly boiled Chuckle Brother.

    It's a shame because in all other respects this is first rate. Hughes's first solo show in Australia tool place at Sydney's intimate Basement venue in June 2006, and his performance is superb. There are amazing reworkings of Deep Purple's Mistreated and You Keep on Moving, and Hughes is joined on stage by Jimmy Barnes for a rollicking run through Gettin' Tighter. Referring to Hughes's still-golden pipes, Barnes asks: "How are you supposed to fucking sing after that?" He's got a point." 7/10

    Another good review, but I must agree about the front cover. It looks like a really bad photocopy from the front of a cheap bootleg. The simple cover of the CD version is much better.